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This page lists perfume houses with names starting with the letter T. Perfume houses are alphabetized by first name, so that "Thierry Mugler" is listed under T. Some perfume houses have their own pages — if the name is a link, click on it.

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This page was last updated on 24 November 2016.

Tableau de Parfums

See Tauer Perfumes.

Tann Rokka

Upscale London lifestyles & furnishings boutique with two fragrances, Kisu (2001) and Aki (2005).

Website: Tann Rokka

Tauer Perfumes
Ted Baker

UK-based designer clothing / lifestyle brand established in the late 1980s by Raymond Stuart Kelvin (there is no actual Ted Baker associated with the brand). Fragrances are produced under licensing arrangements with KMI, and include Skinwear, Endurance, M & W (2002), Second Skin (2004), Second Scent (2005). 

Recent launches include Skinwear 10 (2008), Pashion & Langley (2010), Sweet Treats Cate, Vida & Polly (2012), Sweet Treats Ella (2013), Sweet Treats Mia (2014), Sweet Treats Lyla (2015), Sweet Treats Olivia & Grace (2016), Travel Tonics Au, Ag & Cu (2016).

Website: Ted Baker

Ted Lapidus

French design house established in 1951 by Ted Lapidus, who is sometimes credited with having established the "unisex look" and popularizing safari jackets. Lapidus passed away in 2008.

As of early 2008, the artistic director at Lapidus was Olivier Bespiannetto.

Fragrances include Creation (1984), Fantasme (1992), Ted (1999), Lapidus Woman (2001), TL Pour Elle, TL Pour Lui (2003), ExciTED (2005), Silk Way (2005), Altamir (2008), Lovely Fantasme (2009), Black Soul (2009), White Soul (2010), Black Soul Imperial (2011), Pour Homme Black Extreme (2012), White Soul Gold & Diamonds (2013), Alcazar (2014), Pour Homme Sport (2015).

Website: Ted Lapidus

Teo Cabanel

Small perfumery established in Algiers in the late 1890s, and later moved to Paris; later still, the company folded. In 2005, it was reestablished with the launch of two perfumes: Oha & Julia.

Recent releases include Alahine (2007), Concretes de Parfum (2008), Meloe (2008), Early Roses (2010), Hegoa (2012), Barkhane (2013), Lace Garden (2015), Kasar & Jaspé (2016).

Where to buy: The Posh Peasant or Luckyscent in the US, or try First in Fragrance in Germany, or Fortnum & Mason in the UK.

Website: Teo Cabanel


Fragrances and bath & body products, including the popular Pikake and Rain scents. See review for Organic Oasis Green Coffee & Yerba Mate Stimulating Body Scrub.

Recent releases include Lime Blossom & Jasmine (2008), Peony Bliss (2009), Tiare Lei (2012), Aire (2014), Oceana, Ile de Santal, Fig & Sambac and Lotus Blush (2016).

Website: Terranova

Terry de Gunzburg

The perfume line of UK-based makeup artist Terry de Gunzburg, of the By Terry beauty brand. Five fragrances were introduced in 2012: Rêve Opulent, Flagrant Délice, Lumière D’épices, Parti Pris & Ombre Mercure.

Recent launches include Terryfic Oud (2013), Fruit Défendu & Bleu Paradis (2014), Rose Infernale & Rouge Nocturne (2014), Terryfic Oud L'Eau & Terryfic Oud Extrême (2015), Ombre Mercure Extrême (2015), Thé Glacé Aqua Parfum (2016).

Where to buy: in the US at Barneys.

Website: Terry de Gunzburg

The 7 Virtues

Canadian indie brand founded by Barb Stegemann and emphasizing the use of buying power to impact the lives of farmers in rebuilding nations. They debuted with Afghanistan Orange Blossom and Noble Rose of Afghanistan in 2010. 

Recent releases include Vetiver of Haiti (2011), Middle East Peace (2012), Patchouli of Rwanda (2014), Lisa Ray Jasmine of India (2016).

Where to buy: selected department stores, including Hudson's Bay and Lord & Taylor.

Website: The 7 Virtues

The Art of Shaving

Men's grooming line established by Eric Malka and Myriam Zaoui Malka in 1997. Their first fragrance, Sandalwood, was introduced in 2004. The Art of Shaving was purchased by Procter & Gamble in 2009.

Recent introductions include Lemon Eau de Toilette (2006), Sandalwood & Cypress, Green Lavender, Vetiver Citron, Coriander & Cardamom and Oud Suede (2016).

Where to buy: at The Art of Shaving boutiques or selected department stores (Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Barneys, Saks).

Website: The Art of Shaving

The Body Shop
The Different Company
The Lab Room

Madrid-based spa founded in 2000. Fragrances were introduced in 2008 with a collection of 4 Eaux de Cologne (Tuberose, Verveine Neroli, Jasmin and Vanille Ambar) and 4 Eaux de Parfum (Rose Vanille, Rose Epicee, Rose Neroli and Rose Sandal).

Recent releases include the 7 Scent Collection (2008).

Website: The Lab Room

The People of the Labyrinths

Dutch fashion house established in 1984 by Hans Demoed and Geert de Rooij. The cult favorite Luctor et Emergo launched in 1998, (see also review for the Luctor et Emergo Enriched Body Cream) and was followed by A.MAZE in 2007.

Where to buy: apothia, beautyhabit, luckyscent.

Website: The People of the Labyrinths

The Pink Room

Perfume line established by Sarah Barton-King, owner of the by-appointment-only design studio of the same name. Fragrances were introduced in 1999 with The Pink Room Parfum no. 1.

Recent fragrances include Pour Toi (2008), Darkly Audacious (2011).

Where to buy: in the US at luckyscent or min new york.

Website: The Pink Room

Thierry Mugler

Bath, body & home fragrance line founded by Leslie Ross in the 1980s. See review for Apricot Quince Dishwashing Liquid & All Purpose Cleaning Spray and Azur Home Fragrance Mist.

Recent fragrance releases include Kimono Rose (2006), Azur (2007), Wild Ginger (2007), Red Cherie (2008), Naia (2009), Moonflower (2009), Ambersweet Orange (2010), Agave Nectar (2010), Filigree (2010), Bergamot Vert (2011), Garden Alchemy (2012), Lotus Santal (2012), Temple Tree Jasmine (2013), Clary Sage Tea (2013), Rosewood Citron, Tiare Monoi, Jade Matcha & Aqua Coralline (2014), Tupelo Lemongrass & Mirabelle Plum (2014), Goldleaf Gardenia (2015), Vanille Ambrette (2015).

Website: The Thymes

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Married country music singers whose fragrances are made under arrangements with Coty.

His debut fragrance was McGraw by Tim McGraw (2008), which was followed by Tim McGraw Southern Blend (2009), McGraw Silver (2010), Soul2Soul (2011).

Her debut fragrance was Faith Hill by Faith Hill (2009), which was followed by Faith Hill True (2010), Soul2Soul (2011), Soul2Soul Vintage (2013).

Where to buy: at mass market and drugstores.

Website: Tim McGraw

Tipton Charles

New York-based apothecary line founded in 1994 and specializing in bath & body products, candles & fragrances.

Where to buy: hamptonct or directly from the Tipton Charles website.

Website: Tipton Charles

Tokyo Milk

Line of fragrances and scented bath & body products, beauty accessories. The company is owned by Denver-based illustrator Margot Elena Wells, who also founded Lollia and Love & Toast.

See review for Waltz 14.

Recent releases include Dark collection (2011), Fame & Fortune (2012), Light collection (2016), Pretty Rotten & Novacaine (2016).

Where to buy: In the US at b-glowing, Beautyhabit, Indiescents.

Website: Tokyo Milk

Tom Ford
Tommi Sooni

Australian niche line established by Steven Broadhurst.

Fragrances were introduced in 2008 with Tarantella. New releases include Eau de Tommi Sooni I & II, Jinx (2011), Passerelle (2012).

As of 2015, the company appears to be out of business.

Website: Tommi Sooni

Tommy Bahama

Line of upscale resort-casual wear established in 1992. Fragrances were introduced in 2005 with Tommy Bahama scents for men & women, followed by Tommy Bahama Very Cool for men & women in 2006.

Recent releases include Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts (2007), Tommy Bahama Set Sail South Seas (2008), Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique (2010), Tommy Bahama for Him (2013), Tommy Bahama for Her (2013), Compass (2014), Island Life (2014), St. Kitts (2015), Maritime (2016).

Where to buy: at department stores and online fragrance discounters.

Website: Tommy Bahama

Tommy Hilfiger

Fashion house established in Paris in 1969 by Rose Torrente-Mett (she retired in 2003).

Fragrances were introduced in 2002 with L'Or de Torrente. Subsequent fragrances include L'Or Rouge and My Torrente.

Recent releases include L'Or Blanc (2008).

Website: Torrente


Spanish jewelry and accessories house established in the 1920s. They are very well known in Spain, less so in the United States. Their trademark is a little bear charm.

Recent releases include Tous Touch (2006), Tous Baby (2007), Tous In Heaven (2008), H2O (2009), Tous Man Sport (2010), Tous L'Eau (2011), Sensual Touch (2012), Tous Kids Girl & Tous Kids Boy (2012), Tous Man Intense (2013), Tous Rosa (2013), Tous Garden Edition (2014), Tous Rosa Eau Légère (2014), Tous Love (2014), Tous Neoncandy (2015), Tous Floral Touch (2015), Happy Moments (2016).

Where to buy: in the US at dillards.

Website: Tous


Beauty line of Tova Borgnine, wife of actor Ernest Borgnine. The line is currently owned by the television shopping channel QVC.

Fragrances were introduced with Tova (now Tova Signature) in 1982. Subsequent releases include Tova Nights (1997), Tova Body, Mind & Spirit (1992), Tova Nirvana (2002), Tova Free Spirit (2003), Tova Love Everlasting.

Recent releases include Tova Signature Summer (2008), Ambre D'Oro (2008), Signature Reserve (2008), Signature Lavender Essence (2009), Signature Platinum (2009), Signature Autumn (2009).

Where to buy: through QVC.

Website: Tova (website defunct)

Trish McEvoy

Former makeup artist who started her own color cosmetics and skincare line in the late 1970s. The company is still privately held. There are 10 numbered fragrances, including the popular no. 9, Blackberry & Vanilla Musk (2000), and a signature scent, Trish, which launched in 2002.

Recent releases include Precious Oud (2008), Black Rose Oud (2011), Precious Pink Jasmine (2012), 9 Oud (2014).

Where to buy: selected department stores, including Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Website: Trish McEvoy

True Religion

Premium denim-wear company established in 2002. Fragrances, created under licensing arrangements with New Wave Fragrances, were introduced with True Religion for Women in 2008. In 2012, the fragrance license passed to Elizabeth Arden.

Recent releases include True Religion Men (2009), True Religion Drifter (2010), Hippie Chic (2011), Love Hope Denim (2012).

Where to buy: department stores.

Website: True Religion


Italian company founded in 1911 by glove-maker Dante Trussardi; the company still produces leather goods, but also luxury goods & ready-to-wear fashions. Fragrances include Action for women (1990), Python for men (2001), Trussardi Skin (2002), Trussardi Jeans (2003), Trussardi Jeans Men (2004).

Recent introductions include Trussardi Bianco & Trussardi Inside for men and women (2006), Trussari Inside Delight (2008), Essenza del Tempo (2008), Inside Iced for men (2009), Trussardi Donna & Uomo (2011), My Land (2012), Delicate Rose (2012), My Name (2013), A Way for Her & A Way for Him (2014), Black Extreme (2014), Blue Land (2015), My Scent (2015), Amber Oud (2016), Trussardi Uomo The Red (2016).

Website: Trussardi

Tsi La

Company founded by Annie Morton and Natalie Szapowalo (creators of Millefiore Natural Perfumery), and specializing in natural skincare and perfumes.

Fragrances were introduced in 2007 with Fiori d'Arancio, Ilang Ilang, Saqui, Kesu, Fleur Sauvage & Kizes.

New fragrances include Misaki (2009), L'Absolu Vanille (2014).

Where to buy: barneys, beautyhabit.

Website: Tsi La

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