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Clean fragrance line

Fragrance line founded in 2003 by Randi Shinder, who wanted to create "a fragrance that was reminiscent of pure soap, that universal fresh out of the shower scent". Fragrances include Clean, Clean Men, Clean Fresh Laundry and Clean Sweet Layer.

Recent fragrances from Clean

Recent releases include Clean Warm Cotton, Lather & Shower Fresh (2007), Wellness by Clean Harmony & Purity (2008), Shower Fresh for Men (2008), Clean Winter (2008), Simply Soap (2009), Clean Summer Eau Fraiche (2009), Outdoor Shower Fresh (2010), Clean Summer Linen (2010), Cotton T-Shirt (2011), Clean Summer Escape (2011), Clean Skin (2011), Clean Rain (2012), First Blush (2013), White Woods (2013), Cool Cotton (2013), Summer Sailing (2014), Clean for Men Classic (2014), Clean Air (2015), Summer Sun (2015), Cashmere (2015).

Where to buy

The Clean fragrances can be found online at Nordstrom, Sephora and Ulta.



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