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Fashion design house of Paco Rabanne, who was born in Spain and came to France during the Spanish Civil War. His first fashion collection, featuring futuristic designs made of plastic and metal, appeared in 1966; Rabanne subsequently became well known for his chain mail mini dresses, disposable paper clothing and the like. After shuffling through several designers, the fashion house went on hiatus for a time in the late 2000s; it returned in 2011. In 2013, Julien Dossena was named creative director.

Fragrance launches have included include Calandre (1969), Pour Homme (1973), La Nuit (1985), XS (1993), XS Pour Elle (1994), Paco (1996), Energy (1998), Ultraviolet (1999) and Paco Rabanne Pour Elle (2003).

The Paco Rabanne fashion and fragrance businesses are owned by Puig.

Recent fragrances from Paco Rabanne

Recent releases include Ultraviolet Fluoressence (2005), Paco Rabanne Black XS for men (2005), Ultraviolet Colours of Summer (2006), Ultraviolet Summer Pop (2007), Black XS For Her (2007), Ultrared (2008), 1 Million (2008), Lady Million (2010), Black XS L'Excès (2012), 1 Million Intense (2013), Invictus (2013), Black XS Potion (2014), Lady Million Eau My Gold! (2014), 1 Million Cologne (2015), Olympéa (2015), Invictus Aqua & Olympéa Aqua (2016).

Where to buy

At department stores and online fragrance discounters.


Paco Rabanne

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