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Strange Invisible Perfumes Eau de Parfum

California-based indie niche line established by Alexandra Balahoutis in 2000. The perfumes are all-natural, and many of the components are distilled in-house using hydro-distillation.

See reviews for Lady Day, Heroine, Black Rosette & L'Invisible, Wild Orange Invisible Body Lotion.

Recent fragrances from Strange Invisible Perfumes

Recent releases include Moon Garden, Prima Ballerina and Magazine Street (all 2006), Tropical Vial (2007), Musc Botanique (2008), Aquarian Roses, Epic Gardenia & Urban Lily (2009), Fire and Cream (2009), Peloponnesian (2010), Essence of IX (2010), Tahitian Honey and Vacances (2010), Elektrou (2010), Dimanche & Tribute (2011), Pisces & Virgo (2011), Libra (2011), Aries & Taurus (2012?), Leo & Sagittarius  (2012), Likewise & The Rose With The Broken Neck (2013), Perfumes of the Zodiac (2014), Emerald Moss (2014), Love Letter (2015).

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Available directly from Strange Invisible Perfumes (see site below).


Strange Invisible Perfumes

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