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Miller Harris is a niche perfume line founded in the UK in 2000 by Lyn Harris, who named the brand after her father’s middle and last names. Ms. Harris studied perfumery in Paris (Cinquieme Sens) and Grasse (Robertet). NEO Investment bought a stake in the brand in 2012; Lyn Harris has since left the brand to launch Perfumer H.

The line also sells scented teas, home fragrances and bath & body products, and specializes in bespoke perfumes.

See reviews for Fig Amere, Jasmin Vert, and Terre d'Iris.

Lyn Harris also creates fragrances for other brands, see Solange Azagury-Partridge Stoned and Cosmic, and Mungo & Maud Petite Amande for dogs.

Lyn Harris for Marks & Spencer

In 2012, Lyn Harris created a range of six fragrances for the British retailer Marks & Spencer. See La Rose, La Fleur and La Poudrée for women; Le Noir, Le Sauvage and Le Cologne for men.

Recent fragrances from Miller Harris

Recent releases include Coeur d’Été (2006, limited edition), L'Air de Rien (2006), Rose en Noir (exclusive to Liberty of London, 2006), Fleurs de Sel (2007), Le Petit Grain (2008), Note de Peau (2008, exclusive to Bon Marché, Paris), Fleurs de Bois (2009), Un Petit Rien (2009), La Pluie & La Fumée (2011), Le Pamplemousse (2012), La Fumée [Arabie] (2012), La Fumée Ottoman (2013), The Perfumers Library: Le Jasmin, Tuberosa, Veti Vert, La Feuille and Verger (2013), La Fumée Maroc (2014), La Fumée Intense (2014), Cassis en Feuille, Coeur de Jardin & Poirier d'un Soir (2015), Rose Silence, Tea Tonique & L'Eau Magnetic (2015), La Fumée Alexandrie (2015), Vetiver Insolent (2016), Lumière Dorée & Étui Noir (2016).

Where to buy

In the UK, try Musthave, Liberty or the Miller Harris boutiques in London (see shopping report for the flagship Miller Harris in Mayfair).


Miller Harris

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