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Amouage Myths Man ~ fragrance review

chyrsanthemum by Piet Mondrian

I’ve smelled almost all Amouage fragrances but have bought only two: Jubilation XXV and Gold Man. Most of the Amouage perfumes don’t suit me; when I wear them, they make me feel “mature,” serious, and their heavy-opaque feel and scents are uncomfortable. I don’t think of myself as a careFREE guy, effervescing all over town, a giggle-box. I like sober scents, too, at times, but ones that float, like spirits. Amouage perfumes often sit, heavily, on me. (Yes, I’ve tried the Sunshines…no thanks.)

Amouage’s new Myths Man has a promising mix of notes (chrysanthemum, orris, rose, rum, elemi, labdanum, vetiver, “ashes” and leather); its described trajectory, from chrysanthemum to smoke, sounds romantic and brought to mind images of flower and bird paintings, philosophers and poets from Asia…

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Amouage Myths Woman ~ fragrance review

Amouage Myths brand imagery

Amouage gives us two takes on Myths Woman. The first is the one-liner describing the fragrance: “Inspired by surrealism, Myths for Woman paints its floral and green facets with an expression of dark nuances shaded with an ambivalent tone.” (If you can decipher this, let me know.) The second is this video, loaded with swirling red fabric and music that reads as “Asian tribal.”

I agree that Myths Woman tells a story, but to me it has nothing to do with surrealism or swirling fabric. My impression is of Barbara Stanwyck in the pre-code classic, Baby Face

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