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Tauer Perfumes, new packaging 2010

Zurich-based independent niche house established in 2005 by Andy Tauer, a self-taught perfumer with a chemistry background.

Two fragrances were introduced in 2005, Le Maroc pour elle and L'air du Désert Marocain (as of 2010, L'air du Désert Marocain was the bestselling perfume in the line). Lonestar Memories and Orris followed in 2006.

In 2010, the Tauer Perfumes line was rebranded and a standard bottle was introduced (see image above). In 2012, Andy Tauer developed Luckyscent Lys de Desert.

Recent fragrances from Tauer Perfumes

Recent releases include Rêverie au jardin (2007), Incense extrême (2008), Incense rosé (2008), Vetiver Dance (2008), Une rose chyprée (2009), Orange Star (2010), Carillon Pour un Ange (2010), Eau d’Épices and Une Rose Vermeille (2010), Zeta (2011), Pentachords Auburn, White & Verdant (2011), Cologne du Maghreb (2011), Noontide Petals (2013), PHI — Une Rose de Kandahar (2013), Sotto La Luna Gardenia (2014), Rose Flash (2014).

Tableau de Parfums

Tableau de Parfums is a joint project between Andy Tauer and filmmaker Brian Pera. It debuted in 2011 with Miriam.

Recent releases include Dark Passage (2012), Loretta (2012), Ingrid (2013).

Where to buy

In the US, the Tauer line can be found at Indiescents or Luckyscent, in Canada at The Perfume Shoppe, in Germany at First in Fragrance, or directly from Tauer (see link below).


Tauer Perfumes

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