Index of General Perfume Articles

This page lists general interest articles about perfume. If you're looking for information on a specific perfume, see Fragrance Reviews or New Perfumes.

A number of articles that used to be listed here have been moved elsewhere. The old section on Fragrance Awards has been moved to its own page, as has the section on the Monday Mail. You can find the "5 Perfumes" series here, the seasonal Top 10 posts here, and the perfumista tip series here. All of the gift suggestion posts (Mother's Day, Father's Day and Holiday) can be found under the tag "gifts", and the limited edition collector bottles are here.

This page was last updated on 6 July 2016.

100 Fragrances Every Perfumista Should Try

1933: The Year in Perfume

(The) Allure of the Discontinued Scent

An open letter to Olivia Giacobetti

Are you a niche snob?

Are you influenced by fragrance packaging?

(The) Art of Scent 1889-2012 at the Museum of Arts and Design, NYC

At the 2009 FiFi Finalists Awards

Awful Perfume You Love

Balmain’s Vent Vert Salad and Chicken

(The) Beauty of the Soliflore

Becoming a perfumista

(The) Benefits of Loving Perfume

(A) brush with fame: perfume at the Oscars

Building a fragrance library: five "must-have" books for beginners
Building a fragrance library: five suggestions for advanced readers

Building a Perfume Wardrobe

Cabris and Art et Parfum ~ part one, part two

(The) Cashmere Sweater of Scent

Celebrity Fragrances I’d Like to See

Changing Tastes

Cherchez les femmes ~ or raiding the women’s perfume counter

Chocolates & perfumes, part 1 ~ Dolfin
Chocolates & perfumes, part 2 ~ coffee, cacao nibs
Chocolates & perfumes, part 3 ~ fruits & nuts

Choosing a Perfume for Thanksgiving

Choosing Perfume for a Happy New Year

Clean Air and Excess: The Perfect Perfume Boutique

Cool Hunting: Perfume Trends

(The) Cranky Perfumista (with apologies to the Cursing Mommy and no actual cursing)

Cumin in Perfume

Curating a Perfume Collection

(A) Day of Work, Vintage Clothing, and Perfume

Day to Night Perfume

Day to Night Perfume for Summer

DC Sniffage

De gustibus non est disputandum ~ random thoughts on perfume snobbery

Do-It-Yourself Lavender Floral Water

Easy Perfume

Eight Years of Lemmings

(A) Few Fragrant Wishes for 2006
(A) Few Fragrant Wishes for 2007
(A) Few Fragrant Wishes for 2008

(A) Few of My Favorite Holiday-Season Scents

Five Cult Classic Fragrances

Floral Aldehydes: Twenty More

(The) Fragrance Wardrobe, part 1
(The) Fragrance Wardrobe, part 2 ~ Comfort Scents
(The) Fragrance Wardrobe, part 3 ~ Scents for Business and Special Occasions
(The) Fragrance Wardrobe, part 4 ~ Perfume for Seduction
(The) Fragrance Wardrobe, part 5 ~ All The Rest

(The) Fragrant Rabbit Hole

Goodbye Lilacs (and Musk and Lemon and Mint…)

(The) Good Life (including Perfume)

(The) Go-To Perfume

Grandma Florine’s Perfume

(The) Great Perfume Reduction Plan

Hanging Out at the International Perfume Bottle Association Conference

Hot Days, Big Perfume

How Do You Choose Perfume for Travel?

How to choose a fragrance: Parfumerie Nasreen

How to Choose a Signature Fragrance, Part One :: Part Two

How much perfume is too much?

How Much Perfume Knowledge is Too Much?

How to Help a Friend Choose Perfume

How to Sell Perfume

How to smell like a million bucks

If you had to choose one perfume house...

I Know What I Don't Like

In Fragrance, Never Say Never

Lament of a Penniless Perfumista

(The) Language of Perfume

Lavender for Days ~ Sequim Lavender Festival 2011

Leather fragrances 101

(The) Leather Sisters ~ a perfume story

Let’s Talk about the Classics

Lilly Dache’s Secrets of Lifelong Glamour

Lodge Chic: A Scented Adventure

(The) Lonely Perfumista

(The) long haul perfumista ~ a not-rant and a quick poll

Love and Perfume

Luxury (and Perfume)

Masculines and feminines

(The) Meaning of Perfume

Modern Perfume Classics

(The) Morality of Scent

More Jobs, More Perfume Choices

My Review Philosophy: What I Write About, What I Ignore…and a quick poll

(A) New Day, a New Perfume

News flash: there are WAY too many perfumes
News flash #2: buying perfume is REALLY dull these days

New to perfume and want to learn more?

(The) Next Big Perfume Hit

(The) Next Bottle of Perfume You Buy

Notes on New York and Perfume

Notes on perfume and context

Now Smell This meets Feminine Hijinx
Now Smell This meets Feminine Hijinx, round 2

Of Gifts and Gratitude

Ofrenda (Fragrance and The Day of The Dead)

Old Lady Perfumes

On buying mainstream perfume at chain stores online: the good, the bad, the ugly, and a poll

On Perfume: Beauty in Ugliness

On perfume samples, or why it is easier to be a niche snob

On perfume storage, Tan Giudicelli Annam, and other random thoughts for Friday
On perfume storage, part 2, with an aside on Jean Patou Sira des Indes
On perfume storage, part 3 ~ housing your collection

Osmanthus: The Scent of Happiness

Out of the Bottle: A Welcome, with Meyer Lemons and Elderflower Cordial

Paris and perfume
Paris (and perfume): Day One
Paris (and perfume): Days Two and Three

Paying Attention in Paris

People Who Like Perfume and People Who Love It

(The) Perfection of an Ingredient: a Perfumer in the Food World

(The) Perfect Perfume

Perfume Advice from the Past

Perfume and Age

Perfume and Cigarette Smoke

Perfume and Comfort

Perfume and Emotion

Perfume and Enrichment: Not Just for Tigers

Perfume and Film Noir

Perfume and Leisure

Perfume and Memory

Perfume (and More) for Travel

Perfume and Perception

Perfume and Silk Stockings

Perfume and The In Between Season

Perfume and the Internet

Perfume and the Lavish Hand

Perfume and the Power of Suggestion

Perfume and Texture

Perfume and Travel

Perfume blogging & ethics

Perfume budgeting
Perfume budgeting, part 2, and a perfume buying poll
Perfume budgeting, part 3, and a "true confessions" poll

Perfume: choosing with your heart

Perfume Confession

Perfume Criticism

Perfumed Holidays

Perfume For A Picnic

Perfume for an imaginary autumn

Perfume for Life: How Long Will Your Fragrance Collection Last?

Perfume for the Prom

Perfume for When You’re Cold

Perfume for When You’re Feeling Under the Weather

Perfume: Giving Thanks

Perfume Initiation

Perfume in Paris

Perfume Insults & A Quiz

Perfume in Magazines: Seventeen, August 1967

Perfume in the Movies

Perfume is the Rodney Dangerfield of the Art World

Perfume Like Champagne

Perfume: Make new friends but keep the old

Perfume Mysteries

Perfume Odds and Ends

Perfume on Skin: How Long Should It Last?

Perfume: on smelling your age

Perfume, Optimism, and the New Year

Perfume Reality Check

Perfume Resolutions for 2007

Perfume Smell-Alikes

Perfume That Becomes You

(The) Perfume That Gets Used First

Perfumes for a Dame

Perfumes For Valentine's Day Romance, Part 1: The Big Guns
Perfumes For Valentine's Day Romance, Part 2: A Little Subtlety, Please

Perfume Like Champagne

Perfume Storage and the Thrill of Rediscovery

Perfume That Just Doesn’t Fit

Perfume to Celebrate Labor Day

Perfume to Weather the Holidays

(The) Perfume We Aspire To

Perfume: When Everything Old is New Again

Perfume: You Never Stop Learning 

(A) Perfumista and a Wine Blogger Walk into a Bar ~ out of the bottle

(A) Perfumista Lexicon

Powder cravings

Profile of a Perfumista: Diane

Random thoughts for Friday, and a fashion & fragrance poll

Same Perfume, Different Scent

Scent and Hair Color

Scented Lip Balms: A Round-Up for Winter 2007

The Scent of Smoke

Searching for the Holy Grail

Selling Perfume and Glamour in the 1930s

Sexy perfumes ~ a poll

Sissel Tolaas, scent artist ~ out of the bottle

Six Things I’ve Learned in Ten Years of Writing About Perfume

Smell Fetishes

Smell, Memory, and the Seventh Sense

Sniffing at Nordstrom: the Spring Fragrance Festival

Sniffing at Sensorium

Spring Tonic Perfume

(The) state of things: a little rant, and a poll

Surfing the Tidal Wave of New Releases

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Things I wish I'd known as a newbie perfumista, part 1, part 2

Thoughts on Labor Day (and Perfume)

Thoughts on Sillage

Three fragrances for a confident Valentine's Day

Top Selling Perfumes of 2005
Top Selling Perfumes of 2006

Trygve Harris of Enfleurage, Part 1 and Part 2

Underappreciated Perfumes

Wedding Perfumes

What 2013 Taught Me About Perfume

What is “Clean,” Anyway?

What makes a good feminine fragrance for men?

What perfume do I wear today?

What’s Your Favorite Perfume?

What to do with all that perfume

What To Do With All Those Perfume Samples

When First Class Perfume is Second Best

Which Perfume Are You?

White Flower Failure

Why I Love Old School Chypres

Wit and Perfume

Yes, you are a (perfume) nerd

Shop for perfume

Parfums Raffy