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Parfums DelRae

Niche perfume line launched in 2000 after several years of collaboration between DelRae Roth, a graphic designer located in San Francisco, and perfumer Michel Roudnitska, son of Edmond Roudnitska.

They started with a trio of perfumes: Amoureuse, Eau Illuminée, and Bois de Paradis; Début followed in 2004.

Recent fragrances from Parfums DelRae

Recent fragrances include Emotionnelle (2008), Mythique (2009), Coup de Foudre (2010), Panache (2010), Wit (2014).

Where to buy

The DelRae line can be found in the US at Beautyhabit, Luckyscent. In Germany, try First in Fragrance.


Parfums DelRae

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