Hermes Rocabar ~ fragrance review

Hermès wool horse rugs

A fragrance for wanderers drawn to wide-open spaces. — Jean-Claude Ellena1

During my Now Smell This years, many men have written me asking for a review of Hermès Rocabar.2 I’m wary! I assume the guys writing me love Rocabar; what if I don’t? In that case would Rocabar fans prefer I keep quiet? Hermès is one of my favorite perfume houses so why was Rocabar unknown to me? Maybe I tried it ages ago and didn’t like it? Was it just a case of Fate — Rocabar and I always just out of each other’s reach? But last week, at the Hermès boutique inside my local Nordstrom, there was an easy-to-sniff tester bottle of Rocabar and I finally wore it. (This review is based on the current Rocabar formula; I assume late-1990s Rocabar was different).

Hermès says the name ‘Rocabar’ is a “contraction of ‘rug’ and the French words ‘à barres’ meaning striped.” Rocabar…

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La Parfumerie Moderne Desarmant ~ fragrance review

Syringa microphylla

Lavender cologne reminds me of wash day or scented tissues. Tuberose makes me feel I’m wearing silk panties and fishnet stockings. Lilac reminds me of the silver-haired lady who arranged flowers at church.

We all have flowers we love to smell in nature but avoid in fragrances. Lavender, tuberose and lilac always are given revered spots in my garden…but not in my perfume cabinet.

La Parfumerie Moderne (founded by Philippe Neirinck in concert with Parfum d’Empire perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato) recently launched Désarmant,1 a lilac scent…

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Annick Goutal Eau de Monsieur ~ fragrance review

Annick Goutal Eau de Monsieur

Released in the early 1980s, Eau de Monsieur1 was one of Annick Goutal‘s first perfumes. I was surprised to see Eau de Monsieur listed on the Annick Goutal website with a release date of…2013.

  1. Had it been reformulated in a BIG way?
  2. Was it a new perfume altogether?
  3. Did a content editor make a mistake?

(Answers: 1: Yes; 2: Sort of; 3: No)

Eau de Monsieur disappeared from the Annick Goutal line-up a long time ago (the 90s?) and has been recomposed by Camille Goutal with perfumer Isabelle Doyen

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Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Cuba ~ fragrance review

vintage Cuba travel posters

Queue the Omara Portuondo and read on!

Over the last decade, Santa Maria Novella seems to have less and less of a presence in the U.S. Do you, perfume fanatics, anxiously await a new Santa Maria Novella fragrance? I was not even aware of the latest Santa Maria Novella release: Cinquanta. Out of smell…out of mind?

After wearing a slew of dull new releases, I realized I’ve forgotten to review some old favorites, like Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Cuba. I first bought Acqua di Cuba in Florence at the old Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella near the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. Want to discover the LUSH of the 17th century? Visit that aromatic shop…

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