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MAC Viva Glam

Color cosmetics brand with a cult following. MAC was established in 1985, and has been owned by Estee Lauder since 1998.

Fragrances were introduced in 1999 with the limited edition MAC Potions collection (Hyper Souk, Synthetic Nirvana and Asphalt Flower).

Later fragrances include MV1, MV2, MV3 (all 2002), Hue: Turquatic (2005), C-Squeeze (2005), Hue: Greenify, Hue: Pinkaura (2005), Violetrix (2005), DejaRose (2006).

The MAC fragrances are generally reasonably priced (under $30). It is hard to tell when MAC has discontinued a fragrance as they remove fragrances from their website when they are out of stock — they might or might not reappear later. To see the current lineup, check the website.

Recent fragrances from MAC

Recent releases include Tarnished Love & Emeraldaire (2006), Air of Style (2007), Hue: Turquatic Heat (2008), Creations Hue: Africanimal and Naked Honey (2009), Asphalt Flower (2009), Air of Style (reissue, 2016), Shadescents Candy Yum-Yum, Créme d'Nude, Lady Danger, My Heroine, Ruby Woo & Velvet Teddy (2016).

Where to buy

At MAC boutiques and selected department stores, including Nordstrom.



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