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Victoria's Secret Dream Angels advert, 2008

Lingerie house established in 1977 by Roy Raymond and acquired by Limited Brands in 1982.

The stores (and website) carry a range of fragrances under the store's own label. Pillar scents include Dream Angels, Very Sexy for him & her, and Breathless. The subbrand Pink is geared towards college-aged women.

Recent fragrances from Victoria's Secret

2007: Sexy Little Things, Pink Beach, Very Sexy Now, Pink Splash trio, Supermodel

2008: More Pink Please, Isle of Pink, Very Sexy Now 2008, Dream Angels Heavenly Kiss, Back to Pink, Very Sexy Dare, Dream Angels Wish, Sexy Little Things Noir

2009: Heavenly Bloom, Parfums Intimes collection, Vertical for men, Dream Angels Heavenly Enchanted, Velvet Amber Blackberry, Pink Peace Love Hope, Sexy Little Things Love Rocks

2010: Life is Pink Wish Pink, Live Pink & Hope Pink, Very Sexy Now 2010, Chiffon Peony Freesia, Dream Angels Heavenly Flowers, Life is Pink Shine Pink, Sexy Little Things Noir Tease, Bombshell, Very Sexy Things Now 2010 v. 2, Heavenly Stardust

2011: Sexy Little Things Noir Love Me, Pink All My Heart , Very Sexy Now 2011, Incredible, Sexy Little Things Vixen, Dream Angels Forever, Summer versions of Bombshell, Dream Angels Heavenly, Very Sexy & Sexy Little Things Noir, Temptation collection, Gorgeous, Bombshell Seduction, Victoria's Secret Angel, Heavenly Shine

2012: Simply Gorgeous, Bombshell in Love, Incredible Daring, Very Sexy Touch, Love Is Heavenly, Bombshell The Summer Edition, Beach Angel, Body by Victoria, Victoria's Secret London, Dream Angels Glow, Seduction Dark Orchid, Victoria's Secret Angel Gold, Crystal Kiss, Frosted Bloom & Starlit Wish, Bombshell Diamonds, Bombshell Platinum & Bombshell Sparkle, Sexy Little Things Heartbreaker

2013: Very Sexy Temptation for Her & Very Sexy Platinum for Him, Sexy Little Things Tease Please, Fabulous, Very Sexy Italian Mandarin, Bombshell Italian Iris & Victoria’s Secret Angel Italian Bergamot, Dream Angels Kiss & Dream Angels Blush, Bombshell Forever, Victoria, Victoria's Secret Night, No. 1 Feathered Musk, No. 2 Night Jasmine & No. 3 Sheer Amber, Angel Dream, Love Pink, Bombshell Diamonds, Glamour

2014: Forbidden, Bombshells in Bloom, Body by Victoria & Pink Vacay, Angels Only, Bombshell Summer & Very Sexy Now 2014, Eau So Sexy, Wild Pink, Fearless, Scandalous, Bombshell Pink Diamonds

2015: Love Me, Very Sexy Now 2015, Heavenly Summer, Forever Sexy, Dark Angel, Winter Bombshell

2016: Love Me More, XO Victoria, Very Sexy Now 2016, The Trend Collection Citrus Pink Pummelo, Lime Blossom, Amber Mandarin & Lemon Iris, The Trend Collection Rose Violet, Rose Caramel, Rose Bergamot & Rose Musk, The Trend Collection Nude Coconut Fig, Moroccan Coconut Mimosa, Warm Coconut Sugar & Patchouli Coconut Musk, Crush, Intense, Scandalous Dare, Paris

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