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Patricia de Nicolaï is a descendant of Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, the founder of Guerlain. She studied at the ISIPCA perfumery school and later worked at two large fragrance & flavor companies, Firmenich and Quest. She established her own fragrance line, Parfums de Nicolaï, in 1989 with her husband Jean-Louis Michau. It has remained a family-owned company, and is currently run by Axel Michau de Nicolaï.

Patricia de Nicolaï has also created fragrances for other brands, including Parfums MDCI Un Coeur en Mai & Le Rivage des Syrtes. She currently serves as the director of the Osmothèque fragrance museum and conservatory at Versailles.

See reviews of Balle de Match (now called L'Eau de Sport), Eau d'Ete, Eau Exotique, Mimosaique, Petit Ange, Sacrebleu, Vanille Tonka, Vetyver, Vie de Chateau, Le Temps d’Une Fête and Balkis & Balkis Light.

In 2014 Jean-Louis Michau and Patricia de Nicolaï published Nicolaï: Parfumeur créateur, un métier d'artiste.

Recent fragrances from Parfums de Nicolaï

Recent releases include Cococabana (2006), Eau de Cologne Cedrat (2006), Maharanih (2007), Les Magnifiques (2008), Eau Turquoise (2008), Vanille Intense (2009), Violette in Love & Week-end à Deauville (2009), Patchouli Homme / Patchouli Intense (2009), Jardin Secret (2009), L'Eau Mixte (2010), Kiss Me Tender (2010), Vie de Chateau Intense (2010), L'Eau Chic (2011), L’Eau à la Folie (2012), Musc Intense (2012), Eau sOleil (2013), Rose Oud & Amber Oud (2013), Musc Monoï (2014), New York Intense & Kiss Me Intense (2014), Cuir Cuba Intense (2014), L’Eau Corail (2015), Ambre Cashmere Intense (2015), Oud Sublime (2016), Incense Oud (2016).

Where to buy

There are freestanding boutiques in London and Paris.

Elsewhere in Europe the fragrances can be found at First in Fragrance or directly through the brand website (see below).

In the United States, the line is carried by Beautyhabit, Luckyscent, New London Pharmacy, Osswald and Parfum1; in Canada try The Perfume Shoppe.


Parfums de Nicolaï

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