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Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her ~ perfume review

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women

So, Burberry as a fragrance house, yay or meh or nay? I’ve been mostly in the meh camp. The original Burberry Brit was a fun, pear-based fruity floral before pear became so annoyingly ubiquitous, and although it wasn’t my thing, I thought a couple of the flankers (particularly Brit Red and Brit Gold) were pretty good. The Beat was ok, although I thought the limited edition Beat Elixir version was so much better that I didn’t see why it wasn’t released as the “main” fragrance (it’s the only Burberry fragrance I own, and I still wear it from time to time). I did not much care for Burberry London, and ditto for Burberry Body.

All of which might explain why I did not have especially high hopes for Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her. It didn’t help that Kevin was not enthralled with the men’s version (I didn’t get around to smelling it, but we agree more often than not). And the rock music inspiration / backstory, hey, that’s getting a little old, isn’t it?1 The Beat hardly lived up to its ‘edgy, carnal, slightly wild’ musical inspirations, and I rather doubted Brit Rhythm for Her would live up to this number…

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