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While she was studying art in college, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz got a job working at a Boston perfumery called Essense On Newbury Street. She found her calling, and eventually bought the business and moved to Colorado, where she established Essence Oils and a higher end line, Parfums des Beaux Arts. She has also developed perfumes for other companies, including Eau for Jules & Jane, and Boheme and Cielo for Flora Napa Valley (Cielo was created in collaboration with Christopher Brosius of CB I Hate Perfume).

See reviews for Piment et Chocolat, Pink Gardenia, Bonnie, Gardenia, Sweet Gardenia, Spicy Gardenia & Nouveau Gardenia, Cimabue, Menthe Moderne, Pamplemousse, Nourouz.

Recent fragrances from Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Recent releases include:

2007: Hula Hula, Wild Honeysuckle, Sweet Dreams, Silver Sage & Powder, Blond Suede, Sequoia7 & Lumiere, Tamarind/Paprika

2008: St. Valentine and Pretty & Pink, Madonna Lily, Marc, Sophie & Luckyclover, Viridian, Wasabi Shiso, Quinacridone Violet, Prince, Jitterbug for Men, Silver Fir

2009: Dirty Rose, Cyan, Bermuda Lyme, Kohl Gris, Epices d’Hiver & Hanukah Canelle

2010Bancha, Songbird, 1,000 Lilies, Antiu, Keni & Megaleion, Cuir et Champignon, Sampsuchinon, December, Mata Hari

2011: Vert Pour Madame, Italian Splendor collection, Pandora, Vanille Botanique, Mirabelle & Caravan Spice

2012: Guimauve de SoieLigne Trapéze, Le Smoking, The Beat Look, Euphorisme d’Opium, La Vie en Rose & Ma Plus Belle Histoire d’Amour, Indus & Cordial

2013: Iridum, Matsu, Want, Catch & Release, Passport a` Paris, Vers la Violette, Bois du Chocolat, Amouse Bouche, Rude Parfum One

2014: La Reine des Fleurs, Peony, White Lilac & Metropolis, Scent of Hope, Vanilla Bourbon IntenseJacinthe de Sapphir, Deco Diamonds, Rubis Rosé & Fumée d'Or, Peace, Love & Perfume (limited editions)

2015: Fleuriste, Giverny In Bloom, La Danse des Bleus et des Violettes, l’Opera des Rouges et des Roses & Le Jardin Vert, Fou d'Opium, Zeitgeist 55, Reveries de Paris, The Voices of Trees, Noel Enchanté, Albino (A Study in White)

2016: Rendezvous, La Belle Saison, Hansa Yellow, Mars Violet & Ultramarine Blue, Wasabi Shiso (new version), Kaleidoscope

Where to buy

The full collection can be found on the website or at the DSH boutique in Boulder, CO. You can also find a selection at Indiescents.


Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

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