Olfactive Studio Still Life in Rio ~ fragrance review

Olfactive Studio Still Life in Rio brand image

Still Life in Rio,the ninth release from French niche line Olfactive Studio, is a tribute to sunrise in Rio de Janeiro, “the city of wonder, enveloping and magical.” It was developed for Olfactive Studio by perfumer Dora Baghriche (Arnaud) and its composition includes top notes of yuzu, ginger, mint, lemon and mandarin; heart notes of Jamaican hot peppers, pink pepper, black pepper and coconut water; and base notes of rum, Brazilian copaiba and leather.

I just reread my review of Olfactive Studio’s original Still Life (also developed by Bachriche), and I can see how this fragrance was designed to play off that earlier release…

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Atelier Cologne Bergamote Soleil ~ fragrance review

Atelier Cologne Bergamote Soleil

Atelier Cologne recently launched Bergamote Soleil, the latest addition to its Cologne Absolue collection. Bergamote Soleil’s composition includes top notes of bergamot, bigarade and ambrette; heart notes of jasmine, lavender and cardamom; and base notes of vetiver, oak moss and white amber. And like every Atelier Cologne fragrance, this one comes with a story:

They drove all night long taking turns… The minivan was the same one they had when they first met. He spotted it instantly, driving along the line of bergamot trees leading up to the villa…

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Maison Martin Margiela Replica Lipstick On ~ fragrance review

Maison Martin Margiela Lipstick On brand image

Back when we wrote about our favorite perfumes of 2015, I mentioned the recent proliferation of perfumes that evoke lipstick or other cosmetics — not a new idea, I pointed out, but a trend I can actually enjoy. One example I mentioned was Maison Martin Margiela Replica Lipstick On, which I kept meaning to try and I’ve finally been able to sample. (Earlier last year, I reviewed a few of the original fragrances from this collection — reviews here and here.)

The description for Lipstick On reads, “Within the intimacy of an apartment, a woman applies the finishing touches to her makeup. A cloud of rice powder lingers around the intensity of crimson lipstick. Lipstick On evokes an age-old ritual in a sophisticated, modern fragrance…”

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Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Rendezvous ~ fragrance review

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Rendezvous

I like living with old things. I love my small collection of vintage dresses and jewelry, and when I buy new clothing and adornments, I gravitate towards vintage-inspired styles. My husband and I buy used books rather than new ones whenever we can. Most of the furniture in our home is older than we are. I spend my workdays thinking and talking about art history, with an emphasis on the “history” part. Many of my perfumes, not surprisingly, also tend towards the “retro.”

Indie line Dawn Spencer Hurwitz recently launched Rendezvous, a fragrance that’s a throwback to the animalic perfumes of the mid-twentieth century, and naturally I was curious…

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Lanvin Eclat de Fleurs ~ fragrance review


Lanvin recently launched Éclat de Fleurs, a new flanker to join the “family” of the classic Arpège and 2002’s Éclat d’Arpège. Éclat de Fleurs “conjures up the euphoria of a sunny stroll filled with flowers and joy,” and it’s a fruity floral with notes of pear, freesia, rose, jasmine sambac, white musk and sandalwood, developed by perfumers Anne Flipo and Nicolas Beaulieu.

The bottle for Éclat de Fleurs echoes Arpège’s signature ball-shaped flacon, and it’s engraved with a ribbed pattern that evokes the flower petals of the marguerite

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