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Paul Poiret (d.1944), the Parisian fashion designer, was famous for liberating women from corsets and popularizing harem pants. He launched what has been called the "first line of designer fragrances" in 1911, naming the house Parfums de Rosine after his daughter. The house flourished initially, but was eventually a victim of the Great Depression.

In 1991, the house was resuscitated in Paris by Marie-Hélène Rogeon. Rogeon came from a family of perfumers, and her grandparents had worked with Poiret. Although the original formulas used by Poiret no longer exist, Rogeon worked with perfumer François Robert to create a new version of the 1912 fragrance La Rose de Rosine. Since then, the house has launched some 20+ fragrances, almost all of them based on rose.

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Recent fragrances from Les Parfums de Rosine

Recent introductions include Rose d'Homme (2005), Une Folie de Rose (2005), Rose de Feu (2005), Rose d'Amour (2005), Twill Rose (2006), Diabolo Rose (2007), Rose Kashmirie (2007), Zephir de Rose (2008), Rose d'Ete Eau Fraiche (2008), Rose Praline (2008), La Rose Légère (2009), Secrets de Rose (2009), Une Rose au Bord de la Mer (2010), Rosissimo (2010), Clair Matin (2011), Glam Rose (2011), Lotus Rose (2012), Vive la Mariée (2013), Frisson de Rose (2013), Majalis (2013), Ballerina No. 1 (2014), Ballerina No. 2 (2014), La Cologne de Rosine (2015), Ballerina No. 3 (2015), Muguet de Rosine (2015), Rose des Neiges (2016).

Where to buy

The line can be found in the United States, at Aedes, Beautyhabit, Your Cosmetics or at selected Barneys stores. In Germany, at First in Fragrance.


Les Parfums de Rosine

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