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Michael by Michael Kors

Well-known American fashion designer who launched his own line in 1981 after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. Kors is also a judge on the popular Bravo reality show Project Runway.

Michael (sometimes listed as Michael Kors) was introduced in 2000, followed by Michael for Men in 2001. Other fragrances include Notes from Michael (Houndstooth, Glen Plaid, Tattersall; 2001), Kors (2003) and Island (2005).

Estee Lauder has held the Michael Kors fragrance license since 2003, when it was purchased from LVMH.

Recent fragrances from Michael Kors

Recent fragrance introductions include...

2006: Island Fiji

2007: Island Hawaii, Island Capri, Very Michael Kors

2008: Island Bermuda, Very Pretty 

2009: Very Hollywood

2010: Island Palm Beach, Very Hollywood Sparkling 

2011: Michael Kors Gold, Island Very Bali

2012: Michael Kors Suede, Rose Gold

2013: Sporty Citrus, Sexy Amber & Glam Jasmine, Gold Luxe 

2014: Michael Kors for Men, Sexy Rio de Janeiro, Michael Kors White 

2015: Extreme Blue, Rose Radiant Gold, 24K Brilliant Gold & White Luminous Gold, Michael Kors Coral, Sexy Sunset

2016: Midnight Shimmer, Wonderlust, Michael Kors Turquoise, Sexy Blossom

Where to buy

The Michael Kors line can be found at department stores and online fragrance discounters.


Michael Kors

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