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New at aedes: Coolife Le Premier Parfum, Byredo Flowerhead & rollons, By Kilian Sacred Wood & Imperial Tea, L'Artisan Jour de Fete, Diptyque Eau de Lavande & Geranium Odorata.

New at harrods (UK): Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense & Ange ou Demon Le Secret Croisiere, Lolita Lempicka L L'Aime, Terry de Gunzburg Fruit Defendu & Bleu Paradis.

New at saksfifthavenue: Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet.

New at twistedlily: Masque Milano line.

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Lazy weekend poll ~ open thread, mid-April 2014


I am off on vacation this week! Posting will be much lighter than normal until I return on the 20th.

Today, our standard open thread poll: talk about anything you like — the perfume you’re wearing today, the perfume you bought on your last vacation or will buy for your next vacation, whatever.

Or, ask a question about fragrance, then see if anyone else has asked a question that you can answer…

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Top 10 Spring Fragrances 2014

daffodil on yellow

Where I live, it’s as if we fell off a cliff from frosty mornings and rain-slicked trees into yellow tufts of daffodils. Chives spring up in clumps in the vegetable garden, and my plum tree is puffed with blossoms. Heck, that guy in accounting even shaved off his beard. No question about it: It’s spring.

For my top 10 of spring, I’m going to be perfectly frank about the perfume I’ll be wearing. I’m not going to force-fit recent releases to show you how on top of it I am or sprinkle in variety for the sake of a well-rounded post. No, I’m going to tell you exactly what favorites I’ll be dragging from the back of the perfume closet. Judge me as you may.

Guerlain Chamade: As soon as I smell daphne in the neighborhood, I go straight for my atomizer of Chamade Eau de Toilette or my precious decant of Parfum — or sometimes both…

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Fragrance Foundation Awards Finalists 2014

Fragrance Foundation 2014

The Fragrance Foundation has announced the finalists for the 2014 Fragrance Foundation Awards (formerly the Fifi Awards), known as the “Oscars of the fragrance industry”. In addition, they have announced one winner: the Indie Fragrance award for 2014 goes to By Kilian Playing with the Devil.

For each remaining category, the original list of 10 semi-finalists is now whittled down to 5…

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