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Fashion house of influential Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, who moved to Paris in the 1960s and established his ready-to-wear Jungle Jap store there in 1970. The Kenzo brand was purchased by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy in the early 1990s; Takada retired in 1999.

Fragrances were introduced in 1988 with Kenzo for women. Subsequent releases include Kenzo Pour Homme (1991), Parfum d'Ete (1993), Kashaya (1994), Jungle L'Elephant (1996), Kenzo Flower (2000), KenzoAir (2003), and Flower Le Parfum (2003).

Recent fragrance releases from Kenzo

2005: Flower Oriental, Kenzo Summer

2006: Kenzo Amour

2007: Tokyo by Kenzo

2008: KenzoAmour Indian Holi, Peace by Kenzo Vintage Edition, FlowerbyKenzo Summer 2008, 7:15 am in Bali, Kenzo Power, L'Eau Par Kenzo Ice, Les Eaux de Fleur Collection (Thé, Soie, Magnolia), Winter Flowers, Kenzo Parfum Objet Non Identifie, Amour Le Parfum

2009: Flower by Kenzo Spring Fragrance, Kenzo Amour Florale, 5:40 pm in Madagascar, L'Eau Par Kenzo Eau Indigo, Eau de Fleur de Prunier, FlowerbyKenzo Essentielle

2010: Kenzoki Splash, Fizz, Mmm & Shh, FlowerbyKenzo La Cologne, Eau de Fleur de Yuzu, Kenzo Homme Eau de Toilette Boisée, Once Upon A Time (Kenzo Femme, Kenzo Homme).

2011: L'Eau de Kenzo Amour, L’Eau Par Kenzo Wild Edition, 10:10 am in Sicilia, Flowertag, FlowerbyKenzo Summer Fragrance, Madly Kenzo

2012: Kenzo Homme Sport, Amour I Love U, L'Eau 2 Kenzo

2013: Amour My Love, Couleur Kenzo Rose-Pink & Couleur Kenzo Jaune-Yellow, Kenzo Homme Sport Extreme, L’Eau Par Kenzo Colors Edition, Madly Kenzo Kiss ‘n Fly, Flower in the Air, Madly Kenzo Oud Collection

2014: L'Eau Par Kenzo Mirror Edition, L’Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme Mirror Edition, Kenzo Homme Night, Floralista, Couleur Kenzo Violet, Jeu d'Amour 

2015: Flower L'Eau Originelle, Flower in the Air Summer Edition, L'Eau Par Kenzo Intense (duo), Totem Blue, Totem Yellow & Totem Orange, Flower by Kenzo L'Elixir, Kenzo Wild (duty free)

2016: Jeu d'Amour L'Elixir, Flower by Kenzo Eau Florale, L'Eau Kenzo Electric Wave, Flower in the Air Eau Florale, Kenzo World

Where to buy

Kenzo fragrances can be found at major department stores or online fragrance discounters.



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