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Designer Calvin Klein

Designer Calvin Klein (shown above) attended the Fashion Institute of Technology before launching his own brand in the late 1960s. He became a household name in the 1970s and 1980s based on his hugely popular jeans and underwear lines, and their controversial advertising campaigns. The brand was sold to Phillips–Van Heusen in 2003.

Fragrances were introduced with Calvin in 1980, but the first big success from the brand was 1985's mega-hit Obsession. The Calvin Klein fragrance license is held by Coty, and new fragrances are introduced under the Calvin Klein and CK brand names.

Calvin Klein fragrances

Obsession was followed by Eternity (1988), Eternity for Men (1989), Escape (1991), Escape for Men (1993), Contradiction (1997), Truth (2000), Truth Men (2002), Crave (2002) among others.

Recent pillar releases include Euphoria (2005), Euphoria for men (2006), Calvin Klein Man (2007), Calvin Klein Beauty (2010), Encounter Calvin Klein (2012), Downtown (2013), Reveal (2014), Reveal Men (2015).

Recent flanker releases include Obsession Night for women & Obsession Night for men (2005), Euphoria Blossom (2006), Eternity Summer 2006 (2006), Eternity Summer 2007 (2007), Euphoria Crystalline Collection (2007), Euphoria Men Intense (2008), Eternity Summer 2008 (2008), Secret Obsession (2008),  Euphoria Spring Temptation, Eternity Summer 2009 (2009), Eternity Aqua (2010), Eternity Summer 2010 (2010), Eternity Summer 2011 (2011), Forbidden Euphoria (2011), Sheer Beauty (2011), Eternity Summer 2012 (2012), Eternity Aqua for Women (2012), Eternity Summer 2013 (2013), Dark Obsession (2013), Sheer Beauty Essence (2013), Encounter Fresh (2013), Endless Euphoria (2014), Liquid Gold Euphoria & Liquid Gold Euphoria Men (2014), Eternity Summer 2014 (2014), Euphoria Gold & Euphoria Gold for Men (2014), Eternity Night (2014), Eternity Summer 2015 (2015), Eternity Now (2015), Euphoria Essence (2015), Eternity Summer 2016 (2016), Obsession Summer & Obsession for Men Summer (2016), Deep Euphoria (2016), Eternity Intense (2016).

CK fragrances

CK was Calvin Klein's lower-priced fashion and lifestyle line, and the CK fragrances were geared towards a younger audience. The CK fashion line was essentially phased out in 2013, but the fragrances continue to use the name. CK fragrances debuted in 1994 with the now iconic unisex fragrance CK One, followed by CK Be in 1996.

Recent releases include CK One Electric (2006), CK One Summer (2007), Calvin Klein CKIN2U (2007), CK One Summer 2008 (2008), CK IN2U POP (2008), CK One Summer 2009, CK One & CK Be "We are one" (2009), CK IN2U Heat 2009 (2009), CK Free (2009), CK One Summer (2010), CK IN2U Heat 2010 (2010), CK One Summer 2011 (2011), CK One Shock for him & CK One Shock for her (2011), CK Free Blue (2011), CK One Summer 2012 (2012), CK One Summer 2013 (2013), CK One Red Edition (2013), CK One Summer 2014 (2014), CK Free Sport (2014), CK One Summer 2015 (2015), CK Free Energy (2015), CK2 (2016), CK One Summer 2016 (2016), CK One Gold (2016).

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Calvin Klein

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