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Links to articles on Now Smell This reporting on the various fragrance awards. The most important of these, in the United States at least, are the Fifi awards (see below), which are sometimes called the "Oscars" of the fragrance industry.

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Fifi Awards France (Les Fifis)

Awarded by the Fragrance Foundation of France. The award program was called "Grand Prix du Parfum" and was sponsored by Marie Claire magazine through 2010; after that Marie Claire started their own award called the Marie Claire International Fragrance Awards (see below), and the award was renamed "Les Parfums"; by 2013 it was being referred to as "Les Fifis".

Grand Prix du Parfum, France 2006
Perfume Award Winners 2007: Spain, Italy, France
Grand Prix du Parfum, 2008 winners
Grand Prix du Parfum, 2009 winners
Grand Prix du Parfum, 2010 winners
Les Parfums 2011: winners
Les Parfums 2012: winners
Les Fifis 2013: winners
Les Fifis 2014: winners
Les Fifis 2015: winners
Les Fifis 2016: winners

More information at: Fragrance Foundation France

Fifi Awards Russia

A joint production of the Fragrance Foundation US and The Perfumery Club of Russia.

Fifi Russian Fragrance Awards 2010 winners

Fifi Awards (Fragrance Foundation Awards) UK

International Fragrance Prize (Prix International du Parfum)

Formerly called the Prix François Coty. The prize is given to “artistes parfumeurs” in recognition of their achievements in the field.

2005: Sophie Labbé
2006: Lorenzo Villoresi (article includes list of past winners)
2007: Christine Nagel
2008: Dominique Ropion
2009: Olivier Polge
2010: Olivier Pescheux

More information at: Cosmetic Valley

Jasmine Awards

UK-based awards for "excellence in fragrance journalism". Until 2015, they were held early each year for the previous year, so in other words, the 2010 awards ceremony was held in early 2011. They changed this practice in 2015. The UK Awards (there is also a French version) were started by the Fragrance & Beauty Association of Great Britain and are currently administered by the Fragrance Foundation UK.

Jasmine Awards, UK 2008
Jasmine Awards, UK 2009
Jasmine Awards, UK 2010
Jasmine Awards, UK 2011
Jasmine Awards, UK 2012
Jasmine Awards, UK 2013
Jasmine Awards, UK 2015 
Jasmine Awards, UK 2016

More information at: Jasmine Awards

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