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This page was last updated on 14 November 2016.


One fragrance, see Kai perfume oil. Kai is now also available in Eau de Parfum form.

Website: Kai

Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion designer who started out as an apprentice at Balmain in the 1950s, then worked for a number of other labels before becoming designer at Chanel in 1982. As Time Magazine noted in 2008, "It is how Karl Lagerfeld has pushed the boundaries of what is possible, reinventing classic Chanel pieces without compromising the integrity of Coco Chanel's original designs, that commands such respect." For more biographical detail, read the 2007 New Yorker Profile.

A line under his own name was added in 1984, although it has not always been active; Lagerfeld also currently designs for Fendi. The Lagerfeld brand name was purchased by Tommy Hilfiger in 2004; Hilfiger was since purchased by Apax Partners.

In 2012, the Lagerfeld fragrance license passed from Coty to Inter Parfums.

Fragrances include Photo (1990), Sun Moon Stars (1994), Lagerfeld Femme (2000), Lagerfeld Man (2002).

Recent releases include Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule (2008), Karleidoscope (2011), Karl Lagerfeld for Him & for Her (2014), Paradise Bay (2015), Private Klub (2015), Ocean View (2016).

Website: Karl Lagerfeld

Kate Moss

English model who has appeared in numerous fragrance campaigns for other brands. Her debut fragrance under her own name, Kate by Kate Moss, appeared in 2007 and was made under arrangements with Coty.

Recent releases include Kate by Kate Moss Luxury Edition (2007), Velvet Hour (2008), Kate Moss Summer Time (2009), Vintage by Kate Moss (2009), Wild Meadow (2010), Vintage Muse (2010), Love Blossoms (2011), Lilabelle (2011), Lilabelle Truly Adorable (2012).

Where to buy: at drugstores and discount stores. Not all of the fragrances have been distributed in the US.

Kate Spade

American designer of handbags & other accessories. The brand is owned by Fifth & Pacific (formerly Liz Claiborne).

Fragrances were introduced in 2002 with the eponymous scent Kate Spade.

Recent releases include Kate Spade Twirl, the first fragrance under new licensing arrangements with Elizabeth Arden (2010). It was followed by Live Colorfully (2013), Walk on Air (2015), Live Colorfully Sunshine (2016), Walk on Air Sunshine (2016), Live Colorfully Sunset & Walk on Air Sunset (2016).

Website: Kate Spade

Katy Perry

American singer whose debut perfume, Purr, appeared in 2010 under licensing arrangements with Gigantic Perfumes. Purr was followed by Meow! in 2011.

In 2012, Perry's fragrance license passed to Coty. The first fragrance under Coty was 2013's Killer Queen.

Recent releases include Killer Queen Oh So Sheer (2014), Royal Revolution (2014), Killer Queen's Spring Reign (2015), Mad Potion (2015), Mad Love (2016).

Website: Katy Perry Parfums

Keiko Mecheri
Kenneth Cole

American fashion designer who started with women's shoes in 1982.

Fragrances were introduced in 2002 with Kenneth Cole for women and Kenneth Cole for men. Later releases include Black for men (2004), Reaction for men (2004), Kenneth Cole Black for her (2004), Reaction for women (2005), Signature for men (2005), Reaction Thermal (2006) and RSVP (2006).

Kenneth Cole's fragrance license was held by Coty through 2012; in 2013, the license moved to Parlux.

Recent releases include Reaction T-Shirt (2009), Vintage Black (2009) Connected Kenneth Cole Reaction (2011), Mankind (2013), Mankind Ultimate (2015), Kenneth Cole Blue (2015), Mankind Hero (2016), Black Bold (2016).

Where to buy: at online discounters or selected department stores.

Website: Kenneth Cole


Michigan-based indie fragrance line of John Pegg, launched in 2011. Fragrances include Copper Skies, Creature, Fields of Rubus, Unknown Pleasures, R'Oud Elements, Santalum Slivers, Whips and Roses, Wood Haven.

Recent releases include Pretty Machine (2013), Black Vines (2014), Dirty Flower Factory (2014), Canfield Cedar (2015), Unforsaken (2015), Kindred (2015 limited edition), Broken Theories (2015), Blackmail (2016), Follow (2016).

Where to buy: at Indiescents, MiN New York.

Website: Kerosene


Apothecary line established in New York in 1851, and now owned by L'Oreal.

Kiehls Original Musk was reportedly developed during the 1920s and rediscovered in the late 50s/early 60s. The line also includes a few single-note essence oils and a number of scented body products. See review of Kiehl's Coriander body products.

Recent releases include Forest Rain (2008), Aromatic Blends: Fig Leaf & Sage, Vanilla & Cedarwood, Orange Flower & Lychee and Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit (2012), Patchouli & Dark Rose (2013), Vetiver & Black Tea (2014).

Where to buy: the Kiehls line is carried in a number of department stores, including Neiman Marcus and Barneys. You can find a store locator at the website (see below).

Website: Kiehls

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is an American celebrity and reality television star. Her fragrance line debuted in 2010 under licensing arrangements with Lighthouse Beauty, with Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian.

Recent fragrances include Kim Kardashian Gold (2011), Kim Kardashian Love (2011), True Reflection (2012), Glam (2012), Pure Honey (2013), Fleur Fatale (2014).

Website: Kardashian Fragrance

Kimora Lee Simmons

See Baby Phat.

Kirna Zabete

Upscale Soho boutique with two fragrances, Kirna and Zabete. As of 2014, they no longer appear to be in production.

Website: Kirna Zabete


Naples-based company best known for their hand tailored mens suits & apparel, although they now produce other clothing and luxury items as well.

The first fragrance, Kiton for men, was introduced in 1996. Other scents include Donna & Napoli (both 1998). Fragrances are created under arrangements with Estee Lauder.

Recent releases include Kiton Black (2007).

Website: Kiton


Viennese tailor/menswear company established in 1858. Their first and best known fragrance is Knize Ten, which launched in 1924.

Where to buy: in the US, try Luckyscent or Parfums Raffy; in Germany, First in Fragrance, in London, Les Senteurs.

Website: Knize


Greek line established by George and Lena Korres in 1996. Korres specializes in natural bath and body products, and produces a line of Body Waters (described as "half perfume, half toner") currently available in 7 fragrances. See reviews for Lemon Basil & Vanilla Cinnamon Body Waters, Jasmine Shower Gel.

Recent launches include Pepper, Jasmine, Gaiac wood oil / Saffron Amber, Agarwood, Cardamom, Rose wood, Blackcurrant, Cyclamen (2009), Six new fragrances (2011), Tonka Purple & Tonka Brown (2012), Velvet Orris, Violet & White Pepper  and Mountain Pepper, Bergamot & Coriander (2013), Bellflower, Tangerine & Pink Pepper for Women and Blue Sage, Lime & Fir Wood for Men (2014), Korres Eau de Parfum I & Korres Eau de Parfum II (2014), Black Sugar, Oriental Lily & Violet (2015).

Where to buy: no longer easily found in the US, unfortunately. There is a flagship store in NYC, and Sephora carries a limited range of the cosmetics, but not, as of this writing, the fragrances. Elsewhere, you can generally order online or find a local retailer via the website.

Website: Korres


Italian fashion house founded by Mariuccia Mandelli in the 1950s, and named for a character in a Platonic dialogue about vanity. The house is popular in Italy and Asia, but is no longer as well known in the United States as it once was.

See review for Moods Uomo (1989).

Recent releases include Krizia My Afrika (2006), Krizia Pour Femme & Krizia Pour Homme (2013?).

Website: Krizia

Kylie Minogue

Australian-born pop star who appears to be famous just about everywhere except in the United States, although she did win a US Grammy Award in 2004. Her battle with breast cancer in 2005 was widely publicized.

Fragrances, produced under arrangements with Coty, were introduced in 2006 with Darling.

Recent releases include Sweet Darling (2007), Showtime (2008), Sexy Darling (2008), Couture (2009), Inverse (2009), Pink Sparkle (2010), Pink Sparkle Pop (2011), Dazzling Darling (2011), Music Box (2012).

Website: Kylie Minogue

La Base de Magic Helvetia

Niche line established by toxicologist Marianne Masshardt in 1994, and inspired by the landscapes of her native Switzerland. Two fragrances: La Base for women and La Base for men.

Website: La Base

Laboratorio Olfattivo

Italian niche line established in 2010 by niche retail store of the same name. They debuted with four fragrances, Alambar, Alkemi, Cozumel and Daimiris. Nirmal launched shortly after.

Recent fragrances include Esvedra (2011), Noblige & Décou-Vert (2012), Rosamunda (2012), Salina (2013), Kashnoir (2013), Patchouliful (2014), Nun, MyLO & Nerotic (2016).

Where to buy: at First in Fragrance in Germany, Roullier White in the UK, or directly from the brand.

Website: Laboratorio Olfattivo


René Lacoste was a French tennis player nicknamed "the crocodile"; in 1933, he set up a company to produce the polo shirts with his logo on the front. Now, of course, the shirts are known worldwide and Lacoste is another "lifestyle" brand (i.e., they make everything from glasses to shoes to perfumes).

Fragrances were introduced in 1984 with Lacoste Original Pour Homme. Subsequent fragrances include Lacoste Pour Homme (2002), Lacoste Pour Femme (2003), Style in Play (2004) and Touch of Pink (2004).

Recent introductions include Essential for men (2005), Touch of Sun (2006), Inspiration (2006), Lacoste Cool Play (2006), Lacoste Hot Play and Touch of Spring (2007), Elegance (2007), Dream of Pink (2008), Love of Pink (2009), Challenge (2009), Essential Sport (2010), Joy of Pink (2010), Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 collection (2011), Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Red (2012), Eau de Lacoste for women (2013), L.12.12 Noir (2013), Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle (2013), Live / L!ve (2014), Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune (2015), Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural, Elegant & Sparkling (2015), Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Energized Edition (2016), Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Magnetic (2016).

Where to buy: department stores and online fragrance discounters.

Website: Lacoste

Lagniappe Oaks

Small perfumery in Louisiana owned by Lisa Webre. In 2007, the Lagniappe Oaks business was taken over by Webre's sister, owner of Bourbon French (see).


Brand established by Norwegian Geir Ness. There are two fragrances, Laila for women ("the essence of Norway") and Geir for men.

Where to buy: available at Beauty Cafe, or at selected Nordstrom stores.

Website: Laila

La Maison de la Vanille

Niche perfume line with a focus on vanilla-based fragrances. There are two lines: Vanilles du Monde, which includes Vanille Divine des Tropiques, Vanille Givree des Antilles, Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar, Eau Noire du Mexique, and Fleurie de Tahiti; and Arome des Iles, which includes Regliss, Kilikao & Vanili (note: these are no longer listed on the Maison de la Vanille website).

Recent releases include Vanahé (2006), Moai (2007?), Absolu de Vanille (2010), Intense Patchouli, Ambre Secret & Royal Oud (2012).

Where to buy: Beautyhabit, Luckyscent.

Website: La Maison de la Vanille


See Gwen Stefani.

La Perla

High end lingerie and accessories line; the men's counterpart is known as Grigioperla. Fragrances were introduced in 1986 with La Perla, now known as La Perla Classic. Other fragrances include IO La Perla (1995) and Eclix (2000).

Recent releases include Blue (2004), Charme (2005), Grigioperla Attitude (2006), Grigioperla Hedo (2007), Love Frills trio (Dark Extacy, Languid Vanilla, Ruby Perlage, all 2007), J'aime (2007), Grigioperla Hedo White (2008), J'aime Les Fleurs (2008), J'aime La Nuit (2008), Grigioperla Essence (2009), Divina (2011), Grigioperla Nero (2011), In Rosa (2012), Divina Gold Edition (2012), Just Precious (2013), J'Aime Gold Edition (2014), Peony Blossom (2014), Grigioperla Touch Sport (2014), Grigioperla Uomo (2014), La Perla Collection Lotus Shadow, Contemporary Tuberose & White Iris (2015), J'Aime Elixir (2015).

Where to buy: department stores and online fragrance discounters.

Website: La Perla

La Prairie

Swiss skincare line. Fragrances were introduced in 1993 with La Prairie. Recent releases include Silver Rain (2004), Midnight Rain (2006) and Brilliance Silver Rain (2006), Life Threads Silver, Gold & Platinum (2009), Life Threads Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald (2010), Sheer Gold & Sheer Ruby (2011).

Website: La Prairie


Paris-based niche line of perfumes and scented body products.

Where to buy: at b-glowing, Beautyhabit, Hampton Court.

L'Artisan Parfumeur
L’Atelier Bohème

Small French niche line of perfumes and home fragrance items. As of early 2008, there were three fragrances: Immortelle, Hélianthe and Fil de Soie.

Website: L’Atelier Bohème

Laura Biagiotti

Italian fashion designer who presented her first collection for women in 1972; Biagiotti is now known as the "queen of cashmere".

Fragrances include Roma (1988), Venezia (1992), Laura (1994), Roma Uomo (1994), Sotto Voce (1996), Emotion (2001), Aqua di Roma (men & women, 2004).

Recent releases include Due Donna & Due Uomo (2006), Laura Biagiotti Donna (2008), Laura Rose (2009), Mistero di Roma Uomo (2010), Mistero di Roma Donna (2010), Essenza di Roma Uomo & Essenza di Roma Donna (2013), Blu di Roma (2014), Roma Passione (2016).

Website: Laura Biagiotti

Laura Mercier

French makeup artist who established her own line in 1996. In 2001, she added fragrance with L'Heure Magique, and a scented bath collection, Collection Gourmande. In 2016, the Laura Mercier brand was acquired by Shiseido.

Recent releases include Ambre Passion (2005), the Eau Gourmande Collection (2006), Violette Eau Gourmande (2008), Neroli (2008), Nuits Enchantees (2008), Minuit Enchanté (2009), Ambre Passion Elixir (2010), Creme de Pistache (2010), Ambre Passion Velvet (2010), Fresh Fig (2011), Ambre Vanillé (2013), Lumière D’Ambre (2013), Verbena Infusion (2014), Tea Menthe Citron (2016).

Where to buy: high end department stores, including Saks, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Website: Laura Mercier

Laura Tonatto

Eponymous line of Italian perfumer Laura Tonatto. See reviews for Plaisir, Eleonora Duse, Amir.

Recent releases include Anni Venti (2007).

Where to buy: In the US at Apothica or Parfums Raffy.

Website: Laura Tonatto

Lavanila Laboratories

Line of vanilla-based fragrances established in 2007 by Laura DiGirolamo and Danielle Raynor. Lavanila reportedly uses a "healthy" formula with "treatment benefits" from antioxidants and vitamins. See reviews for Fresh Vanilla Lemon and Vanilla Breeze deodorants.

Fragrances were introduced with Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Grapefruit and Vanilla Blossom (2007). Subsequent releases include Vanilla Coconut (2008), Vanilla Spice (2008), Vanilla Lavender (2009), Vanilla Passion Fruit (2010), Vanilla Blackberry (2011), Vanilla Summer (2012), Fresh Vanilla Lemon (2013).

Where to buy: at or sephora.

Website: Lavanila

La Via del Profumo (AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo)

Italian line of all natural perfumes, attars and aromatherapy products. La Via del Profumo also sells components, including animal-derived raw materials and tincturing kits.

Recent releases include Mecca Balsam (2010), Sharif (2011), Oud Caravan No. 1, 2 & 3 (2012), Tawaf (2012), Milano Caffè (2013), Venezia Giardini Segreti (2013), Il Giglio di Firenze & Sensemilla (2015-2016).

Website: La Via del Profumo

Lea St Barth

See Calypso St Barth.

Le Couvent des Minimes

Le Couvent des Minimes is a L'Occitane-owned brand of fragrances and bath & body products that was established in 2004. The formulas were "inspired" by historical recipes used by the nuns at the convent of the same name in Provence. Current lines include Lavender & Acacia, Verbena & Lemon, and Honey & Shea. See reviews of Silky Shower Cream & Refreshing Body Moisturizer and Eau Sereine Hand Cream.

Recent releases include Fleur d'Oranger (2009), Eau des Minimes (2010), Eau des Missions (2011), Eau Aimable (2012), Eau du Cloître (2014), Eau des Mâtines (2015), Eau Sereine (2016).

Where to buy: in France, try Marionnaud. In the US, b-glowing.

Website: Le Couvent des Minimes

Le Jardin Retrouve

French niche line established in 1976 by perfumer Yuri Gutsatz.

Website: Le Jardin Retrouve

Le Labo

Fashion house established by Jacques Léonard in 1943. Daniel Tribouillard became designer and company director in 1958, and later purchased the company. Leonard is famous for their print designs; the line is very popular in France and in Asia, but less well known in the United States.

Fragrances include Balahe (1983) and Leonara (2002). Recent releases include L'Orchidee Leonard (2006), Leonard Homme (2008).

Website: Leonard

Le Parfum d'Interdits

See Absolument.

Le Petit Prince

Line of children's fragrances inspired by the book of the same name by author Antoine de Saint Exupéry. See reviews of Le Petit Prince, Le Petit Prince B612 and La Rose du Petit Prince. Other fragrances include Dessine Moi un Mouton and Les Triplés.

Website: Le Petit Prince

Le Prince Jardinier

French line of garden clothing, tools and accessories founded by Louis Albert de Broglie in 1995. A series of garden-inspired fragrances includes L'Eau du Prince Jardinier, Arboretum and Bouton de Rose.

Website: Le Prince Jardinier

Les Bains du Marais

Parisian day spa with four fragrances available in Eau de Soin (a body water formula) or Huile de Soin (body oil): Rose Confiture, Fleur d'Oranger, Jasmin or Musc Blanc.

Recent launches include Figuier à Bordighera, Citronnier en Sicile, Soleil de Corse et Verger en Méditerranée (2007).

Website: Les Bains du Marais

Les Gens du Sud

Jewelry & perfumes. As of late 2013, the line included four fragrances: Chic-Chic, Clemarine, Magic Ethnic and Mystica 48.

Website: Les Gens du Sud

Le Sirenuse

See Eau d'Italie.


Indie perfume house established in Switzerland by René Schifferle. The line launched in 2006 with three perfumes, The Unicorn Spell, Let Me Play The Lion... and L'Antimatiere, all created by perfumer Isabelle Doyen.

Recent releases include Manoumalia (2009), Turtle Vetiver Exercise No. 1 (2009), Turtle Vetiver Front (2012), Turtle Vetiver Back (2013).

Where to buy: from Luckyscent in the US, First in Fragrance in Germany, or directly from LesNEZ.

Website: LesNEZ

Le Soft Perfume (Sabé Masson)

French line of solid, twist-up perfumes established in 2013 by Isabelle Masson-Mandonnaud, who had previously founded the similar but now defunct Crazylibellule and The Poppies.

The brand debuted with 10 fragrances under the name Le Petit Fou (see reviews for Striptease Flowers & Rock).

Recent releases include Parisian Rhapsody & Artist (2014), Georges et Moi, Brune Melancolia, Eu Vent de Vous, Macadam Paz, Ne des Roses, Belle Furieuse, De Guerre Lasse & Swing Beauty (2015).

Where to buy: in the US at Beautyhabit. In the UK, try Cult Beauty or Selfridges.

Website: Le Soft Perfume

Les Parfums de Rosine
Liaison de Parfum

See Nanadebary.

Ligne St. Barth

Ligne St Barth is a family-owned company from the island of St. Barthelemy. The line includes skin & body care items as well as a number of fragrances, including Vanille, Tiare, Lys & Santal.

Recent releases include Vanille West Indies, Quanalao, Tijuca, Les Alizés, Fleur de Canne à Sucre, Patchouli Arawak, Eau de St Barth and Fleur de Gingembre (2006).

Where to buy: at Beautyhabit.

Website: Ligne St. Barth

Lili Bermuda

Bermuda-based perfume house established in 1928.

Recent releases include Fresh Water (2008), Somers, Petals, South Water (2009), Alegria (2011), Calypso (2013), Mary Celestia (2014).

Website: Lili Bermuda

Lily Lambert

Oregon-based jeweler who launched her own perfume line after working with Sarah Horowitz Thran of Creative Scentualization.

Recent releases include Pavo & Spectrum (2007).

Website: Lily Lambert

Lily Prune

See Ulric de Varens.


German house established in the 2000s by designer Rainer Diersche. They were originally known for their home fragrances.

Personal fragrances were introduced in 2008 with Notte Bianca, Angelo Di Fiume, Vista Sul Mare & Eleganza Luminosa. Recent releases include Acqua Santa (2010), Fuoco Infernale (2010), Porta del Cielo (2012), Mare Pacifico (2014), Stella Cadente (2015).

Where to buy: in the US at Beautyhabit or Min New York, in the UK at Liberty, in Germany at First in Fragrance.

Website: Linari

Liquides Imaginaires

French niche perfume house established in 2013 by Philippe Di Méo and David Frossard. They debuted with Sancti, Fortis and Tumultu (three fragrances originally introduced in 2011 as a limited edition conceptual art collection), followed that same year by Dom Rosa, Bloody Wood and Bello Rabelo.

Recent releases include Trilogie des Humeurs (2014), Saltus, Tellus & Succus (2015), Peau de Bête (2015), Île Pourpre (2016), Belle Bête (2016).

Where to buy: in the US at Aedes, Fumerie or Luckyscent. In the UK try Harrods. In France, Jovoy Paris.

Website: Liquides Imaginaires

Lisa Hoffman

Skincare and bath/body line established by Lisa Hoffman (wife of actor Dustin Hoffman) in 2006.

Fragrances were introduced in 2007 with the Variations Collection (French Clary Sage, Tunisian Neroli and Tuscan Fig).

New releases include Madagascar Orchid (2008), Japanese Agarwood (2008), Kerala Ashok (2013), Brazilian Begonia (2014), Hawaiian Plumeria (2015).

Where to buy: at Bergdorf Goodman in the US, or via the website (see below).

Website: Lisa Hoffman

Lisa Simon

Upscale skin and body care line inspired by India.

Fragrances include Monsoon Season (Saison des Pluies in France, 2006).

Website: Lisa Simon

Lise Watier

Montreal-based company founded by Lise Watier, who started in 1968 with a spa, L'Institut Lise Watier, and in 1972 established her own cosmetics brand.

Fragrances include Neiges (1996), a best seller in Canada, and Neiges Pour Homme (1999).

Recent releases include Desirable (2008), Neiges Eau Légère (2009), Folies Neiges (2009), Frisson Neiges (2010), Bora Bora (2011), Or Noir (2011), Vent du Sud (reissue of Bora Bora, 2012), India & Neiges Eau de Glacier (2013), Baiser de Neiges (2013), Something Sweet, Something Sweet Sorbet & Something Sweet Cupcake (2013-2014).

Website: Lise Watier

Liz Claiborne

The Liz Claiborne line was founded in 1976 by Liz Claiborne, Art Ortenberg and Leonard Boxer. The line's early offerings focussed on career clothing and sportswear for women. Claiborne and Ortenberg retired in 1989; Liz Claiborne herself passed away in 2007

In 2008, the licensing rights for all fragrances under the Liz Claiborne umbrella (Juicy Couture, Usher, Curve by Liz Claiborne, Lucky Brand, Liz, Bora Bora and Mambo) were acquired by Elizabeth Arden. In 2011, Liz Claiborne sold their brand name to JC Penny, and in 2012 what used to be called Liz Claiborne took on the name Fifth & Pacific. In 2013, Fifth & Pacific sold Juicy Couture and Lucky Brand in order to concentrate on the Kate Spade label.

Fragrances were introduced in 1986 with Liz Claiborne, followed by Claiborne for men (1989), Realities (1991) and Curve (1996), among others.

Recent releases include Liz (2005), Soul by Curve (2005), Lucky Number 6 (2006), Curve Chill (2006), Vintage Soul by Curve (2006), Curve Kicks for women & men (2007), GraphiteBlue by Realities (2007), SweetDesire by Realities (2007), Mambo Mix (2007), Bora Bora Exotic (2007), Curve Connect (2008). Note: as of 2012, the Curve fragrances are reported under the brand name Elizabeth Arden.

Where to buy: department stores and online fragrance discounters.

Website: Liz Claiborne

Liz Zorn

Ohio-based artisanal perfume house formerly known as Zz's Petals. Fragrances include Man Spray, Citrine Rose, Jhango Bay, Palomino & Allegory (2007), (Ankhara, Calcutta, Chado, Quan Yin, Oolong & Yin Hao, 2007), Peace on Earth (2007).


In early 2008, the original Liz Zorn line was renamed Soivohle', and many of the fragrances were renamed at the same time. New releases include BOV-08-N, VVL-08-N, CDR-08 and DVO-08 (2008), Ginger Mead, Moroccan Orange, Remarkably Incendiary & Purple Love Smoke (2008), Artisan Natural Cologne Suite (2009), Bottleneck Blues, Oudh Lacquer (2009), Love Speaks Primeval (2009), Lilacs & Heliotrope, Lilacs & Rose (2010), Fig Amarette, Peche et Vert and Vanille Otr (2010), Meerschaum (2010), Queen City Rain (2011), Leather Krem, Alpha Musc & Jasmine Summer (2011), Rivertown Road and Transcendental Musc (2011), Rosa Sur Reuse, Wild Ginger Chai & Lilas et Narcissus (2012), Acoustic Flower & Tropic Lime Vanille (2012), A Rose For Beacon Free, Marron Caramel, Figgy Plum, Lavande Legato & Orris Ochre (2012), Carpathian Oud, Anubis, Ambre Rayonner & Dog Star (2013).


The Acousticjus line of perfume oils launched in 2010 with the Road Trip series. Pussyfoot and Bellemia were added in 2011.

Where to buy: theposhpeasant or through the brand website (see below).

Website: Soivohle

Lolita Lempicka

Personal care line founded by Margot Wells in 2004. The initial launch included 3 fragrances: Breathe, Dream and Relax, each available in a variety of products including Eau de Parfum, candles, sachets, etc.

See review for Relax candle.

Recent releases include Wish, Inspire & Believe (2007), Always (2007), Imagine (2008), In Love (2010), Calm (2010), At Last (2012), Wander (2013).

Where to buy: at Beautyhabit or

Website: Lollia


French cosmetics firm founded in 1907 with single hair dye product; today, L'Oreal is one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world.

L'Oreal does not market any fragrances under the L'Oreal brand name, but owns or has licensing arrangements with the following brands: Cacharel, Diesel, Giorgio Armani, Kiehls, Lancome, Paloma Picasso, Ralph Lauren fragrances, Viktor & Rolf.

In early 2008, the following fragrance licenses were added to the L'Oreal group: Boucheron, Ermenegildo Zegna, Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent.

Website: L'Oreal

Loree Rodkin

Los Angeles-based jewelry designer with three fragrances: Gothic I, Gothic II, Gothic III. As of late 2009, there were six fragrances, all called Gothic.

Website: Loree Rodkin

Lorenzo Villoresi

Niche line made in France, inspired by Morroco. See brief review of Jasmin.


Niche line of fragrances, body and skin care established in Brittany in 2006 by Antoine Vuillermet. Fragrances include Aod, Atao, Lann-Ael, Ael-Mat and Din-Dan.

Recent releases include Iroaz (2008), L'Eau de L'Hermine (2009), L'Eau du Marin (2011), L’Eau du Dimanche (2011), No. 1 Jasmin du Tamil Nadu & Mimosa du Khémisset; No. 2 Vanille Verte de Sava & Osmanthus de Sichuan and No. 3 Bushman’s Candle du Nababeep & Encens d’Arabie Heureuse (2013).

Where to buy: in the US at Beautyhabit or Luckyscent; elsewhere through the website (see below) or from First in Fragrance in Germany.

Website: Lostmarc'h


Provence-based line of scented bath & body products and home fragrances.

Website: Lothantique


Lubin was established in Paris in 1798. According to Edwin Morris, the perfume house, "...which began under Napoléon and became linked with the name of his sister Princess Borghese, was the first to solicit the North American market, aiming particularly at the plantation culture of the southern United States" (Scents of Time, p. 87) Morris reports that Lubin was still a "major perfume house" in 1940s Paris. They continued to release new fragrances into the early 1980s before slowly disappearing from the scene. You can read more about the history of Lubin here. The house was purchased by Gilles Thévenin from Wella in the early 2000s.

In 2005, the newly reestablished house of Lubin released Idole. More recent releases include L'Eau Neuve, Vetiver (2007), Nuit de Longchamp & L de Lubin (2008), Gin Fizz (2009), Itasca, Bluff, Figaro & Inédite (2010), Black Jade (2011), Idole Eau de Parfum (2011), Korrigan, Galaad & Akkad (2012), Grisette (2015), Upper Ten (2015), Upper Ten for Her (2016), Kismet (2016).

Where to buy: at Aedes, Beautyhabit, Luckyscent in the United States, and at First in Fragrance in Germany.

Website: Lubin

Luciano Soprani

Italian fashion designer who started out with Max Mara in the 1960s, then started his own business in 1982. Soprani died in 1999.

Fragrances include Donna (2004), Just Free (2005), Sulky (2005), Pretty Girl (2005).

Recent releases include Soloamore (2006), Miss Soprani (2007), D Luciano Soprani (2007), Soprani Uomo (2008), Dsoir (2009).

Website: Luciano Soprani

Lucien Lelong

French fashion designer; according to Women's Wear Daily, "By 1918, he had transformed the small couture business his parents had set up into the House of Lucien Lelong, which defined Parisian elegance for 30 years". (1/18/2006). Lelong died in 1958.

Parfums Lucien Lelong released some 27 fragrances during Lelong's lifetime; the best known was Indiscret (1935). The current owners of Parfums Lucien Lelong have re-released a number of the line's classics.

Website: Lucien Lelong

Lucky Brand Jeans

See Liz Claiborne.

Lucy B Cosmetics

Line founded by makeup artist Lucy Baldock-Sacchi and specializing in products infused "Australian Flower Essences". Fragrances were introduced in 2008 with Pink Frangipani.

Recent releases include Australian Wild Jasmine (2008), Tiare Coconut & Tropical Gardenia (2009), Royal Collection (2010).

Where to buy: in the US at Beautyhabit or Indiescents.

Website: Lucy B

Lulu Castagnette

French fashion line established in 1996 and specializing in "affordable fashion" for women & children. Fragrances include LuluCastagnette, Indomptée, lol ;-), je t'M :-) and Lulu.

Recent releases include Just 4 U :-X (2007), Luluforever (2008), Lulu Rose (2009), Les Petites Folies (2010), Lady Castagnette (2011), Lady Castagnette Blue Addiction (2012), Les Secrets de Lulu (2013), Piège à Garçons (2015).

Website: Lulu Castagnette

Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness established her fashion accessories business in London in 1989. Her eponymous fragrance launched in 2003, and was followed by Lifes a Bed of Roses (2003, limited edition), Pink Pearls (2005, limited edition), Cast a Spell (2005) and Fairytales (2006, limited edition), Golden Dre@m (2011).

Website: Lulu Guinness


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