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Byredo fragrance line

Stockholm-based niche line established in 2006 by Ben Gorham, and originally specializing in home fragrance products. The name Byredo is short for "by redolence"; the fragrances were reportedly all inspired by Gorham's memories of specific times and places.

Personal fragrances were introduced in 2008 with Rose Noir, Gypsy Water, Chembur (now Encens Chembur), Green & Pulp.

In 2013, Manzanita Capital bought a majority stake in the Byredo brand.

Recent fragrance releases

Recent releases include Fantastic Man (2008; later renamed Sunday Cologne), Bal d'Afrique (2009), Blanche (2009), Baudelaire (2009), La Tulipe (2010), Palermo (2010), M/Mink (2010), Oud Immortel and Accord Oud (2010), Mister Marvelous (2011), Seven Veils (2011), Black Saffron (2012), Bullion (2012), Inflorescence (2013), 1996 Inez & Vinoodh (2013), Flowerhead (2014), Mojave Ghost (2014), Byredo + Oliver Peoples (2015), Westbrook (2015), Rose of No Man's Land (2015), Night Veils Casablanca Lily, Midnight Candy & Reine de Nuit (2015), Super Cedar (2016), Rodeo (2016), Heliotropia (2016), Cuir Obscur (2016), Unnamed (2016), Belle de Tanger (2016), La Botte, Le Gant & La Selle (2016).

Where to buy

In the US, the Byredo line can be found at Aedes, Barneys or Luckyscent.

In London, try Les Senteurs or Liberty.



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