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While she was studying art in college, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz got a job working at a Boston perfumery called Essense On Newbury Street. She found her calling, and eventually bought the business and moved to Colorado, where she established Essence Oils and a higher end line, Parfums des Beaux Arts. She has also developed perfumes for other companies, including Eau for Jules & Jane, and Boheme and Cielo for Flora Napa Valley (Cielo was created in collaboration with Christopher Brosius of CB I Hate Perfume).

See reviews for Piment et Chocolat, Pink Gardenia, Bonnie, Gardenia, Sweet Gardenia, Spicy Gardenia & Nouveau Gardenia, Cimabue, Menthe Moderne, Pamplemousse, Nourouz.

Recent fragrances from Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Recent releases include:

2007: Hula Hula, Wild Honeysuckle, Sweet Dreams, Silver Sage & Powder, Blond Suede, Sequoia7 & Lumiere, Tamarind/Paprika

2008: St. Valentine and Pretty & Pink, Madonna Lily, Marc, Sophie & Luckyclover, Viridian, Wasabi Shiso, Quinacridone Violet, Prince, Jitterbug for Men, Silver Fir

2009: Dirty Rose, Cyan, Bermuda Lyme, Kohl Gris, Epices d’Hiver & Hanukah Canelle

2010Bancha, Songbird, 1,000 Lilies, Antiu, Keni & Megaleion, Cuir et Champignon, Sampsuchinon, December, Mata Hari

2011: Vert Pour Madame, Italian Splendor collection, Pandora, Vanille Botanique, Mirabelle & Caravan Spice

2012: Guimauve de SoieLigne Trapéze, Le Smoking, The Beat Look, Euphorisme d’Opium, La Vie en Rose & Ma Plus Belle Histoire d’Amour, Indus & Cordial

2013: Iridum, Matsu, Want, Catch & Release, Passport a` Paris, Vers la Violette, Bois du Chocolat, Amouse Bouche, Rude Parfum One

2014: La Reine des Fleurs, Peony, White Lilac & Metropolis, Scent of Hope, Vanilla Bourbon IntenseJacinthe de Sapphir, Deco Diamonds, Rubis Rosé & Fumée d'Or, Peace, Love & Perfume (limited editions)

2015: Fleuriste, Giverny In Bloom, La Danse des Bleus et des Violettes, l’Opera des Rouges et des Roses & Le Jardin Vert, Fou d'Opium, Zeitgeist 55, Reveries de Paris, The Voices of Trees, Noel Enchanté, Albino (A Study in White)

2016: Rendezvous, La Belle Saison, Hansa Yellow, Mars Violet & Ultramarine Blue, Wasabi Shiso (new version), Kaleidoscope, Vert et Noir, Axis Mundi, Chinchilla, Vanilla Chantilly and Souvenir de Malmaison, Dark Moon, Musc al Madina & Onycha

Where to buy

The full collection can be found on the website or at the DSH boutique in Boulder, CO. You can also find a selection at Indiescents.


Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

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