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This page lists perfume houses with names starting with the letters Q and R (ok, actually, so far there aren't any houses starting with Q. But one might pop up). Perfume houses are alphabetized by first name, so that "Ralph Lauren" is listed under R. Some perfume houses have their own pages — if the name is a link, click on it.

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This page was last updated on 25 November 2016.

Ralph Lauren
Ramón Monegal

Spanish niche line established in 2012 with 14 fragrances. Ramón Monegal is descended from the founders of Spanish house Myrurgia (best known for Maja).

See reviews for Dry Wood, Entre Naranjos, Impossible Iris, Cuirelle & Agar Musk.

Recent releases include Pure Mariposa (2013), Dubai Next to Me (2014), Mediterranean Memories (2014), Very Private (2014), Hand in Hand: Rose & Oudh (2014), Monbloom (2015), Bravo Oud (2015), Fiesta (2016).

Where to buy: at Luckyscent or Neiman Marcus in the US, Harrods in the UK.

Website: Ramón Monegal


Italian fragrance company established by Jeanne Rancé and her son Jean Rancé, descendents of Francois Rancé who was said to have been "Napoleon's favourite perfumer". Fragrances include Le Vainqueur, Josephine, Eau Empire, Eau Royale, Eau Sublime and Rouge. There is also a line of Eaux de Colognes and a line called "Next Age".

Where to buy: in the US, at Hampton Court.

Website: Rance

Red Flower

Established as a scented candle brand in 1999; Red Flower has since expanded into body care and personal fragrance products.

See reviews for Hammam Body Treatments, Ocean Purifying Body Wash and Moisturizing Lotion, Orange Blossom Fragrance Diffuser, and the following candles: African Lily, Indian Jasmine, Chinese Marigold.

Fragrances include Ambrette, Champa & Guaiac (2008).

See also: shopping report for the NYC Red Flower boutique.

Where to buy: in the US, at Beautyhabit.

Website: Red Flower

Regina Harris

Makeup artist with two fragrances, Amber Vanilla and Frankincense - Myrrh - Rose Maroc.

Where to buy: BeautyhabitLuckyscent.

Website: Regina Harris


French line of jewelry and fragrances. Established in 1970 by Zoe Coste and Nino Amaddeo. Fragrances include Patchouli (1970), Rem (1996), Patchouli Pour Homme (2000).

Recent releases include Elixir Patchouli (2007), Les Notes Gourmandes Do Re & Mi Fa (2008), Etoile de Rem (2008), Sol La & Si Do (2008), Noir de Reminiscence (2009), Eau de Patchouli (2009), Reminiscence by Reminiscence (2010), Jammin Vibration (2011), Sea Rem (2011), L’Incroyable Patchouli (2011), Crazy Rem (2012), Vanille (2012), Oud (2012), Dragée (2012), Rem & Bow (2013), Tonka (2013), Love Rose & White Tubereuse (2014), Patchouli Blanc (2015), Rem L’Acqua (2016), Patchouli N’ Roses (2016).

Where to buy: a list of boutiques can be found on the website (see below). In the US, at Beautyhabit. See also: shopping report for the Reminiscence boutique in London.

Website: Reminiscence


Australian niche line established by Renee Griffith.

Recent releases include Musk and Jasmine (2007).

Website: Renee


Italian denim fashion brand established in 1978. The fragrance license moved from Procter & Gamble to Mavive in 2014.

Fragrances include Replay for Her & For Him (2008), Replay Intense (2009), Replay Your Fragrance! (2009), Replay Refresh (2010), Jeans Spirit! (2011), Jeans Original (2012), Relover (2014), Essential (2014), Replay True (2015), Replay Stone (2015).

Website: Replay


Revlon was founded in 1932 by Charles Revson, Joseph Revson and Charles Lachman. They started with nail polish, and eventually expanded into other cosmetic & beauty products. See reviews for Revlon Intimate (1955), Jean Naté (1935, but not originally a Revlon product).

The now iconic Charlie (1973) was Revlon's first big modern success in fragrance and was followed by a number of Charlie flankers; other well known 1970s fragrances include Jontue, Enjoli, and Ciara. Another big seller for Revlon has been Fire & Ice (1994). Revlon continued releasing fragrances under its own name and others (at various points, it held licenses for Bill Blass, Halston, and Norell among others) but by the late 1990s, Revlon had sold off and/or discontinued its prestige fragrance line and was concentrating on mass market.

Revlon planned to re-enter the prestige fragrance market in 2006 with Flair, but the launch was postponed following a major corporate reorganization. In 2007, Flair was released as a mass market scent.

Recent releases include Love Is On (2015).

Website: Revlon

Richard James

Company founded in 1992 by Richard James and Sean Dixon as a bespoke men's tailor on Savile Row. Fragrances were introduced in 2003 with Richard James Savile Row (reissued in 2014). Richard James Cologne followed in 2006.

Recent releases include Richard James Cologne Lavender, Cologne Cardamom & Cologne Vetiver (2007).

Where to buy: in the UK at Richard James or

Website: Richard James

Rich Hippie

Line of natural perfumes established by Nannette Pallrand. See review for Wild Thing; other scents include Bliss, Devotion, Rock Star, Bohemian Wedding, Utopia.

Recent releases include Foxy Lady (2007), Hoochie Coochie (2007), Woodstock (2007), Summer of Love (2007), Brown Sugar (2007), Flower Child (2007), Groovy (2007), Krishna (2007), Shambala (2008), Abbey Road (2011), Marijuana (2011), Love Train (2011).

Website: Rich Hippie


Barbadian pop star. Her debut fragrance, Reb'l Fleur, launched in 2010, and was produced under licensing arrangements with Parlux.

Recent releases include Rebelle (2011), Nude (2011), Rogue (2013), Rogue Man (2014), Rogue Love (2014), RiRi (2015), Crush (2016).

Where to buy: department and discount stores.

Website: Perfumes by Rihanna

Robert Piguet
Roberto Cavalli

Italian fashion designer who started creating clothing in the late 1960s. Today he is known for his wild designs, including lots of animal prints, and is often called "designer to the stars". Fragrances include Roberto Cavalli for women (2002), Roberto Cavalli Man (2003) and Oro (2004).

The Roberto Cavalli fragrance license was held by ICR-ITF; in 2011 it passed to Coty.

Recent releases include Serpentine (2005), Black for men (2006), Just Cavalli Pink & Just Cavalli Blue (2006), Just Cavalli I Love Her & I Love Him (2010), Anniversary (2010), Roberto Cavalli For Her (2012), Just Cavalli (2012), Roberto Cavalli Acqua (2013), Roberto Cavalli Oud Edition (2013), Just Cavalli for Him (2013), Nero Assoluto (2013), Tiger Oud (2013), Exotica (2014), Just Gold (2014), Oud al Qsar (2014), Paradiso (2015), Essenza (2015), Paradiso Azzurro (2015), Roberto Cavalli Uomo (2016), Gold Collection Baroque Musk, Divine Oud, Golden Amber, Royal Iris, Sumptuous Rose & Supreme Sandal (2016), Paradiso Assoluto (2017).

Website: Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Verino

Spanish designer who trained in Paris, then took over his family's leather clothing business. He launched his first ready-to-wear collection in 1982.

Fragrances include Verino, Eau de Verino, Verino Pour Homme, VV (for women, 2002), VV Man (2004), Mellow (2006), VV Rose (2005), VV Tropic (2007), VV Acqua, Mellow Good Luck (2008), VV Platinum (2008), Gold (2009), Gold Bouquet (2010), RV Pure (2011), Gold Diva (2012), RV Pure Woman (2013), Agua Floral (2015).

Website: Roberto Verino


Fashion brand established in 1999 by rapper Shawn Carter, aka Jay-Z, and Damon Dash, and now owned by the Iconix group.

Fragrances were introduced in 2008 with Rocawear 9IX, created under licensing arrangements with Elizabeth Arden. Rocawear X followed in 2009.

Recent releases include Rocawear Evolution (2011).

Where to buy: department stores and online discounters.

Website: Rocawear

Roger & Gallet
Roja Parfums

Niche line established in 2007 by Roja Dove of the Roja Dove Haute Perfumerie boutique at Harrods.

The initial launch included 3 fragrances, Scandal, Unspoken & Enslaved. The Extrait collection includes Lilac, Gardenia, Bergamot, Neroli and Vetiver.

Recent launches include Aoud (2010?), Diaghilev (2010), Scandal Pour Homme, Reckless (2011), Danger (2011), Innuendo (2012), Mischief (2012), Vetiver & Risqué (2012), Amber Aoud (2012), Fetish Pour Homme (2012), Fetish (2013), Enigma (2013), Roja Haute Luxe (2013), Musk Aoud (2013), Nüwa (2014), H — The Exclusive Aoud (2014), Goodman's (2014), Reckless Pour Homme (2014), Taïf Aoud (2014), Bergdorf (2014), UAE The United Arab Emirates Spirit of the Union (2014), A Goodnight Kiss (2015), H: The Exclusive Parfum & H: The Exclusive Parfum Pour Homme (2015), Parfums De La Nuit (2015), Candy Aoud, Sweetie Aoud & Fruity Aoud (2015), Beguiled (2015), Great Britain (2015), 51 Pour Homme (2015?), Profumi D'Amore trio (2016), A Midsummer Dream & Britannia (2016), 51 Pour Femme (2016).

Where to buy: at Harrods or from the website. In the US, try Osswald or Bergdorf Goodman.

Website: Roja Parfums

Rouge Bunny Rouge

Beauty and skincare brand based in London; Rouge Bunny Rouge "embraces romance and whimsy alongside modern technologies and first-class ingredients." The first Rouge Bunny Rouge fragrances launched in 2012 with Fragrance Confections: Chatoyant, Lilt & Vespers.

Recent fragrance releases include Incantation (2013), Provenance Tales: Embers, Cynefin & Silvan (2013), Allegria & Muse (2014), Tundra & Silhouette (2014), Arcadia & Tenera (2014), Incognito (2014).

Where to buy: in the US at Beautyhabit or Twisted Lily.

Website: Rouge Bunny Rouge

Roxana Illuminated Perfume

California-based indie botanical perfume house of Roxana Villa. See review of Aurora. Other fragrances include Blossom, Cimbalom, GreenWitch.

Recent releases include Rosa (2008), Peace (2009), Chocolate series (2010), Chocolate series, second tier (2010), Green Witch (2010), Gracing the Dawn (2010), Aumbre (2011), To Bee (2011), Hedera helix (2011), Impromptu (2012), Chiaroscuro (2012), Figure 1: Noir (2013).

Where to buy: at the Roxana Etsy shop.

Website: Roxana Illuminated Perfume


Women's surf apparel brand launched by parent company Quiksilver in 1991. Roxy is best known for their girl's board shorts, but is now a full-fledged lifestyle brand offering everything from snowboards to watches to iPOD accessories.

Fragrances were introduced in the late 1990s, and the scents included Roxy Hula (1998). These earlier fragrances are now discontinued.

Fragrances were re-introduced in 2007 with Roxy, created under arrangements with Inter Parfums.

Recent releases include Roxy Love (2008).

Where to buy: department stores.

Website: Roxy

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