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Jennifer Lopez, detail from Glow advert

Jennifer Lopez is a singer, actress, fashion designer and businesswoman. She was born in the Bronx in 1969 to Puerto Rican parents, and as of 2007, ranked 9 on Forbes' list of of the richest female entertainers. She is also popularly known as J. Lo.

Her first fragrance, Glow, launched in 2002. It sold like gangbusters — $40 million in the first four months alone1 — and inspired many other celebrities to enter the fragrance market. Glow was followed in 2003 by Still.

Fragrances are produced under arrangements with Coty.

Recent fragrance releases from Jennifer Lopez

Recent fragrances include Miami Glow (2005), Love at First Glow (2006), Live (2005) and Live Luxe Jennifer Lopez (2006), Jennifer Lopez Glow After Dark (2006), Glow Shimmer Edition (2007), Deseo (2008), Deseo Forever (2008), Deseo for men (2008), Live Platinum (2008), Sunkissed Glow (2009), My Glow (2009), Blue Glow (2010), Love and Glamour (2010), LA Glow (2010), Love and Light (2011), Glowing (2012), Forever Glowing (2013), Rio Glow (2013), JLove (2013), Wild Glow (2014), JLuxe (2015), JLust (2015).


Jennifer Lopez

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1. Via Women's Wear Daily, 7/22/2003.

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