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This page lists perfume houses with names starting with the letters F and G. Perfume houses are alphabetized by first name, so that "Francesco Smalto" is listed under F. Some perfume houses have their own pages — if the name is a link, click on it.

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This page was last updated on 5 October 2016.


Nice-based fashion line established in 1961, and later acquired by Nordstrom. Fragrances were introduced in 1994 with Faconnable.

Fragrances are produced under arrangements with the Jacques Bogart Group.

Recent releases include Faconnable Stripe (2005) and Faconnable Femme (2006).

Website: Faconnable

Faith Hill

See Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.


See Salvatore Ferragamo.


The luxury car maker was established in 1929.

The fragrance license is held by Perfume Holding (formerly Morris). Fragrances include Ferrari Red and Ferrari Black (1999).

Recent releases include Extreme Ferrari (2006), Scuderia Light Essence (2007), Ferrari Uomo (2009), Ferrari Scuderia (2010), Ferrari Light Essence Bright (2011?), Ferrari Black Shine (2011), Ferrari Essence Oud (2012), Ferrari Silver Essence (2012), Ferrari Red Power (2012), Essence Musk, Scuderia Ferrari Racing Red & Signature Black (2013),  Ferrari Leather Essence (2013), Scuderia Club (2013), Cedar Essence (2014), Scuderia Light Essence Acqua (2014), Red Power Intense (2014), Vetiver Essence (2014), Essence Collection Noble Fig, Bright Neroli & Pure Lavender (2015), Red Power Ice3 (2015), Man In Red (2015), Amber Essence (2016), Radiant Bergamot (2016).

Where to buy: at department stores and fragrance discounters, or from the brand's online store.

Website: Ferrari Fragrances

Fifi Chachnil

French fashion designer specializing in lingerie. One fragrance, Fifi Chachnil.

Where to buy: at Beautyhabit, Luckyscent; or in Germany at First in Fragrance.

Website: Fifi Chachnil

Filles des Iles

See Hardouin-Finez.


Estee Lauder-owned brand established in 2004, and sold exclusively at Kohls in the United States.

Fragrances include Flirtatious (2007), Glamourazzi (2008), Flowerific (2009), Rock-N-Rebel (2010), Luv-a-licious (2011), Kittenesque (2012), U-Flirt (2013).

Where to buy: Kohls.

Website: Flirt Cosmetics

Flora Napa Valley Olivina

Small niche line founded by Susan and Tor Kenward in California's Napa Valley. They marketed one fragrance, Cielo.  In 2010, the line was renamed Olivina; Cielo appears to have been discontinued.

Website: Olivina


German niche line established by Roland Tentunian.

Website: Florascent

Folie à Plusieurs

Niche line established by Kaya Sorhaindo, one of the original founders of the Six Scents Fragrance Initiative. They debuted in 2014 with the Soho House series of film-inspired fragrances: Mood Indigo, Love Exposure, Daisies.

Recent fragrances include La Haine (2015), Blow Up (2015), Enter The Void, The Lobster and The Duke of Burgundy (2016).

Where to buy: in the US at Luckyscent.

Website: Folie à Plusieurs

Fragrances of Ireland

Fragrances of Ireland was established in 1983 by Brian Cox and Donald Pratt with the launch of Innisfree for Women. Patrick for Men followed in 1984. Other scents include Connemara (1990) and the brand's best-seller, Inis (1998).

Recent fragrances include Inis Ōr (2007), Caru (2009), Inis Moonlight (2010).

Where to buy: in the US at Smallflower or QVC. A full list of retailers can be found on the website.

Website: Fragrances of Ireland

Francesco Smalto

Menswear designer. Fragrances include Smalto (1998) and Fullchoke (2005).

Website: Francesco Smalto

Frank Los Angeles

Niche line which debuted in 2004 with the fragrance Frank no. 1, followed by Frank no. 2 the following year.

Recent releases include Frank No. 3 (2007), Frank No. 1 (new version; 2014).

Where to buy: in the US at Luckyscent.

Website: Frank Los Angeles


French niche line from the well-known Cognac house. The perfume range was established by Béatrice Cointreau, great granddaughter of Pierre Frapin and managing director of the Frapin estate. Their debut fragrance, 1270, launched in 2002 and was named for the year the family settled in the Cognac region of France. The line also includes home fragrance.

Recent releases include Terre de Sarment, Esprit de Fleurs, Passion Boisée & Caravelle Epicee (2007), L'Humaniste (2009), Frapin 1697 (2011), Speakeasy (2012), Paradis Perdu (2013), Nevermore (2014), The Orchid Man (2015).

Where to buy: in the US at Barneys, Beautyhabit, Luckyscent; in Canada at The Perfume Shoppe; in Germany at First in Fragrance; in France at Jovoy Paris; in the UK at Bloom.

Website: Frapin

Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums
Fresh Scents by Terri

California-based perfume line established in 2002 by Terri Weitzman. Fragrances include Breathe, Oh Baby, Dream, My Lulu and Zoe. Shimmer sprays are available in Tangerine Kiss, Berry Cute & Peachy Keen.

Note: in early 2008, Fresh Scents by Terri announced a going out of business sale. Later in the same year, Terri Weitzman launched a new brand, Terri Michele, in collaboration with Michele Kaplan.

Fueguia 1833

Argentine brand established in 2010 by Julian Bedel and Amalia Amoedo, and taking inspiration from "the exotic variety of South American natural treasures". Fueguia is prolific: as of early 2013, there were 60+ fragrances, plus candles, room sprays and diffusers.

Where to buy: in the US at Aedes or Luckyscent. In Paris at Jovoy Paris.

Website: Fueguia

Gabriela Sabatini

Argentine professional tennis player who retired in the 1990s.

Fragrances were introduced with Gabriela Sabatini in 1989. Subsequent perfumes include Magnetic (1993), Devotion & Devotion for Men (2001), GS Daylight (2002), Private Edition, Temperamento (2004), Elegance (2005) and Ocean Sun (2006).

Recent releases include Latin Dance (2008), Miss Gabriela (2013), Miss Gabriela Night (2014).

Website: Gabriela Sabatini


Perfume house established in Grasse in 1747. Galimard sells several ready-made perfumes, and in addition, offers factory tours and a "create your own fragrance" boutique.

Website: Galimard


Clothing house best known for men's sportswear. Gant was founded in the US in 1949, but is now a Swedish company. Fragrances are currently produced under arrangements with Elizabeth Arden.

Fragrances include Gant (2000), Indigo (2001), Soho (2002), Adventure (2005), Liquid (2006), Gant Summer (2008), Gant Silver (2008), Gant Summer 2009 (2009), Gant for men (2011).

Website: Gant


American casual clothing chain founded in 1969, and originally focusing on jeans and t-shirts. The Gap currently operates over 3,000 clothing stores under the names The Gap, GapKids, babyGap, GapBody, etc, and also operates the Old Navy and Banana Republic chains, among others.

Fragrances were introduced in 1994 with four unisex scents: Grass, Earth, Day and Heaven. Subsequent launches include Dream (1995), Om (1996), So Pink (2001), Gap Scent Editions (2005, 12 mix-n-match oils).

Recent releases include Gap Bath+Body Sugar Snap, Island Hop, Rain Check, Night Fall, Sunny Side, Love Shack, Moon Walk & Peace Train (2007), Gap Body Coconut Tuberose, Lavender Tea, White Amber, Mandarin Jasmine, Velvet Bloom & Washed Cotton (2007), G7 Mixed, Bold, Spiked (2007), Individuals Natural, Original, Visionary & Lover (2007), Close (2009), Stay (2010), Core (2010), Near for women, Deep for men (2011), Gap Established 1969 for Men and for Women (2012), Gap Established 1969 Electric & Bright (2013), Gap Established 1969 Inspire & Imagine (2014).

Where to buy: at freestanding Gap or Gap Body stores or on the website (see below).

Website: Gap

Geir Ness

See Laila.


Fragrance line established by Topper Schroeder, who wanted to create colognes "without irritating skin or asthmatic reactions". The line now includes Gendarme, Gendarme Green, Gendarme V, Gendarme 20, Carriere and Grabazzi. In 2006, Gendarme released a new series, 7 Sinful Scents.

Recent releases include Gendarme Sky (2007).

Website: Gendarme

Geo F Trumper

Barber George Trumper established his business in London in 1875. The line offers men's grooming and fragrance products; the first unisex fragrance, GFT, was introduced in 1999.

See reviews for Eucris and Sandalwood, Ajaccio Violets & GFT, Trumper shaving creams. Other well known fragrances include Curzon and Extract of Limes.

Where to buy: online at Bigelow Chemists, Cambridge Chemists, Four Seasons or Sesto Senso. See also: shopping report for Geo F Trumper in London.

Website: Geo F Trumper


British fashion house founded in 1984 by Tanya Sarne. Fragrances were introduced in 2000 with Ghost by Ghost. As of early 2012, the fragrances were being produced under arrangements with Designer Parfums.

Recent releases include Ghost Sheer Summer (2005), Ghost Cherish (2005), Ghost Summer Flirt (2006), Ghost Anticipation (2007), Ghost Sweetheart (2008), Ghost Luminous (2009), Ghost Captivating (2010), Enchanted Bloom (2011), Ghost Whisper (2012), Ghost Moonlight (2013), Ghost Whisper Blush (2013), Eclipse (2014), Ghost Girl (2015), GirlCrush (2016), Whitelight (2016).

Where to buy: at freestanding Ghost stores in New York or Los Angeles, or at the online fragrance discounters. In the UK, there are freestanding stores in London, or try Harvey Nichols, Liberty or Selfridges.

Website: Ghost

Gianfranco Ferré

Italian fashion designer who started as an architecture student, then established his own line in 1974. He was the artistic director at Christian Dior from 1989 until 1997 while also maintaining his Ferré brand in Milan. Gianfranco Ferré passed away in 2007; he was succeeded by designer Lars Nilsson (Nilsson left Ferré in early 2008).

Recent releases: Bergamotto Marino (2005), Ferre for women (2005), Ferre for men (2006), Ferre Rose (2007), GF Ferre Bluemusk (2007), Ferre Rose Diamond Edition (2008), Acqua Azzurra (2008), Ferre Rose Princesse (2008), In The Mood For Love (2009), In the Mood For Love Pure (2010), In The Mood For Love Tender & In the Mood For Love Man (2011), Ferré Black (2015), Camicia 113 (2015), Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo (2016).

Website: Gianfranco Ferré


Ginestet was established as a wine merchant in Bordeaux in 1897. In the early 2000s, they released three wine-inspired fragrances: Le Boisé (red wine), Sauvignonne (dry white wine), and Botrytis (Sauternes).

Where to buy: available at Beautyhabit, Hampton Court and Luckyscent.

Website: Ginestet

Giorgio Armani
Gorilla Perfume

See Lush.


English perfume house originally established in 1835 and relaunched in collaboration with Roja Dove of the Haute Parfumerie at Harrods. Three perfumes from the back catalog were introduced in 2009: Phul-Nana, Shem-el-Nessim and Hasu-no-Hana.

New releases include Betrothal (2011), Diamond Jubilee Bouquet (2012), Black Label Amelia, Saffron Rose, Floral Veil, Golden Chypre (2012), Sylvan Song (2014).

Where to buy: in the UK at Fortnum & Mason, at the Haute Parfumerie at Harrods or online at Les Senteurs. In the US at Luckyscent.

Website: Grossmith


Jeanswear and fashion house established in California in 1981 by the Marciano brothers. They gained notoriety for their sexy ad campaigns and what has been described as their "signature slutty look" (Business Week, 6/5/2006).

Fragrances were introduced in 1990 with Guess Women, followed by Guess Man in 1991; both were produced under arrangements with Revlon and were eventually discontinued. Following a new agreement with Parlux, Guess re-entered the fragrance market with Guess for women (2005) and Guess Man (2006). In January 2010, the Guess fragrance license will go to Coty Beauty.

Other recent launches include Guess Gold (2006), Guess Suede (2007), Guess by Marciano (2008), Guess by Marciano for Men (2009), Seductive (2010), Seductive Wild Summer (2011), Seductive I'm Yours (2011), Seductive Homme (2011), Seductive Sunkissed (2012), Seductive Homme Blue (2012), Guess Girl (2013), Guess Girl Belle (2013), Guess Night (2013), Guess Girl Summer (2014), Guess Dare (2014), Night Access (2014), Guess Dare Summer (2015), Double Dare (2015), Dare for Men (2016).

Where to buy: at Guess stores, department stores or online fragrance discounters.

Website: Guess?

Guy Laroche

French fashion house of designer Guy Laroche. The house was established in 1957; Laroche died in 1989.

Fragrances were introduced in 1966 with Fidji, which according to Michael Edwards "pioneered a new generation of fresh perfumes" (Perfume Legends, p. 135). Subsequent fragrances include Drakkar (1972), J'ai Ose (1977), Drakkar Noir (1982), Clandestine (1986), Horizon Pour Homme (1993).

The Guy Laroche fragrances are produced under arrangements with L'Oreal.

Recent releases include Drakkar Essence (2014).

Website: Guy Laroche

Gwen Stefani

American pop star who began her career in the 1990s with the band No Doubt. Her first solo album, Love.Music.Angel.Baby. appeared in 1994, and inspired the name of her fashion label, L.A.M.B., which debuted in 2003.

Her first fragrance, L by L.A.M.B., was introduced in 2007.

Recent releases include Harajuku Lovers (2008), Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies (2009), Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties (2010), Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style (2010), Harajuku Lovers G of the Sea (2011), Super G (2011), Jingle G (2011).

Fragrances are produced under arrangements with Coty.

Website: Gwen Stefani

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