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Six Things I’ve Learned in Ten Years of Writing About Perfume


After writing for Now Smell This for a decade, some things about perfume remain the same for me. I still get a thrill cracking open a sample of a promising fragrance. I still buy the occasional unsniffed or unsniffed-enough bottle (but rarely!). I still love tuberose, and it still obliterates me.

However, I’ve learned a few lessons along the way, too, things I bet most perfume enthusiasts will encounter eventually. Here they are. In the comments, I hope you’ll share your own hard-earned truths about fragrance…

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Hanging Out at the International Perfume Bottle Association Conference

International Perfume Bottle Association Conference, fancy bottles 1

This year, the International Perfume Bottle Association convention was held in Portland, Oregon, just a short bicycle jaunt across the river from where I live. Normally, I’m more interested in a perfume bottle’s contents than the bottle itself, but the convention was open to the public for a “Perfume Bottle & Vanity Show and Sale” on Saturday. I went, and, boy, am I glad…

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Perfume on Skin: How Long Should It Last?

Florida Water

The other day in a department store, I heard it again, a sales associate praising a fragrance because it lasts all day. (Other “praise” I occasionally hear, “And it smells like this the whole time.”) As for me, mostly I don’t want a fragrance to stick around that long. Four hours or so is plenty.1

Okay, I see the merits of a long-lasting perfume, especially if the perfume is expensive and you’re looking for that one signature scent. In that case, you probably want your fragrance to last from its morning spritz through a day at the office. Why not? You’re not planning to switch fragrances later. You want the scent to linger.

For someone like me with a, um, “hearty” perfume collection, a long-lasting perfume hamstrings my choices…

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Bruno Fazzolari Seyrig ~ fragrance review

Bruno Fazzolari Seyrig

Although green chypres are a dying breed, we’re lucky enough to have some good ones on the market, including L de Lubin, Givenchy III, Chanel Cristalle and Vero Profumo Mito. What, if anything, does Bruno Fazzolari Seyrig add to the line-up?

Fazzolari’s website says, “Inspired by the aldehydic motifs of late sixties and early seventies perfume, Seyrig centers on an artistic interpretation of the Syringa flower — a relative of lilac that resists olfactory extraction. Crisp aldehydes are draped over rich rose de mai and ylang ylang absolutes with a foundation of oakmoss, resins, and musks for a spicy finish. This is a bold, statement scent that bridges perfume’s past with the present.”

The website doesn’t classify Seyrig as a green chypre, but to me it’s kissing cousins with the perfumes I mentioned above…

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