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The Body Shop White Musk

UK-based skincare, cosmetics & fragrance line founded by Anita Roddick in 1976 (Roddick passed away in 2007). The company made a name for itself with its naturally based products and socially and environmentally progressive policies, including its stance against animal testing and commitment to reduce its environmental impact and foster community trade. After L'Oreal purchased the company in early 2006, many commentators were skeptical about how these ethical standards would be maintained under the new corporate leadership.

As of 2012, the company had approximately 2500 stores.

The Body Shop's best known fragrance is the ever-popular White Musk, introduced in 1981.

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Recent fragrances from The Body Shop

2007: Rougeberry, Zestini, White Musk for Men, Apple Blossom

2008: Aqua Lily, Japanese Cherry Blossom, White Musk Blush, White Musk Intrigue, Mandarin Orchid

2009: Moroccan Rose / Rose du Maroc, White Musk White Hot Summer, White Gardenia, White Musk Midnight Iris, Love Etc

2010: White Musk Breeze, White Musk Sport, Lychee Blossom / Fleur de Litchi, Dreams Unlimited, Midnight Bakula, Rose Oud

2011: White Musk Libertine, Amber Oud

2012: Love Etc…Sun Kiss, Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh & White Musk Sun Glow, Scents of the World

2013: Coconut, Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Satsuma, Moringa, Strawberry, Shea & Vanilla, White Musk Smoky Rose, Honeymania, Chocomania

2014: English Dawn White Gardenia, Fijian Water Lotus / Fleur de Lotus de Fidji, Red Musk, Frosted Cranberry, Vanilla Brulee & Glazed Apple

2015: Smoky Poppy, Fuji Green Tea, Italian Summer Fig, Red Musk Oud, Life is Gold, Black Musk

2016: British Rose, Polynesian Island Tiaré, Elixirs of Nature Nigritella, Kahaia, Swietenia, Bowhanti & Widdringtonia


The Body Shop

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