Diptyque Eau de Lavande & Geranium Odorata ~ fragrance reviews

Diptyque Eau de Lavande and Geranium Odorata, labels

Have you ever met people who give in to middle age a little TOO easily? They relish gray hair, embrace flab, “simplify” their wardrobes by banishing all colors except navy, white, black, gray and beige. They repeat the phrase “age appropriate”: when getting a haircut, choosing a perfume, or buying jeans (“Should I even be WEARING jeans at my age?” they ask). Tiresome. If I could accept aging in such a way, my life would be (might be?) easier. But I can’t! I’ll fight the creaks and leaks and cracks of time every step of the way.

Diptyque has reached middle age and settled into a slower and lazier rhythm with ease. The lively, fun-loving, unusual, quirky perfume company I used to love…is now resting in a La-Z-Boy recliner (those dull new Diptyque bottles!) and seems to have banished all “color” “pattern” and style from its new perfume offerings. A blandness has settled over Diptyque; two new examples of middle-aged Diptyque are Geranium Odorata and Eau de Lavande…

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