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Stephen Nilsen was born and raised in the United States. After earning a PhD in Chemical Engineering, he began training as a flavorist at Procter & Gamble. In 2001, he began perfumer training at Quest International (later acquired by Givaudan).

Fragrances by Stephen Nilsen

Anthropologie 5 O’Clock At Belvoir Castle (2009)
Anthropologie Silk Road Caravan (2009)
Apothia Pearl (2009)
Avon + Hervé Léger Homme (2010)
Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes (2014, with Adriana Medina, Aurelien Guichard and Yann Vasnier)
BCBG Max Azria (2011)
BCBG Max Azria Bon Chic (2012)
Bond no. 9 Andy Warhol Union Square (2008)
Flower Beauty Cherished (2014)
Flower Beauty Radiant (2014)
Flower Beauty Sultry (2014)
Hilary Duff With Love Hilary Duff (2006, with Rodrigo Flores-Roux)
Leslie Blodgett Perfume Diaries Bare Skin (2009)
Madonna Truth or Dare (2012)
Madonna Truth or Dare Naked (2012)
Tom Ford Private Blend Moss Breches (2007)
Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming (2008)
Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl 10 (2006, with Calice Becker)
Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection: Dawn (2008)
Six Scents #087 (2010)
Six Scents Smell (2009)
Vera Wang Lovestruck (2011)
Victoria's Secret Victoria (2013, with Adriana Medina, Quentin Bisch, Aurelien Guichard & Yann Vasnier)

Selected quotes

After working with the expert perfumer, surely Madonna must have received quite an education in fine fragrance? Was she Eliza Doolittle to his Henry Higgins? Nilsen paused, then responded with a sheepish smile, "I think I was the Eliza Doolittle." Oh yes? And what did Madonna teach him? "She taught me to be a better perfumer." — Stephen Nilsen talks about working with Madonna on Truth or Dare; read more at Madonna's perfumer suggests the popstar remains a hard to woman to please at the Guardian.

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