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Fashion design house established by Loris Azzaro in Paris in 1962. The Azzaro brand is arguably better known today for its fragrance line than its clothing, but Azzaro's evening wear has long been popular with celebrities.

Azzaro passed away in 2003. He was succeeded by designer Vanessa Seward.

The line's first fragrance, Azzaro Couture, was introduced in 1975. Other fragrances include Azzaro Pour Homme (1978), Acteur (1990), Oh La La (1993), Chrome (1996), Azzura (1999), Pure Vetiver (2000), Pure Lavender (2001), Pure Cedrat (2002), Visit for Men (2003), Visit for Women (2004).

The Azzaro fragrance business is currently owned by Clarins.

Recent fragrances from Azzaro

Recent Azzaro releases include Pink Tonic (2006), Bright Visit (2006), Jet Lag (2006), Blue Charm (2006), Azzaro Now Women and Azzaro Now Men (2007), Chrome Legend (2007), Cockpit (2008), Azzaro Couture 2008 (2008 relaunch), Azzaro Twin (2009), Azzaro Aqua (2009), Travelling (2009), Azzaro Pour Homme Elixir (2009), Chrome Sport (2010), Aqua Verde (2010), Twin Summer Love (2010), Azzaro Duo (2010), Decibel (2011), Azzaro Pour Homme L'Eau (2011), Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time (2012), Jolie Rose (2012), Chrome Summer 2012 (2012), Chrome Summer 2013 (2013), Azzaro Pour Homme Summer 2013 (2013), Aqua Cèdre Blanc (2013), Chrome United (2013), Azzaro Club (2013), Chrome Summer 2014 (2014), Azzaro Pour Homme Summer 2014 (2014), Azzaro Pour Homme Summer 2015 & Chrome Summer 2015 (2015), Azzaro Pour Elle (2015), Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême (2016), Chrome Limited Edition (2016), Solarissimo Levanzo (2016), Azzaro Pour Homme Freelight (2016), Wanted (2016).

Where to buy

At selected department stores, and also readily found online at the various fragrance discounters.



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