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German fashion design house established in 1923. The company initially made worker's clothes, and later, during the war, uniforms. After the war, the company moved into men's suits and then womenswear. Hugo Boss died in 1948; his involvement with the Nazi party and possible corporate use of slave labor during the war created some controversy in the late 1990s. In 1999, the company agreed to pay funds to compensate former forced workers.

Current brands include Boss, Boss Black, Boss Selection, Boss Orange and Hugo.

Fragrances were introduced in the 1980s with Hugo Boss Number One. Other well-known scents include Boss Elements (men, 1993), Hugo (men, 1995), Hugo Woman (1997), Boss Bottled (1998), Hugo Dark Blue (men, 1999), Hugo Deep Red (women, 2001), Boss in Motion (men, 2002), Boss Intense (women, 2003). Fragrances were produced under licensing arrangements with Procter & Gamble until P&G's fragrance business was sold to Coty in 2015.

Recent fragrances from Hugo Boss

2005: Selection, Energise

2006: Pure Purple, Boss Selection, Boss Motion in Black, Boss Femme

2007: Hugo by Hugo Boss Limited Art Edition, Essence de Femme, Boss in Motion IV, Hugo XX & XY

2008: Boss Pure

2009: Hugo Element, Femme l'eau fraîche by BossHugo XX & XY Summer Editions, Boss in Motion White Edition, Boss Orange for Women

2010: Boss Bottled Night, Boss Orange Sunset

2011: Boss Orange for Men, Boss The CollectionBoss in Motion Made For Summer, Just Different

2012: Boss Bottled Sport, Boss Nuit Pour Femme

2013: Hugo Red, Boss Orange Men Feel Good Summer, Boss The Collection Damask & Oud, Boss Jour Pour Femme, Boss Bottled Unlimited

2014Boss Nuit Pour Femme Intense

2015: Boss Bottled Intense, Jour Pour Femme Lumineuse, Boss Bottled Oud, Boss The Scent

2016: Hugo Man Extreme & Hugo Woman Extreme, Boss The Scent for Her

Where to buy

At department stores and online fragrance discounters. Some of the Hugo Boss scents are not formally distributed in the US.


Hugo Boss

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