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Lush began as Cosmetics To Go in 1988; the UK-based company, founded by Mark and Mo Constantine, was reconstituted as Lush in 1994. By 1997 they had 19 stores, today, they have 350+ boutiques and spas worldwide. The Lush company espouses environmental activism and frequently donates a percentage of proceeds to environmental and/or humanitarian groups. They are also routinely included on lists of "best companies to work for".

Lush specializes in eco-friendly soaps and bath products, and features fun — but minimal — packaging and quirky names (Demon in the Dark soap, You Snap the Whip body butter).

Fragrances come and go, although the best-seller Karma is usually in production. Other fragrances include Go Green and a new solid perfume range (2007, see reviews of Silky Underwear and Potion), The Olive Branch, Sakura, The Comforter & Snow Showers (2008), Vanillary (2009), So White & Candy Fluff (2010).

In 2010, the perfume line was reorganized under the name Gorilla Perfume at Lush (see below).

See also body product reviews for Snowcake soap and Smitten hand cream, Bathos Bubble Bar, Lush Charity Pot, Jasmine & Henna Fluff Ease, Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel, Handy Gurugu, Rose Jam Shower Gel, Flying Fox & It's Raining Men Shower Gels, So White Shower Gel and Yog Nog soap, Prince Charming Shower Gel.

Gorilla Perfume at Lush

Gorilla Perfume at Lush was introduced in 2010 with the new fragrances Tuca Tuca, The Smell of Freedom, Orange Blossom, The Smell of Weather Turning, Lust and Imogen Rose.

At the same time, a number of older Lush and B Never Too Busy fragrances were added to the line, including Ginger, Flower Market, Icon, Vanillary and Karma (all from Lush); and Dirty, Ladyboy, 1000 Kisses Deep, Dear John, Cocktail, Breath of God, Inhale & Exhale, B Scent, Superworld Unknown and Love (all from from B Never).

New fragrances include Smell of Freedom Part 2 & Smell of Freedom Part 3 (2010), American Cream, Twilight, Olive Branch, Rose Jam, Snowshowers, Yuzu & Coco, Silky Underwear (2011 limited edition reissues), 25:43 (2012), Leap Frog (2012), Devil’s Nightcap, Hellstone, The Bug, Euphoria, Flower's Barrow, The Voice of Reason, Sikkim Girls, Sun & Furze (2012), Rose Jam, Snow Fairy, Snowcake, Ponche + a surprise (2013 limited edition reissues), Smuggler's Soul, Kerbside Violet & All Good Things (2014), Dad's Garden Lemon Tree & Dear John (2014), Yog Nog, Comforter, Celebrate, Jungle & Lord of Misrule (2014 limited edition reissues), Death & Decay (2015).

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful was established in 2003 as a "sister company" to Lush. The focus was on color cosmetics, bath & body and fragrance; the fragrances were developed by Lush co-founder Mark Constantine. B Never Too Busy folded in late 2009.

In 2006, there were 10 fragrances including 1000 Kisses Deep, Dear John, Keep It Fluffy and Ladyboy. Later releases include Breath of God, Inhale & Exhale (2007), Superworldunknown (2008?). These fragrances were later reintroduced under the Gorilla Perfume line (see above).

See also: a shopping report on the now-closed B Never boutique in Covent Garden.

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