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French cosmetics firm founded by Yves Rocher in 1959 and specializing in reasonably priced, botanically-based products, including skin care and fragrance. Yves Rocher passed away in 2009. The company is currently run by his grandson, Bris.

In France, Yves Rocher is reportedly the second leading beauty company, after L'Oreal; the company calls itself the No. 1 botanical beauty company in the world.

There were a few Yves Rocher boutiques in the US, but they have now closed. The company does still sell online, and operates brick 'n mortar stores in other parts of the world, including Canada and the UK. Note that new fragrances from Yves Rocher generally launch first in France, and sometimes only come to the US website months later.

Recent fragrances

2005: Pur Desir de Mimosa, Voile d'Ambre & Ming Shu Fleur de L'Aube, Hoggar 

2006: Altika, Rose Absolue 

2007: Comme une Evidence Eau de Toilette, Plaisirs Nature Strawberry Nectar, Iris Noir, Green Apple / Pomme, Neonatura Souffle (Breath in US) 

2008: Naturelle, Comme une Evidence Le Parfum, Comme une Evidence Homme, Tendre Jasmin, Fleur de Noel 

2009: Green Summer, So Elixir 

2010: FlowerParty, Aquarelles Végétales Eau Fruitée pour l’été, Vanille Noire, Fruits de Noël

2011: Comme une évidence Green, Comme Une Evidence L’Eau, FlowerParty Limited Edition, Jardin des Nymphes, Moment de Bonheur 

2012: FlowerParty Summer, Un Matin Au Jardin, Monoï Eau des Vahinés, So Elixir Purple, Candied Mallows 

2013: FlowerParty by Night, Ambre Noir, Muguet en Fleurs, Neroli, Retropical, Comme une Évidence l’Eau de Parfum Intense

2014: Cerisier en Fleurs, Moment de Bonheur L'Eau, Collection Été

Where to buy

At Yves Rocher boutiques or via the website (see below).


Yves Rocher

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