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Atelier Cologne Gold Leather ~ fragrance review

Atelier Cologne Gold Leather, brand visual

Atelier Cologne introduced Gold Leather in 2013, as part of the new Collection Métal fragrance series that also included Silver Iris. Like Angie, I thought Silver Iris was nice enough, but it couldn’t compete with the fabulous iris fragrances already in my collection. Gold Leather, which seems to be less widely distributed, was much more interesting to me after a quick sniff on paper.

Gold Leather starts off boozy and rich, with a sweet, spicy rum (although it smells like something heavier) and a twist or three of orange peel. There’s a generous dollop of plum jam…

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Atelier Cologne Cedrat Enivrant ~ fragrance review

Atelier Cologne Cédrat Enivrant

I’ve fallen behind in my sampling of the Atelier Cologne line. I tried all the original releases (and I liked Trèfle Pur enough to put it on my to-buy list — where it’s languished for years). Just-launched Cédrat Enivrant* is the first brand-new Atelier Cologne fragrance I’ve tried since Vanille Insensée three years ago.

The Atelier colognes I’ve worn remind me of Jo Malone perfumes: well-blended, non-threatening, mostly “dressy-casual” in style. These type scents smell “good” but rarely inspire me to purchase them. Cédrat Enivrant fits in this category.

Cédrat Enivrant (“intoxicating citron”) goes on smelling sharp, robust and natural…

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