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Now Smell This is a blog about perfume. Regular topics include fragrance reviews, news, perfume shopping tips, and new & upcoming fragrance releases. We also cover related areas such as home fragrance, scented bath & body products, and perfume books. We've been blogging since 2005.

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Editor: Robin K.

I am an avid perfume fan living in a small town in Pennsylvania, far from the nearest perfume store. If you are wondering what qualifications I have for writing this blog, the answer is simple: none. I just like perfume.

I wear men's, women's, and unisex perfumes. I love woods, incense, citrus, florals, spices, vetiver, and green notes. I am very fond of chypre perfumes, or anything with oakmoss for that matter. I am not so fond of patchouli or amber, and with a few exceptions, I don't care for very "clean" perfumes, marine fragrances, or very sweet gourmand-dessert type perfumes.

I am also addicted to high-end chocolates & teas, and I waste massive amounts of time online, mostly reading other people's blogs.

Robin's email address: robin at nstperfume dot com.

Robin at twitter: nowsmellthis

Contributor: Angela S.

Angela's love of perfume began when she was about four years old, playing on her grandmother’s bathroom floor with a set of perfume minis filled with water. These days she especially like chypres, leather, full-bodied aldehydic florals, and anything she can imagine Rita Hayworth wearing. She works part-time writing grants for an organization dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV and part-time writing freelance articles, mostly on food and Pacific Northwest history and culture. She's also the author of The Lanvin Murders, the first in a series of Vintage Clothing mystery novels featuring, naturally, a perfume-loving protagonist. You can read more about Angela at her website, angelamsanders, or sign up for her newsletter here.

Angela's email address: angela at nstperfume dot com.

Angela at twitter: angelamsanders

Contributor: Erin T.

Erin creates lists of fragrances for Now Smell This. Her love of perfume blossomed out of her first love, reading: while working as a librarian, she found an article on aromachemicals and the fragrance industry, which started her obsession with all things scented. Currently, she lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and a perfume-addicted toddler. Erin is particularly fond of men's fragrances as well as woods, chypres, green or herbal scents and soft orientals. She haphazardly maintains her own blog, Emergency Backpack.

Erin's email address: erin at nstperfume dot com.

Contributor: Guest Shopper

Guest Shoppers, who file reports on brick 'n mortar perfume stores, include Jessica in New York (see Jessica M, below) and Nina in London (Nina is a writer who posts as Vanille on Perfume of Life).

Contributor: Dr. Jessica M.

Jessica writes about scented body products and New York perfume shopping for Now Smell This. She is an art historian working in New York, and when she is not doing research in a museum or a library, she can often be found browsing at various perfume counters and beauty-product boutiques around the city. Her love of fragrance is rooted in early memories ranging from Baby Magic lotion to the bottle of Bellodgia on her grandmother’s dressing table. She is a dedicated wearer of rose-based perfumes and other old-fashioned, powdery florals. She also has a weakness for good-smelling, nature-based toiletries of any kind. You can read more of Jessica's writing at her blog, Tinsel Creation.

Jessica's email address: jessica at nstperfume dot com.

Jessica at twitter: lipstickrose

Jessica at instagram: tinselcreation

Contributor: Kevin S.

Kevin reviews men’s and unisex fragrances (and the occasional home fragrance product) for Now Smell This. He became addicted to ‘perfume’ as a child by helping his grandmother in her garden; she banned all plants from her flower beds unless their blossoms, leaves, or bark smelled good. As a young adult, Kevin continued his perfume studies at the “University of Bullocks Wilshire” in Los Angeles, where a kind and knowledgeable sales clerk from Paris guided him through the ‘classics’ of perfumery and never once asked: “Kevin…do you really need a new bottle of perfume each week?”

Kevin's email address: kevin at nstperfume dot com.

Former contributors:

Aleta B.

Aleta wrote book reviews for Now Smell This from 2012 through 2013. You can find her articles here.

Alyssa H.

Alyssa's column, Out of the Bottle, ran on Now Smell This from 2010 to 2012, and covered subjects ranging from food to design. You can find Alyssa now at her own website, Alyssa Harad, or you can read her memoir, Coming to My Senses: A Story of Perfume, Pleasure and an Unlikely Bride, to be published by Viking in July, 2012. You can find Alyssa's articles here.

Anjali K.

Anjali wrote about scented bath & body products from September 2005 through June 2007. You can find Anjali's articles here.

Cheryl K.

Cheryl wrote about perfume books from 2010 through 2011. You can find Cheryl's articles here, or check out her blog, Perfumed Letters.

Marcello A.

Marcello wrote about perfume books from 2005 through 2009. You can still find him over at ScentedPages, a virtual library catalogue dedicated to the culture of perfume, and you can read all of his Now Smell This articles here.

Marlen H.

Marlen wrote about men's fragrance from August 2005 until October of 2006. You can find Marlen's articles for Now Smell This here.

Pia C.

Pia, a freelance consultant working in international affairs, reviewed home fragrance products from February 2007 through October 2009. You can find Pia's articles for Now Smell This here.

Victoria F.

Victoria covered home fragrance products from August 2005 through June 2006. You can still read her opinions on perfume at Bois de Jasmin, or you can find all of her articles for Now Smell This here.

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