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Harry Frémont was born in Cannes and trained at ISIPCA before joining Firmenich. Several of his fragrances, including Kenneth Cole Black, Vera Wang and Juicy Couture, have won Fifi Awards.

Fragrances by Harry Frémont

50 Cent Power by 50 Cent (2009)
Ann Taylor Possibilities
Avon Extraordinary (2005)
Avon Imari Seduction (2007)
Avon Prima (2016, with Frank Voelkl)
Axe Lab (2006, with Ilias Ermenidis)
Banana Republic Black Walnut for men (2006)
Banana Republic Republic of Women (2009)
Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods (2009, with Honorine Blanc & Jane Konnyu)
Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance (2011, with Honorine Blanc)
Britney Spears Radiance (2010, with Honorine Blanc)
Calvin Klein CK One (1994, with Alberto Morillas)
Calvin Klein CK One Summer (2007, 2008, 2013 versions)
Calvin Klein Eternity Moment (with Jacques Cavallier)
Calvin Klein Man (2007, with Jacques Cavallier)
Celine Dion Pure Brilliance (2010)
Cerruti Image Woman
Clean First Blush (2013)
Clean White Woods (2013)
David Yurman Delicate Essence (2011)
David Yurman Eau de Parfum (2008)
David Yurman Exotic Essence (2011)
David Yurman Fresh Essence (2011)
Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited (2008, with Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier)
Donna Karan DKNY Men (2009, with Alberto Morillas)
Eric Buterbaugh Velvet Lavender (2015)
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Capri (2012)
Estee Lauder Modern Muse (2013)
Gabriela Sabatini Gabriela Sabatini (1989)
Gant Adventure (2005)
Gant Summer (2008)
Giorgio Armani Sensi (2002, with Alberto Morillas)
Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Baby (2008)
Gwen Stefani L by LAMB (2007)
Halston Catalyst for men (1994, with Ilias Ermenidis)
Jaguar Fresh Man (2005)
Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour (2010, with Honorine Blanc)
Jennifer Lopez My Glow (2009)
Juicy Couture Juicy Couture (2006)
Kenneth Cole Black for men (with Sabine de Tscharner)
Kenneth Cole Black Bold (2016)
Lancome Miracle (2001, with Alberto Morillas)
Lancome Miracle Tendre Voyage (2009, with Alberto Morillas)
Lancome O Oui! (1998)
Liz Claiborne Lucky You for women (2000)
Liz Claiborne Mambo for women (2001)
Liz Claiborne Spark for men (2003)
Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine (2013)
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine (2013)
Mercedes-Benz VIP Club Pure Woody (2015)
Michael Kors Glam Jasmine (2013)
Michael Kors Michael for men (2001)
Michael Kors Michael Kors for Men (2014)
Michael Kors Sexy Amber (2013)
Nautica Aqua Rush (2012)
Nautica Latitude Longitude
O Boticario Tarsila (with Jean Claude Delville)
Original Penguin Premium Blend (2016)
Pinrose Secret Genius (2015)
Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection Orange Flower (2016)
Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection Sage (2016)
Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection Vetiver (2016)
Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection White Lily (2016)
Ralph Lauren Glamourous (2001)
Ralph Lauren Lauren Style (2004, with Richard Herpin)
Ralph Lauren Polo Explorer (2007, with Honorine Blanc)
Ralph Lauren Polo Sport
Ralph Lauren Romance (1998)
Raw Spirit Desert Blush
Raw Spirit Summer Rain
Raw Spirit Wild Fire
Raw Spirit Winter Oak
Rihanna Nude (2012)
Robert Graham Valour (2016)
Sean John Fragrances Sean John (2016)
Stetson All American (2009)
Swiss Army for her (2002)
Tom Ford Private Blend Noir de Noir (2007, with Jacques Cavallier)
Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather (2007, with Jacques Cavallier)
Tommy Bahama for men (2005)
Tommy Hilfiger Freedom for Him (1999)
Usher VIP (2009)
Valentino Very Valentino for men (1999)
Vera Wang Flower Princess (2008)
Vera Wang Glam Princess (2009, with Ilias Ermenidis)
Vera Wang Preppy Princess (2010, with Ilias Ermenidis)
Vera Wang Princess (2006, with Ilias Ermenidis)
Vera Wang Vera Wang (2002, with Jean Claude Delville)
Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria (2002)
Victoria's Secret Basic Instinct (2004)
Vince Camuto for men (2012)
Waterford Lismore (2008)
Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris (2016, with Olivier Cresp and Dora Baghriche)

Selected quotes

Unfortunately in current times, the amount of money we are allocated to create the actual fragrance is laughable compared to the rest of the mix (for each new fragrance that is created, the perfumer is allowed anywhere from 1/30 to 1/50 of the total price with which to work). The consequence is that each new creation is just a pale shadow of what it could have been if the perfumer were given more money to use the palette to its full potential and push the accord responsible for the signature of his creation to its best proportions in the formula. — From Scent Treks through Time ~ Mathilde Laurent, Thierry Wasser, Harry Fremont and Serge Lutens at Basenotes.

You can have the best perfumer, but if you don't have the right ingredients, you won't have a good finished product. When there is really something different in a new fragrance launch, it's usually because of a new natural product or a new chemical. — From "Couture chemistry: The work behind favorite fragrances" at The Washington Times, 11/6/2003.

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