4160Tuesdays Sunshine and Pancakes & Centrepiece ~ fragrance reviews


If we live until we’re 80, we have 4160 Tuesdays. That’s all. Let’s not waste them.

I’ve waited too long to try some fragrances from 4160Tuesdays. That’s strange, because I’ve been a fan of Sarah McCartney since she was LUSH’s copywriter and head of brand publications (seriously, I still own some tattered circa-2003 issues of the “LUSH TIMES”) and I’m drawn to independent fragrance houses that combine humor with a poetic sensibility. One reason: 4160Tuesdays isn’t available in any brick-and-mortar shops in New York. Another: the brand’s explanation of its name makes me feel a bit nervous and sad (and mortal).

This summer, I’ve finally seized the day and ordered a few samples of 4160Tuesday scents. My first pick, just because of its name, was Sunshine and Pancakes

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Aroma Sanctum Mermaid & Beachscape ~ fragrance reviews

Aroma Sanctum Beachscape brand image

A few years ago, I reviewed a little bottle of perfume oil called Scarlett Letter that I’d bought at Aroma Sanctum in Salem, Massachusetts. I recently ordered more of this fragrance, since I still love it and it brings back happy memories. While I was at it, I also purchased sample vials of some other “House Blends,” including two beachy scents called Mermaid and Beachscape that sounded perfect for summer.

Mermaid is described as a “lively and fascinating ocean scent” with notes of tangerine, grapefruit, grass, hyacinth, tuberose, oakmoss, benzoin, patchouli and ambergris. It starts with a citrus accord that reminds me more of bergamot than tangerine or grapefruit, and there’s a soft, buttery tuberose note buried in its heart, but most of Mermaid is an airy-woody fragrance with a dry, breezy feeling…

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A summer of violets

Violet beauty products, 1

After writing last week’s review of Fabergé Straw Hat, I took a look around and realized that my violet obsession isn’t restricted to perfumes. I’m applying and ingesting and inhaling other violet-perfumed products on a regular basis, too. Here’s a quick round-up of some favorites.

Lush Daddy-O shampoo (top center image) is anything but a “shrinking violet” —its floral aroma is rich and vibrant, with added notes of ylang ylang and violet leaf to add complexity. The scent will linger in your hair all day…

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Faberge Straw Hat ~ vintage fragrance review

Fabergé Straw Hat, vintage advert 1

I seem to be in the mood for vintage fragrances this summer, whether they date to the 1980s or much earlier. This week, I spent some time with Fabergé Straw Hat, a scent that was originally released in 1938 and discontinued in 1976, after being offered every spring and summer as a limited edition. I only became acquainted with Fabergé’s other fragrances a few years ago. Aphrodisia is still my favorite, but Straw Hat feels is more seasonally appropriate this week!

Fabergé (the cosmetics brand, that is — not the jewelers to the Russian imperial family!) was founded in 1937 by the Russian-born businessman and philanthropist Samuel Rubin, who sold the company to a competitor in 1963. Fabergé continued to release new perfumes and toiletries, was subject to further mergers over the years, and had most of its products discontinued under Unilever’s ownership in the 1990s. I remember the magazine ads for Babe (1977) from my youth, and the Brut men’s collection is still available…

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Les Parfums de Rosine Muguet de Rosine ~ fragrance review

Les Parfums de Rosine Muguet de Rosine

Last year Les Parfums de Rosine launched the limited edition fragrance Muguet de Rosine. Apparently it’s very different from the earlier (now discontinued) Muguet de Rosine; this version is a composition of bergamot, pear, lily of the valley, rose, jasmine and white musk, developed for Les Parfums de Rosine by perfumer Nicolas Bonneville (who also created La Cologne de Rosine, which I enjoyed trying last year).

Although Les Parfums de Rosine is one of my favorite niche perfume houses, I have mixed feelings about lily of the valley scents. I prefer seeing and smelling actual lily of the valley flowers to wearing lily of the valley perfumes…

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