Perfume Links

For links to the websites of specific perfume brands, see Perfume Houses; for links to other perfume blogs, see the blogroll on the right sidebar.

General Information

Basenotes: huge database of perfumes indexed by house, fragrance, perfumer and notes. Also news, interviews and forums.

Fragrantica: perfume encyclopedia, perfume magazine and community of perfume lovers.

Osmoz: a perfume site for consumers, operated by the big fragrance & flavor company, Firmenich.

Scentedpages: "a virtual library catalogue dedicated to the culture of smell"; site includes an extensive bibliography.

Perfume Advertising

Images de Parfums: A forum to discuss perfume advertising. In French.

Parfum de Pub: No longer updated, but an impressive collection of advertising images, including many vintage and rare ads.

Perfume Organizations and Museums

Accademia del Profumo: Italian version of The Fragrance Foundation. Site in Italian and English.

American Society of Perfumers

Barcelona Perfume Museum: nice site with lots of information on the history of perfume.

British Society of Perfumers

CosmeticsINFO: the consumer website of the Personal Care Products Council (formerly the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association). Focus is on safety information.

Fragrance Foundation: the non-profit, educational arm of the international fragrance industry (US site).

International Fragrance Association (IFRA): founded to "represent the collective interests of the fragrance industry worldwide". Little if any consumer information, but a good place to start if you want to learn about the "self-regulatory practices of the international fragrance industry".

International Perfume Bottle Association

International Perfume Museum: in Grasse. Nice site with lots of background information on perfume.

Natural Perfumers Guild: an organization "dedicated to the fostering of the art of natural perfumery through education, legislative efforts and networking among members".

Osmotheque: the "living" perfume museum in Versaille. Site in French.

Sense of Smell Institute: interesting links on the science of olfaction.

Société Française des Parfumeurs: French Society of Perfumers homepage. Site in French.

World Perfumery Congress


Art et Parfum: The company founded by Edmond Roudnitska and now headed by his son, Michel Roudnitska.

Chandler Burr: the website of Chandler Burr, author of The Emperor of Scent. Includes some perfume reviews.

Frag Name of the Day: find out how to pronounce brand names in French (audio files).

Fragranced Products Information Network: health, environmental and regulatory aspects of fragrance. Prepare to worry.

Perfume Bibliography: a comprehensive bibliography of books about perfume, in English and French.

Perfume Paths: take a personalized walking tour of Paris perfume boutiques.

Sniffapalooza: shop for fragrance in New York City and around the world with other perfume addicts.

Fragrance & Flavor Companies

APF arômes & parfums

CPL Aromas



Fragrance Resources

Givaudan (formerly Givaudan Roure, and recently acquired Quest)

International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)


Symrise (merger of Haarmann & Reimer and Dragoco)


Fragrance Distributors & Manufacturers

Art & Fragrance

Beauté Prestige International


Designer Parfums



Falic Fashion Group

First American Brands

Idesa Parfums

Inter Parfums

Intertrade Europe / Herbarium

KMI Brands


Nobilis Group


Perfume Holding

Perfumes y Diseño


The First

Tru Fragrance (formerly Romane)

Fragrance Forums




Perfume Of Life

Shop for perfume

Parfums Raffy