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Penhaligon's fragrances

British toiletries firm established in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon and currently owned by Puig. Prior owners include Laura Ashley, The Limited and Fox Paine.

The first Penhaligon's fragrance, Hammam Bouquet, launched in 1872. Other well known scents include Blenheim Bouquet, created for the Duke of Marlborough.

Modern introductions include Bluebell (1978), Quercus (1996), Castile (1998), LP No. 9 for Women (1998), LP No. 9 for Men (1999), Castile (1999), Artemisia (2002), and Lily & Spice (2006), Elixir (2008), Amaranthine (2009), Sartorial (2010), Juniper Sling (2011), Peoneve (2012).

See reviews for Lavandula, Violetta Talcum Powder.

Penhaligon's Anthology

In 2009, Penhaligon's introduced Penhaligon's Anthology, a collection of fragrances from their archives updated by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour. The first four scents in the series were Extract of Limes, Eau de Verveine, Gardenia and Night Scented Stock.

Later additions include Anthology Eau de Cologne & Orange Blossom (2010), Anthology Jubilee Bouquet and Zizonia (2010), Esprit du Roi & Eau Sans Pareil (2011).

Recent fragrances from Penhaligon's

2013: Iris Prima, Vaara

2014: Meadham Kirchhoff Tralala, Bayolea, Trade Routes Empressa, Lothair & Levantium, As Sawira 

2015: Ostara, No. 33, Halfeti, Blasted Bloom & Blasted Heath 

2016: Equinox Bloom, Endymion Concentré & Luna, Oud de Nil & Alizarin, The Revenge of Lady Blanche, The Coveted Duchess Rose, The Tragedy of Lord George & Much Ado About The Duke

Where to buy

As of mid-2016, there are Penhaligon's boutiques in New York City, Los Angeles, Stanford, CA and Short Hills, NJ. Several more stores are slated to open this year.

Online, try Aedes, Beautyhabit, Four Seasons, Luckyscent, MiN New York, The Perfume Shoppe, or order directly from the website (see below).



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