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This page lists perfume houses with names starting with the letters U through Z. Perfume houses are alphabetized by first name, so that "Vera Wang" is listed under V. Some perfume houses have their own pages — if the name is a link, click on it.

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This page was last updated on 10 October 2016.

Ulric de Varens

French mass market perfume house established in 1982. There are three lines: Parfums Ulric de Varens, Lily Prune (see review for Lily Prune Sublime Vanilla) and Jacques Saint Prez.

Website: Ulric de Varens

Ulrich Lang

Niche house established in New York in 2002 by Ulrich Lang, a former L'Oreal executive. Early fragrances include Anvers (2003) and Anvers 2 (2007).

Recent releases include Nightscape (2009), Lightscape (2012), Aperture (2014), Apsu (2016).

Where to buy: at Aedes, Beautyhabit, Luckyscent, Miomia and selected Barneys stores.

Website: Ulrich Lang


See Emanuel Ungaro.


British niche brand introduced in 2012 with four fragrances: Holy Thistle; Quince, Mint & MossGothic Bluebell and Celtic Fire.

Recent releases include Gunpowder Rose (2013).

Where to buy: in the UK at Selfridges or Roullier White.

Website: Union Fragrance


Fragrances by pop singer Usher Raymond, produced in collaboration with Liz Claiborne (and now Elizabeth Arden, who has taken over the Clairborne licenses).

Fragrances were introduced in 2007 with Usher She & Usher He.

Recent releases include UR For Women & UR For Men (2008), Usher VIP (2009).

Van Cleef & Arpels

French jewelry & luxury goods house established in Paris in 1906 by Alfred Van Cleef and Charles & Julien Arpels.

Fragrances were introduced in 1976 with First. Subsequent launches include Gem (1987), Tsar (1989), Van Cleef (1993), Birmane (1999), Zanzibar (2001) and Murmure (2002).

Recent releases include First Love (2006), First Summer 2007 (2007), First Premier Bouquet (2008), Feerie (2008), Collection Extraordinaire (2009, see reviews for Bois d'Iris, Muguet Blanc), Oriens (2010), Midnight in Paris Pour Homme (2010), Un Air de First (2011), Precious Oud (2011), Féerie Rose des Neiges (2011), Aqua Oriens (2012), First Eau de Parfum Intense (2012), Féerie Spring Blossom (2013), Rêve (2013), Rose Velours (2013), First Edition Blanche (2013), Rêve Elixir (2014), California Rêverie (2014), First Edition Or (2014), Rêve Enchanté (2015), Féerie Rubis (2015), Ambre Impérial (2015), First Rose d'Or (2015), So First (2016), Midnight Patchouli (2016), In New York (2016).

Website: Van Cleef & Arpels

Vera Wang
Vero Profumo

Swiss niche line established in 2007 by perfumer Vero Kern. The initial offerings include three fragrances: Kiki, Onda & Rubj.

Recent releases include Mito (2012), Rozy (2014).

Where to buy: at Luckyscent in the US, First in Fragrance in Germany.

Website: Vero Profumo


French fashion line established in 1984. Their debut fragrance, Vertigo, launched in 2005.

Recent fragrance releases include Hypnotica (2006).

Website: Vertigo (website no longer active)

Vicky Tiel

Designer Vicky Tiel was born in the United States, and established her fashion label in Paris in 1968.

Fragrances were introduced in 1990 with Vicky Tiel Originale. Other fragrances include Sirene (1994), Ulysse (1998), Venus (1998) and Ethere (1999).

Recent releases include Sensuel, Couture & Destiny (2007).

Where to buy: in the US, at fragrance discounters.

Website: Vicky Tiel (website no longer active)

Victoria's Secret
Victorinox Swiss Army

Makers of watches & the iconic Swiss Army knife.

Fragrances were introduced in 1997 with Swiss Army Classic, which was followed by Swiss Army Altitude (2001), Swiss Army For Her and Swiss Army Mountain Air (2007).

Recent releases include Swiss Unlimited (2009), Victorinox 125 Years, Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her (2009), Snow Power & Snow Flower (2010), Swiss Army Forest & Swiss Army Victoria (2012), Victorinox Swiss Unlimited Energy (2013), Mystique Forest (2013), Swiss Army Classic Sport (2014), Ella (2014), Swiss Army Rock (2015).

Website: Victorinox Swiss Army

Viktor & Rolf
Vince Camuto

Footwear and lifestyle brand from the designer who started the Nine West brand in 1978. The eponymous label was introduced in 2005. Fragrances are produced under licensing arrangements with Parlux. Fragrances were introduced in 2011 with Vince Camuto. Camuto passed away in early 2015.

Recent introductions include Vince Camuto for men (2012), Fiori (2013), Vince Camuto Femme (2013), Vince Camuto Homme (2014), Amore (2014), Bella (2014), Solare (2015), Capri (2015), Eterno (2016), Vince Camuto Oud (2016).

Where to buy: department stores and online fragrance discounters.

Website: Vince Camuto

Vinci & Rakos

Website: Vinci & Rakos

Vivienne Westwood

British fashion designer who helped to establish the classic punk style of the 1970s, and is still known for her quirky, eccentric designs.

Her first fragrance, Boudoir, launched in 1998. Subsequent scents include Libertine (2000) and Anglomania (2004).

Recent fragrance releases include Boudoir Sin Garden (2007), Let It Rock (2007), Boudoir Jouy (2009), Naughty Alice (2010), Cheeky Alice (2011), Flirty Alice (2013), Mon Boudoir (2013), Sunny Alice (2014).

Fragrances are produced under arrangements with Coty.

Website: Vivienne Westwood


Los Angeles based home & personal fragrance line established in 1999 by Traci Hinkley and Troy Arntsen. The line of Eau de Parfum includes Jasmine Brown Sugar, Linden Blonde Tabac and Cocoa Tamarind; there are also a number of combination room/body sprays in the Basic Black, Basic Creme and Japonica lines.

See reviews for Voluspa Seasons Yuzu Rose Bubblebath (Summer) candle, Japonica Aroma Room/Body Spray in Champaca Bloom & Fern, Voluspa Japonica Aroma Room/Body Spray in Santiago Huckleberry.

Recent fragrance releases include Josephine & Fragaria (2006), the Victoria Collection (2007), Malayan Coco & Fleur de Cafe (2007), the Opulence Collection (2008), Maison Blanc & Maison Noir collections (2010).

Where to buy: b-glowing or Zanadia.

Website: Voluspa

Washington Tremlett

Originally a London-based tailor & shirtmaker, reportedly established in 1870 but no longer operating as a separate business entity. The Washington Tremlett name was at one time owned by Kilgour and used for their Savile Row custom shirtmaking business, but I am not sure who owns it now or if the fragrances are in any way related to the original company.

Fragrances include Black Tie, My Fair Lady and Royals Heroes.

Recent releases include MPH / Miles Per Hour (2008), Iris Absolute & Neroli Absolute (2008), Clove Absolute (2009), Notting Hill Carnival, Hampstead Water & Chelsea Garden (2009).


Weil was originally established as a Paris-based furrier. Their debut fragrance, Zibeline, was released in 1928. Other well known fragrances include Secret de Venus (1940) and Antilope (1946).

The fragrance license passed from Interparfums to Aroli Aromes Ligeriens in 2002.

Recent releases include Zibeline, Rêve & Secret de Weil (relaunches, 2010), Wise Essence (2011), Wild Essence (2012), Emotion Essence (2013), Greedy Essence (2014).

Website: Weil or Aroli Aromes Ligeriens


Uk-based line of gifts & toiletries founded in 2004 by illustrator Scott Wotherspoon and cosmetics expert Elisabeth Henrikse. Four Eaux de Parfum, Muskmallow, Periwinkle, Scented Tea Leaf and Chestnut & Vetiver, are repackaged every year in limited edition bottles created in collaboration with artists.

Recent releases include Fig & Mace (2007).

Website: Wickle

Worth Paris

French fashion house established in 1858 by English-born Charles Frederick Worth, now frequently referred to as "the father of haute couture". The house was subsequently run by Worth's descendants until it was sold in 1953 to Paquin. You can read a brief history of the house at metmuseum.

Perfumes were introduced in 1924 with Dans La Nuit (reformulated and relaunched 1985). The best known Worth fragrance was 1932's Je Reviens.

In 2003, the Worth prestige perfume line was resurrected by Mounir Moufarrige, who relaunched Je Reviens in 2004 as Je Reviens Couture. He also established a couture lingerie line inspired by Worth, Courtworth. Recent releases include Courtesan (2005). As of 2012, this company does not appear to still be in business, however, Je Reviens is still being produced as a mass market fragrance (see link below).

Where to buy: In the US, at fragrance discounters.

Website: Worth Paris (no longer active) or Worth Je Reviens


Italian luxury niche line established in 2003 by Sergio Momo and Dominique Salvo. As of early 2010 there were three lines: XJ 17/17 (4 fragrances, see review for Irisss), Shooting Stars (12 fragrances; see reviews for Ibitira & Oesel) and Casamorati 1888 (4 fragrances).

Recent releases include Damarose, Richwood (2010), the Sospiro line (2011), Oud Stars (2012), Join The Club (2012), Oud Attars (2012?), Sospiro Melodia, Andante, Erba Pura & Adagio (2013), Sospiro Misterioso (2013), Zanzibar (2013), Blue Hope & Red Hoba (2014), Sospiro Opera & Classica (2014), Harrods Emerald Stars (2014), Al-Kimiya line (2014), Sospiro Rosso Afgano (2014), Sospiro Ouverture (2016).

Where to buy: in the US at Luckyscent or Parfums Raffy; in Germany at First in Fragrance. In London they can be found at the Haute Parfumerie at Harrods.

Website: Xerjoff


Yardley was established in the 18th century as a soap manufacturer in England. Over the years they expanded into other luxury toiletries, and they are still best known for their English Lavender fragrance range. They have been owned by several parent companies over their long history; most recently, they were purchased by the Indian conglomerate Wipro.

In 2010, the Yardley brand was reorganized and repackaged, and the existing product lines were condensed to six fragrances: English Lavender, Lily of the Valley, English Rose, Iris, Peony and April Violets.

Recent releases include Lavender Spa (2007), Peony (2008), Iris and Lavender (2008), Heritage Collection Geranium, Hyacinth & Orange Blossom (2009), Royal English Daisy (2011), Citrus & Wood (2011), Royal Diamond (2012), Polaire (2013), Jade & Chrome (2014), Ink & Kiri (2015), Hermina (2016), 1770 (2016).

Website: Yardley


San Francisco-based independent niche house of botanical perfumer Yosh Han.

In addition to the fragrances marketed under her own brand name, Yosh has designed scents for Minnie Wilde (Minnie Wilde Magic), Temper Chocolates (Temperare 01, 02 & 03) and 826LA (Time Travel collection).

Recent releases include Winter Rose & Phenomenon (2006), Kismet (2007), Sombre Negra (2010), Montelena, Angelino, Zuma & Sea Ranch (2013), König (2013).

Where to buy: b-glowing, Luckyscent, or in Canada, The Perfume Shoppe.

Website: Yosh

YS Uzac

Swiss niche line founded in 2011 by Vincent Micotti, and debuting with four fragrances: Lale, Pohadka, Métaboles and Monodie.

Recent releases include Immortal Beloved & Satin Doll (2013), Sacre du Printemps (2014), Oud Ankaa & Le Parfum de Jeanne (2014), Dragon Tattoo (2015), BOM Jasmine & BOM Incense (2015), έαp 16 (2016).

Where to buy: in the US at Luckyscent; in the UK at Liberty.

Website: YS Uzac

Yves Rocher
Yves Saint Laurent

Fragrance & body care company. Fragrances include Ore, Earth, Petal & Oolong.

Website: Zents


Men's skin care & grooming company, established in 1995. Fragrances include Zirh Eau de Toilette (2001) and Corduroy (2005). Zirh was purchased by Procter & Gamble in 2009.

See review for Zirh Warrior Collection Julius Caesar shower gel.

New releases include Zirh Ikon (2008), Ikon Pure (2012?).

Website: Zirh

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