MojoMagique Seer ~ fragrance review

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Last week at work, a friend and I were discussing an acquaintance of mine in Russia: a “seer.” I had been introduced to the seer last summer by someone who swore by her talents and “influence,” even from far away. I was feeling some unwanted (and uncomfortable) sway, so my friend and I took a walk in Little Saigon. As I was vividly imagining the seer forgetting all about my existence, a woman approached me on the street and screamed in my ear: “YOU BELONG TO ME!” Her hateful shriek made my head go momentarily numb on the side that faced her. Back at work, my friend and I, feeling a bit incredulous and shaken, discussed witches, amulets, tarot cards and runes, and I Googled a famous psychic from Seattle who I had met ages ago…to find that she had died in 2013. When I got home that same day, on my porch was a package from Louisiana sent by a perfume company called MojoMagique; it was filled with fragrances called Magique, VooDooChild, PixieRose and…SEER.1 Guess which one I opened and tried first…

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Must de Cartier Pour Homme ~ fragrance review

Must de Cartier Pour Homme

Why was the Must de Cartier men’s line so unsuccessful? Must de Cartier Pour Homme1 was launched in 2000 and is already discontinued. Ditto with Must de Cartier Essence (2000), Must de Cartier Vert Anis (2001) and Must de Cartier Eau Genereuse (2003).

Must de Cartier Pour Homme is a sleek, appealing fragrance; it begins with a delicious-smelling and opaque anise-tangerine accord; the citrus is not icy, fresh or “clear,” but warm, cozy and generously spiced with anise, ginger and “olive leaf” (which may provide the momentary camphor-like aroma produced in Must de Cartier Pour Homme’s early mid-development). Coriander, which has a citrus character itself, floats in the background and is a perfect lead-in to Must de Cartier Pour Homme’s sweet tonka bean/vanilla base…

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Memo Manoa ~ fragrance review

Memo Manoa

What smells sexy? No doubt, we all differ when answering that question. Vanilla, apple pie and “sweets” in general (so often referenced as scents that drive men wild) make me feel like a kid again, hanging out in my grandmother’s kitchen waiting for dessert to come out of the oven. Lavender, Bay Rum and fougère fragrances remind me of sad Sundays and interminable church services. I love most florals, especially indolic ones — tuberose, jasmine, osmanthus, rose, heliotrope, linden, lily, lily of the valley, orange blossom, pinks, narcissus — but they never ignite bodily lust in me (though they make me, especially in winter, lust for florist shops, garden centers and specialty plant catalogs). Incense? Nah…too spiritual and “dry.”

Much sexier are: greens (galbanum) and hay (a wrestling match on the lawn or a strip-tease in the barn loft can be fun); cured tobacco (pre-burn, when its musky, post-tryst character throbs — give Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Cuba a try); vetiver, bitter orange and grapefruit (clean “sweat” aromas bringing to mind damp necks, armpits and…pardonnez-moi while I splash some cold water on my face)…

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Memo Quartier Latin ~ fragrance review


Last year, a friend from India gave me a gift of a 12 ml bottle of Mysore sandalwood extrait, and every time I wear it I swoon — it’s glorious, intense, almost smoky and certainly spooky (like a ghost, Mysore sandalwood is rarely encountered but when it is, you can’t believe your nose). I’m not a snob and I’ll take any real sandalwood I can get; Memo Quartier Latin is a sandalwood perfume that uses great-smelling Australian sandalwood.1

I’ve encountered all sorts of edible goodies that contain “perfume” ingredients of one sort or another. Fruit and spice flavors abound in all manner of cooking; jasmine, violet, lavender, orange blossom and rose scent syrups, ice creams, cakes, puddings and custards…

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BeauFort London Come Hell or High Water Collection ~ fragrance reviews

Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch

In the last year, one of my favorite pastry shops has become addicted to almond extract. They put it in short bread, pound cakes, croissants, brioche, pear tarts, financiers, you name it! Almond extract tastes cheap, and cheapens all it touches (one man’s opinion). It also makes the above listed breads and desserts taste the same. Someone at BeauFort London loves “smoke” as much as my old bakery loves almond extract. And smoke, or at least the powerful smoke note BeauFort London apparently adores and craves, dominates BeauFort’s perfume compositions and makes them all smell alike…

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