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The Davidoff brand started off in 1911 as a tobacco shop in Geneva founded by Henri Davidoff. His son, Zino Davidoff, expanded the business, then sold the tobacco line to The Oettinger Group (now the Oettinger Davidoff group) in 1970. Zino Davidoff passed away in 1994. The trademark for Davidoff cigarettes was sold to Imperial Tobacco in 2006.

The Davidoff name is also used for leather goods, fashion accessories, coffee and fragrance; these "lifestyle" items are now marketed separately from the tobacco products under Zino Davidoff Trading AG.

Perfumes are produced under arrangements with Coty, Inc, and include the popular Cool Water for men (1988) and Cool Water Woman (1996). Other well known fragrances include Good Life and Echo.

Recent fragrances from Davidoff

Recent releases include Silver Shadow (2005), Cool Water Sea, Scents and Sun (2005), Cool Water Game (2006), Davidoff Summer Fizz Collection (2006), Silver Shadow Altitude (2007), Cool Water Wave for women (2007), Happy Summer Collection (2007), Davidoff Adventure (2008), Cool Water Freeze Me (2008), Silver Shadow Private (2008), Adventure Amazonia (2009), Cool Water Cool Summer (2009), Hot Water (2009), Adventure Eau Fraiche (2010), Cool Water Ice Fresh (2010), Champion (2010), Cool Water Summer Dive (2011), Champion Energy (2011), Cool Water Pure Pacific (2012), Cool Water Sensual Essence (2012), Hot Water Night (2012), The Game (2013), Cool Water Into The Ocean (2013), Cool Water Sea Rose (2013), The Game Intense (2013), Cool Water Night Dive (2014), Cool Water Coral Reef (2014), Cool Water Night Dive Woman (2014), Leather Blend (2014), The Brilliant Game (2014), Cool Water Summer Seas (2015).

Where to buy

The Davidoff line can be found at department stores and online fragrance discounters.


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