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Anna Sui is an American-born fashion designer. After attending the Parsons School of Design, she worked as a stylist, and later as a designer at several sportswear brands. She started her own line, working out of her apartment, in the early 1980s; her first runway show was in 1991, her first boutique opened in Soho in 1992. Her look has been described as "boho to the bone, but in a way that’s more glam than granola".1 The Anna Sui brand is popular worldwide, but does especially well in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Anna Sui fragrance range debuted in 1999 with her signature fragrance, Anna Sui. That was followed by Sui Dreams, Sui Love (2002), Dolly Girl (2003), Secret Wish (2005), Dolly Girl on the Beach (2006), Magic Romance (2006), Dolly Girl Bonjour L'Amour (2007) and Flight of Fancy (2007).

The line was produced under arrangements with Wella (now part of Procter & Gamble); in 2012 the license will go to Inter Parfums.

Recent fragrance launches from Anna Sui:

Recent releases include Dolly Girl Lil' Starlet (2008), Night of Fancy (2008), Live Your Dream (2009), Rock Me! (2009), Rock Me! Summer of Love (2010), Forbidden Affair (2010), Fairy Dance Secret Wish (2012), La Vie De Bohème (2013), Sui Dreams in Pink (2014), La Nuit De Bohème (2014), Sui Dreams in Green (2015), Romantica (2015), Sui Dreams in Yellow (2016), Lucky Wish (2016), Romantica Exotica (2016), L'Amour Rose (2016).

Where to buy

At major department stores or online fragrance discounters. See also: review of Anna Sui boutique in Soho.


Anna Sui

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1. via New York magazine.

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