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Bvlgari Goldea ~ perfume review

Isabeli Fontana for Bvlgari Goldea

Goldea is the latest pillar from Bvlgari. Its “jeweled bottle”, according the the brand, “incarnates the gold and the sun”, and it was also inspired by the “powerful symbol” of Serpenti.1 The juice, developed by perfumer Alberto Morillas, is described as “a bright, golden musk symphony”. I was cheered by the news that it was geared towards older women, that is, 30+, which is about as “older” as the fragrance industry is usually willing to go, but perhaps a little dismayed by the name — Goldea? Now taking votes, does anyone like that name? — and the commercial with Isabeli Fontana, which looks like something Guerlain might have done in the 1980s, and is very nearly as corny as the name.

Anyway, the idea of a “golden musk symphony” is reasonably well represented by the floriental fragrance, so long as you like your golden musk symphonies a bit on the sweetish side…

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Moschino Fresh Couture ~ perfume review

Linda Evangelista for Moschino Fresh Couture

I wanted to evoke the iconography of the most mundane and common of all household cleaners. Fresh captures the irreverence of the brand, arching back to Franco Moschino’s first fragrance ad of the model sipping a perfume from a straw stuck in the bottle. — Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott1

Moschino’s new Fresh Couture is being billed as a “surprising and ironic” fragrance, and hey, just think of all the surprise and irony (and sure, irreverence, why not) you could pack into the Windex-inspired bottle! The possibilities were endless. The irony here, though, is that the juice hews as strictly to the basic tenets of modern mainstream perfumery as any you might find on the counters at Macy’s, and indeed you would not so much as raise an eyebrow if you smelled it being sold under some other, less irreverent brand name, like Calvin Klein or DKNY or even Paris Hilton. In that case of course the bottle would not look like Windex, and the PR would be all about sensuality and strong, multi-faceted women, and the commercial would feature plenty of writhing and/or the clothing and cars and accoutrements of the 1%. Instead, we have Linda Evangelista doing a 1950s housewife,2 but either way, in the end, you get the same mix of sweet berries and non-descript florals. Surprise!

Fresh Couture, the juice, mind you, is just fine…

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Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba ~ fragrance review

Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba

Omnia Paraiba is the sixth flanker to Bvlgari’s original Omnia. (I’m trying to think of other fragrances that keep right on generating flankers long after they’re discontinued, and nothing comes to mind. Do comment if you can think of one!) I thought about skipping Omnia Paraiba altogether, but since I’ve reviewed them all so far I feel like I ought to soldier on. A quick run down, so you can see where I stand on the Omnia series and decide just how big a grain of salt to take with this review…

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