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L'Artisan Parfumeur

L'Artisan Parfumeur is a French niche perfume house founded by Jean Laporte in 1976. Laporte later left the brand to establish Maître Parfumeur et Gantier.

In 2003 L’Artisan was acquired by Cradle Holdings, a beauty products holding company established by US private equity firm Fox Paine. In 2005 they were spun off as "an independent company", however the brand's primary backer is still Fox Paine.

In 2008 perfumer Bertand Duchaufour was hired to work on bespoke fragrances and other special projects.

Fragrance releases include Vanilia (1978), Mûre et Musc (1978), Tubéreuse (1978), L'Eau de L'Ambre (1978), La Haie Fleurie de Hameau (1982), L'Eau de Navagateur (1982), L'Eau de L'Artisan (1993), Voleur de Roses (1993), Premier Figuier (1994), Drôle de Rose (1996), Méchant Loup (1997), Navegar (1998), Passage d'Enfer (1999), Dzing! (1999), Oeillet Sauvage (2000), Jacinthe des Bois (2000), Verte Violette (2000), Framboise Tralala (2001), Thé des Sables (2001), Un Bouquet en Mai (2001), Safran Troublant (2002), Piment Brulant (2002), Poivre Piquant (2002), Patchouli Patch (2002), Premier Figuier Extreme (2003), Jour de Fête (2003), La Chasse aux Papillons Extrême (2005) among others.

L'Artisan also produces a number of home and car fragrances. See L'Ambre candle, Sous La Glycine candle, Intreccio no. 1 candle, Tilleuls au Vent room spray, Aedes de Venustas room spray. See also: announcement for the Chez Moi fragrance diffuser.

In 2008, L'Artisan introduced Mon Numéro, a collection of almost-bespoke, one-off fragrances: once a customer purchases a bottle, that scent is withdrawn from the market. Later, eight of the fragrances were released as limited editions.

Recent fragrances from L'Artisan Parfumeur

Recent fragrances (other than the special series scents, see below) include Fou d'Absinthe (2006), L'Eau de Jatamansi (2007), L'Echange (2007, London only), Aedes de Venustas Eau de Parfum (2008), Mure et Musc Extrait (2008), Côte d’Amour (2009), Vanille Absolument (was Havana Vanille) (2009), Al Oudh (2009), Nuit de Tubéreuse (2010), Coeur de Vétiver Sacré (2010), Iris Pallida & Fleur d'Oranger (2011), Mon Numéro collection (2011; see review for Mon Numéro 10), Batucada (2011), Séville à l’Aube (2012), Caligna (2013), Déliria, Amour Nocturne & Skin on Skin (2013), Haute Voltige, Rappelle-Toi & Onde Sensuelle (2014).

Special series from L'Artisan

Summer limited editions

Some summers, L'Artisan produces a summer limited edition. If it is popular, it eventually gets added to the regular line. The special editions are in "fun" bottles, and usually cost less per ounce than the regular line.

Summer editions include Thé Pour Un Été (1996, now in regular line), La Chasse aux Papillons (1999, now in regular line), Fleur de Carotte (2000), Un Zeste d'Ete (2003), Ananas Fizz (2004, now in regular line, and also see review for Creme d'Ananas, the matching body cream), Extrait de Songe /L' Ete en Douce (2005, now in regular line) and Mandarine Tout Simplement (2006; brought back in 2011 as Mandarine).

Travel fragrances

In 2003, L'Artisan introduced a series of travel-inspired fragrances with Bois Farine.

Timbuktu followed in 2004, Dzongkha in 2006, Fleur de Liane in 2008, Traversée du Bosphore in 2010.

Harvest fragrances

In 2005, L'Artisan introduced Fleur d'Oranger 2005, the first of a projected series of "harvest" fragrances, e.g., fragrances based on a particular harvest of flowers. These fragrances are more expensive than those in the regular line, and feature more elaborate packaging. The 2006 entry in this series is Fleur de Narcisse. For 2007, there are 2: Iris Pallida 2007 and Fleur d'Oranger 2007. In 2011, Iris Pallida & Fleur d'Oranger were brought back as "regular" limited editions (no longer tied to particular harvests).

Where to buy

In the US, L'Artisan can be found at Aedes, BeautyhabitFour Seasons, Luckyscent. Sephora and Neiman Marcus carry a selection as well.

See shopping report for the L'Artisan boutique in Covent Garden, London.

In Brussels, L'Artisan is available at Senteurs d'Ailleurs; in Germany, at First in Fragrance.


L'Artisan Parfumeur

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