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Christophe Laudamiel took a degree in chemistry before starting an internship in flavors at Procter & Gamble. He switched to fine fragrances, and worked as a perfumer for Procter & Gamble from 1994 until 2000, and then at International Flavors & Fragrances from 2000 to 2008. In 2009, he co-founded Aeosphere, a fragrance media company.

Laudamiel frequently works with perfumer Christoph Hornetz, together they are known as "Les Christophes".

Les Christophes have collaborated on a number of unusual projects, including Visionaire 47 Taste, KyotEau: Bottled Memories, The Scent of Las Vegas, Green Aria ScentOpera, the Thierry Mugler Le Parfum coffret and fragrances for the Davos World Economic Forum in 2008.

Fragrances by Christophe Laudamiel

Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce (2002)
Amanda Lepore Amanda (2008)
American Beauty Wonderful (2005)
Aramis Aramis Life My Summer Andre Agassi edition (2005)
Clinique Happy Heart
Elton John Black (candle)
ERH1012 Dead of Night (2014)
Estee Lauder Youth Dew Amber Nude (2005)
Harvey Nichols HN Men (2003)
Harvey Nichols HN Women (2002)
Humiecki & Graef Askew (2008)
Humiecki & Graef Blask (2011)
Humiecki & Graef Bosque (2010)
Humiecki & Graef Candour (2012)
Humiecki & Graef Clemency (2009)
Humiecki & Graef Eau Radieuse (2008)
Humiecki & Graef Geste (2008)
Humiecki & Graef Multiple Rouge (2008)
Humiecki & Graef Skarb (2007)
Michael Kors Island (2005, with Loc Dong)
Nest Amazon Lily (2012)
Nest Passiflora (2012)
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue (2002, with Carlos Benaïm)
Slatkin Body Therapy line
S-Perfume S-ex (2004)
S-Perfume S-Perfume Remix
Strangelove NYC Melt My Heart (2015)
Theo Fennell Scent for women (2007)
Thierry Mugler Le Parfum (2006)
Tom Ford Private Blend Amber Absolute (2007)
Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Cool Spray Summer (2001)
Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold (2005)

Selected quotes

If you walk down a busy main street there are thousands of people, but you only smell about five of them. It's not because people don't have money. They buy shoes every month and fragrances are in the same price range...People say there are so many products that they can't choose, but a CD store has thousands of CDs and people can still choose. I think the market lacks inspiration, trendiness and edgyness. I see edgier things in fashion, music and architecture...In the last 10 years what has made you say 'wow'? — From "Cosmetics International talks to Christophe Laudamiel, perfumer, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), New York", 12/9/2005.

One problem is that consumers are disappointed with fragrances when they don't smell how they are supposed to. Under the cover of fantasy and romance we are blurring the whole story and failing to make a connection. We need more exciting concepts too--concepts that actually appeal to the target market. The concepts today are too general and have no personality. — From "Q & A", Cosmetics International, 6/22/2007.

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