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I'm commando today — I seem to be coming down with something, not sure yet if it's a cold or flu or what. Hopefully I'll head it off before it takes hold, but the review I did not manage to finish on Tuesday will not get finished again today. Jessica will have reviews of the new J Crew fragrances tomorrow. 

Reminder: this Friday, 5 September, is the signature scent challenge: pick a fragrance, wear it on Friday, then wear it through the weekend and again on Monday (or longer?) ... see if you notice anything new, or if you get sick of it, or ...? The following Friday, 12 September, wear something green.

And for those of you who like to plan ahead, see Scent of the day ~ Friday community projects 2014, where I'll try to always have the next six or seven weeks mapped out in advance.

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  1. thegoddessrena says:

    Since we were discussing this topic the other night at our get-together, I am starting a day early with Milk of Flowers since it was already on my mind

  2. Jonas says:

    My SOTD will be cdg Kyoto.

    • Jonas says:

      I ended up going with Philosykos instead. It’s not as woody as I hoped it would be and I’m getting a really milky note that I’m not a big fan of. Hopefully the dry down goes better.

      • Robin says:

        I’m trying to think of a fig that is both woodier + less milky, but coming up blank.

        • Elisa says:

          Maybe the Pacifica one?

          • Nightingale says:

            Really enjoy the Pacifica Med Fig, worth a try!

        • Oakland Fresca says:

          JM’s Wild Fig and Cassis is not milky. Someone gave me a small flask, which sit unused and still in its box however. Haven’t worked up a lather about it I guess :)

      • melissa says:

        How about… I feel like this perfume is all I talk about… Jardins d’Ecrivains Wilde?

      • Jonas says:

        Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I’ll keep an eye out for those. As for philosykos, it got much better about fifteen minutes in but had all but vanished after only two hours. I’ll apply more liberally next time.

  3. ihadanidea says:

    I put on my sample of Lieu de Reves because I was feeling experimental this morning, but I’ve had such an aggravating day already that I’m going to apply something warm and ambery elsewhere for comfort’s sake, because this one is not doing it. I think I’m not a violet person, and there’s something else in there that seems almost almondy that I don’t particularly like…heliotrope maybe?

    Here comes Dior’s Mitzah…

    • floragal says:

      Sorry you’re having an aggravating day already!
      Perfume can always help with that!

      Thought of you this morning when I applied Bottega Veneta — you must try this! So beautiful.

      Hope your day gets better!!

      • ihadanidea says:

        Thanks so much! And yes, I’m going to have to get a sample. I love me some leather, and I’ve been huffing my little card with Cuir de Russie on it all week….

        Hope you have a lovely day dear!

    • melissa says:

      Violet + heliotrope would be my personal kryptonite.

    • CM says:

      Mitzah? Bottega Venetta? Fantastic choices.

      I, too, find violet a bit off-putting, but have found a few I like. You might want to try Tom Ford’s Violet Blonde.

      • floragal says:

        What about violet leaf? I find this to be different than the actual violet flower, and just beautiful. It’s in one of my favorites, Sous le toit de Paris.

        • ihadanidea says:

          Another one I have to try. Very different from the flower.

      • ihadanidea says:

        Thank you, and I will! Mr. Ford does good work, so I’ll sniff that one out.

        • scentfromabove says:

          I agree. He makes some good stuff! Now if only we could get those prices down a bit…!

    • ihadanidea says:

      And how rude of me not to say – I’m sorry you’re sick Robin! Get better!

      • key change says:

        Do you guys know if it’s true that violet blonde is being discontinued? I was at a tf counter this summer and the sA said it was, but I stubbornly don’t want to believe it’s true.

        • perthgirl says:

          All the blog rumors say it’s true, and it’s no longer on the shelves here…

  4. pyramus says:

    Today’s a bright sunny not-too-hot day which seemed perfect for vintage Samsara EDT. I regret not having bought the darker, plusher extrait back in the day but this is still pretty amazing — brilliant at first, then deep and woody for hours.

    • Robin says:

      They still make the extrait, but I guess the sandalwood couldn’t be the same…

      • pyramus says:

        Yeah, apparently there were just buckets of real Mysore sandalwood in it back then, and now it’s going to be mostly synthetics and perhaps Australian sandalwood. Unless I find a vintage bottle, it’ll never happen. But I have a whole bottle of the EDT, which is terrific.

  5. Elisa says:

    Get well soon, Robin!

    I’m wearing Rose Barbare, and anticipate finishing off this decant today. That would be my second finished decant this week (the other was Natori).

    • AnnS says:

      Both of these are gorgeous! I almost put on a bit from my small decant of Natori, but I got distracted which apparently is easy to happen to me when I’m rifling through my old box of decants.

      • Elisa says:

        Pssst, Natori layers nicely with Chergui

        • AnnS says:

          Thanks for the tip, now I only have to get some Chergui!! ;-)

    • Robin says:

      Thanks E! Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • farouche says:

      Hurrah for empty decants and testers! I just finished a small tester of Cartier L’Heure Fougueuse and am almost done with a small decant of Epice Marine (which I definitely need a 15 ml. bottle of!).

      • Elisa says:

        Yes, so satisfying to finish things! (If bittersweet.)

      • Coumarin says:

        I love Epice Marine! I sprang for the 100ml and rather than figure, “I have plenty, so I can spray on plenty!” I’ve been hoarding it. I’ve probably not sprayed it 40 times. :P

        • farouche says:

          I’m always surprised at how long a 15 ml. travel size will last me. I wear a small spritz of Eau de Merveilles each week to yoga class, and the level on my travel size bottle has barely gone down over the past year and a half!

          • Coumarin says:

            Good to know! The level of perfume in my bottle barely passed the shoulders and I stopped wearing it for a week!

            I’ve been thinking of hosting a “split” of an Hermessence travel set at the Splitmeet in a few weeks. If you’re interested, just find my post then.

        • Oakland Fresca says:

          Sigh. I really liked it too!

          • Coumarin says:

            I think it might be my favorite of the Hermessences, and I’ve been a fan since day one.

  6. austenfan says:

    Get well soon!

    I’m wearing Thé pour un Eté today. It’s lovely and a nice break from the heavier fragrances I’ve been wearing recently.

  7. melissa says:

    Hope you get well quickly! My SOTD is Atelier Cologne Grand Neroli. Still not sure what I’ll pick for the challenge… I’m probably overthinking it and may just shut my eyes and grab a bottle tomorrow morning.

    • Robin says:

      I’ve been trying to decide if I should go with something I know I love, or go with something challenging.

      • perthgirl says:

        Hopefully you’ll feel well enough to participate Robin- it won’t be the same without you!

        • Robin says:

          Thank you! I could always do 4 days with the scent of Vicks Vaporub ;-)

  8. bastet says:

    I hope you feel better, Robin.

    I woke up very early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I put on some soothing Caron Pour Homme. I still couldn’t sleep, but at least I smelled great in my wakefulness, and put some more on to go to work. The lavender and vanilla scent is still lingering nicely in my hair and clothes.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you! And hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight.

  9. Eleebelle says:

    Scent of the day is Habit Rouge. I think this is a stunning scent for a woman, and I’m using it as kind of a mellower, daytime Shalimar. Unfortunately, after about 3 hours, I can barely smell it anymore. It’s a shame since this scent is so beautiful. I really feel like I could–and want to!–bathe in it (but I’ll spare everybody :) ).

    • perthgirl says:

      I wear HR as summer Shalimar, it’s so refreshing and just yum! (and fill a decant to bring with me for top-ups!)

  10. audreylicious says:

    Ugh, sorry you’re not feeling well! Have tea…
    Cold nip in the air today calls for (IMO) an austere woody green: Philosykos.

  11. Janice says:

    I’m wearing Lyric Woman today. Still have no idea what I’m going to wear tomorrow and through the weekend!

    I hope you feel better soon.

  12. CM says:

    Hope you feel better – my magic formula is hot tea with honey and some EmergenC. And Cold-Eze melt-away tabs in mint.

    I’m also commando at the moment (working from home today so I’m still in jammies) but added a drop of DSH L’Eau Iris on my wrist pre-shower. This is a dewy iris scent that reminded me a lot of Apres l’Ondee. So I spritzed that on the other wrist. They seem to have cancelled each other out because I cannot smell either one (not a prob when I wear one scent at a time.) However, they both have the same feel of dewy iris.

    I’m planning to douse myself in Silences post shower.

    • Robin says:

      My magic formula is tons of echinacea. We’ll see, if often kills it in 24 hours, but too soon to say.

  13. Deva says:

    Robin, hope you fight off the bug that has attached itself to you- no free microbial rides allowed!

    Another sweltering scorcher again! For some unknown reason I ventured deep into my stash of samples and came up with farmacia ss annunziata 1561 vaniglia del Madagascar.

    It’s nice and I am a big vanilla fan but fear I have gone off the path of good common sense scent choice on this hellish day. It’s a bit much but I will persevere!

    Hope you all have a swell smelling day :)

    • key change says:

      I have a huge bottle of this one sitting on my dresser, and am not exactly sure why I’ve neglected it for so long. It deserves a lot of winter-lovin’, I think. I agree though that it might feel stifling on a hot day. I hope you still enjoy wearing it though!

    • Robin says:


  14. relleric says:

    SOTD is Egoiste (Chanel). Got a coffret from L’Artisan this morning, applied a little Timbuktu, not sure about it yet…

    Robin, get well soon!

    • Robin says:

      Timbuktu is an odd one, took awhile to grow on me.

      And thanks!

      • relleric says:

        For some strange reason, my first impressions are that it smells “pickled”. I don’t necessarily get dill, but it smells pickled to me. Maybe the Egoiste further up my arm is messing with my nose/mind. ;)

        • Robin says:

          Interesting! I know lots of people like it in hot weather, but I really only like it in cold weather…in hot weather, it’s too ‘sweaty’ for me.

  15. sterling925 says:

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well! I am just recovering from a week-long cold. Just annoying enough to feel like crap, but not keep me home from work.

    Since I am feeling better I’m wearing No. 19 Poudré today–and surprisingly, loving it!

    • Robin says:

      Oh dear, a whole week…I am knocking on wood!

  16. perthgirl says:

    I was wearing Histoires de Parfums 1804 (George Sand) this morning when I went to the shops. A new perfume shop has opened there and they have some hard to find fragrances, but are still way more than if I bought online. BUT! They had one lonesome 100ml bottle of YSL Nu edp, for way less than the few remaining bottles seem to be, so I grabbed it without thinking twice. My bottle has been on rations so its nice to know I don’t have to be so frugal. So I wore that. It did have an odd 1804 pineapple undercurrent but it was great.

    Tonight I sprayed on Traversee du Bosphore, and I still no idea what to pick for the next FOUR DAYS… :-/

    • nebbe says:

      It’s a lot of days! This is going to be very interesting.

  17. Mary Carol says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon, Robin. No fun being sick. I usually dose up on vitamin C early on for a cold or the flu and it helps if I catch it soon enough.

    And hope your day gets better, ihadanidea.

    Today I have on L’Artisan Fleur de Liane, as it is warm and muggy where I am and the green notes feel right.

    • Robin says:


    • ihadanidea says:

      Thank you Mary Carol! It did – I went back to Barney’s…:)

  18. AnnS says:

    Robin, I hope you are feeling better soon. It’s been a rough year for colds and allergies. I’m wearing vintage Amazone edt today.

    • Robin says:

      Is it a bad year for colds? Didn’t even know. But my mom & son are both sick this week.

      • AnnS says:

        I hope you are all feeling better soon!

  19. nebbe says:

    Dabbed on Volutes from a sample vial. Last time I wore it I thought “Eh,” but this time it feels just right.

    Moving way slow this morning, so could have gone with an energizing something, but went for cozy instead.

  20. flannery says:

    Hope you are better soon, Robin.

    It is a lovely wet cool day here in the intermountain northwest of the US and Fall seems to have settled in so I broke out my Dries van Noten and sure enough, it is perfect for the day.

  21. JolieFleurs says:

    Party in Manhattan, just because I wanted to smell it, and I am down to my last precious drops. It has made my entire day!

    I hope you feel better soon, Robin!

    • nozknoz says:

      I regret not buying that when it was on Luckyscent. It appears that it might still be available in Italy, but the cost would be even greater. Sigh!

      • JolieFleurs says:

        I got mine in 2009 at Luckyscent. So bummed they don’t carry it any more. If I had a signature scent, this would be it. I make do with Jub 25 and I love that, too, but TPiM was my fist niche scent and I adore it.

        Escentual carries it, bit it has almost tripled in price. And it wasn’t cheap to start with!

        It will absolutely be my first purchase when I hot the lottery. (Followed by M Micalef Extreme Rose!)

    • Robin says:


  22. rose pepper says:

    Eau de Marveilles. I finished the sample vial. Great stuff.

    • Delacey says:

      I love this one. I got a small sample from a perfume fairy godmother, and thought it was truly marvelous. Would love to have a FB!

  23. farouche says:

    I meant to wear Infusion d’Iris Absolue, but at the last minute put on Seville a l’Aube instead.

    That one is tenacious! Seven hours later and I can still smell it on my skin.

    • key change says:

      It sure is!! I’m especially excited to play with it in cooler weather, because I find the OB to be a bit heavy to really soar in the heat. I’m still debating an fb of it!

  24. Kelly Red says:

    I like reading what others are wearing today. I have thrown out my back and severely pulled a muscle, so MY SOTD is medicated ointment LOL

    • jirish says:

      Ow! Hope you feel better soon. And you could always pretend you’re wearing that Heeley scent that smells like Tiger Balm!

      • perthgirl says:

        I find Tubereuse Criminelle blends very nicely with Deep Heat :)

    • scentfromabove says:

      Ouch! Hope you feel better soon!

    • Robin says:

      Oh, ouch! Love those disposable (environmentally-unfriendly) heat wrap thingies for that.

  25. teri says:

    Just waved the CEO out the door after a hectic morning! Whew! Thank goodness I was prepared and my presentation went well. Big sigh of relief.

    I went with soap and water clean only this morning as I had no idea what the proper scent was for a CEO encounter of the third kind. Now that he’s gone, I rummaged around in my handbag and found a sample of Meloe from Teo Cabanel. This is fruity done right, sweet but not overpoweringly so, fresh in a nice way, and not a synthetic note to be found.

    • mals86 says:

      I think all the Teo Cabanels are well done, even if they’re not all me. (Adore Alahine. Julia is lovely too.)

  26. scentfromabove says:

    Robin, I hope you get to feeling better. It is a “downer” to be sick.
    My SOTD is Tom Ford’s Santal Blush. We have Parent Information Night for certain grades at my school tonight. Since I am the Counselor and will be meeting a lot of parents tonight, I wanted to feel confident. For some reason, this scent makes me feel confident. Happy “Friday Eve” to everyone!

    • Robin says:

      Thank you! I will miss parent information night myself tonight, so as not to spread my germs through the whole school…

    • Nightingale says:

      You smell fabulous! Have fun tonight. The beginning of the school year is so crazy, lots of anxious parents.

  27. nozknoz says:

    Yesterday I ended up trying Stephane Lucas Humbert 777 O Hira, which has a pleasant tobacco amber accord, somewhere between SSS Tabac Aurea and La Via del Profumo Mecca Balsam. It’s nice but I guess I don’t need it since I have the other two. It’s worth trying if you don’t have the others or find them appealing but not quite right.

    I may try Corsica Furiosa later today.

    Still not sure what to wear for the signature scent challenge.

  28. caffeinequeen says:

    Feel better soon! There’s something awful going around and I just got over it myself, so I feel (felt) your pain.

    Today’s scent: Chinatown. Perhaps a bit heavy for such a warm SoCal day, but it smells so wonderful I don’t mind!

  29. Delacey says:

    I was thinking of Absolue to wear today as well, but I’m considering that for the signature challenge, so I chose my sample of Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial L’Eau. It may be sunny here, but it has unmistakably shifted to fall, and it’s fun feeling my perfume cravings shift with it.

  30. MikasMinion says:

    Hope you feel better soon.
    Wearing Agent Provocateur and wishing I wasn’t. I love it but it just isn’t me. Going to be my Mom’s extra birthday gift I think.

  31. odonata9 says:

    Wearing AG Petite Cherie today. I’m trying to go through all my samples and decants to get rid of things so testing everything to see if I need to keep the sample or can pass it on. Petite Cherie is light and fruity, but nothing I need more of. Already almost gone and I just put it on about 30 minutes ago.

    • AnnieA says:

      It’s pretty nice as a shower gel, where its evanescence is something of an advantage.

    • mals86 says:

      I like it for sleep time in the summer.

  32. jirish says:

    Wearing La Fille de Berlin today, and it’s adding some beautiful color to a grey day. Hope you feel better soon, Robin.

  33. Joe says:

    Iris Silver Mist today.

    “PHWAOR,” as they say. Loving it — believe it or not, I’ve only sampled it and never given it a full wear before, despite my iris lust. Definitely one of the top reference iris scents.

    Hope you feel better, Robin, and don’t fall ill.

    • Coumarin says:

      A beautiful perfume! I had a friend go to Paris maybe five years ago, and had her pick me up a bottle, despite me wearing only half of a sample! I’ve never regretted it, which is more than I can say for some of my other full bottles.

    • Robin says:

      Wow, first time! Great stuff, innit?

    • Oakland Fresca says:

      They do? What do they mean when they say PHWAOR?

      • perthgirl says:

        Like PHWAOR! She’s hot! :-)

      • Joe says:

        Hahaha… variation on WOW! or OMG!, I suppose you could say.

  34. key change says:

    I hope you feel better soon, Robbin! Today I’ve been all over the map. I’ve already sampled bas de soie on one arm, bois de violette on the other (and loved both), and am still inhaling last night’s application of papillon perfumery’s tobacco rose coming up from my hair. I think today will be dedicated to some perfumes from the OJ line–oris noir and woman.

  35. Coumarin says:

    Vintage Diorella today, since I just decanted some into an atomizer. Definitely a different kind of chypre, but I’m warming up to it.

    I’m thinking Covet for my “signature challenge.” I used to blow people’s noses out with how much I wore when it was launched! Now my bottle just sits by its lonesome. My boyfriend commented that he’s never smelled it on me before, which I can believe.

  36. Nightingale says:

    SOTD Balenciaga Paris, making me happy today.

  37. mals86 says:

    Sending wishes for good health, Robin.

    I’m in that recreation of Coty Chypre again. So beautiful. I did like Dawn’s, back when DSH was doing those “designer duplicates” scents, but I wonder if the bottle she was working from had aged somewhat – the DSH Chypre (it’s been gone since… oh, 2011 maybe) is more labdanumy, with hardly any citrus at all. My eBay bottle and this private recreation are both notably floral. And there’s IRIS in it.

  38. katrina says:

    SOTD is Neela Verneire Creations Mohur from the Olfactif box. Officially the first scent from this deal that I like! Of course, the FB is $250… Sigh.

    • Oakland Fresca says:

      Yah. I thought last month’s Scottsdale scents were a total bust. I’m fairygodmothering my Mohur sample, as I have a small FB of it—but I LOVE it. NV had coffrets that were quite reasonable–Bombay Bling, Mohur, and Trayee–three 15 ml bottles… not sure if they are still available. Mine has given me loads of happiness!

  39. sweetgrass says:

    I’m wearing Chergui today. Again giving a neglected bottle a little attention. I realized I’ve given away far more of it than I’ve worn.

    • HemlockSillage says:

      Chergui is great! It was one of two bell jars I toted home, back in the day…(MKK was the other. I’m a freak, I know :D) I don’t give it enough skin, either.

      After our exchange yesterday, I wore Bvlgari Black today. Wow. Why don’t I wear this more often? Def a front runner for tomorrow. Be well!

  40. smellynelly says:

    Newbie to the site – love it! From a fellow (and novice) fragrance geek. SOTD = Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt + a spritz of Orange Blossom. You will have to keep me up to date on your next get together! ;)

  41. Oakland Fresca says:

    Was feeling a little preppy today and Bvlgari (the basic pour femme edp) seemed to fit the bill. Definitely one of my most neglected scents…if only I had the proper pearls to match!

    • perthgirl says:

      I rather like Bvlgari Pour Femme, there are days when it just fits nicely.

  42. 50_Roses says:

    My magic formula for staving off a respiratory infection is a hot shower, lemonade (from fresh lemons, preferably the ones from my own tree, NOT store-bought stuff), and tincture of myrrh. Usually, the back of my throat is the first place I feel it coming on, so I spray the back of my throat liberally with myrrh tincture. It tastes terrible, but it often works to keep the infection from taking hold and becoming full blown.

    • farouche says:

      When I was sick, my grandmother used to make hot lemonade with freshly squeezed lemon juice, hot water, and honey. It was comforting and made a sore throat feel better. In my opinion it was a vast improvement over gargling with salt water, which was another popular treatment at the time. Blech.

      Feel better, Robin!

      • mals86 says:

        MY grandmother kept trying to get me to gargle with salt water. Ugh.

  43. HemlockSillage says:

    Robin, I hope you feel better, soonest. Rest as much as you can, and let your immune system zap those invaders!

    As noted above, I’m wearing Bvlgari Black, a scent I wore nonstop when it came out in the late 90s. I love it’s tarry rubber mixed with leather, vanilla and musk. It is still wonderfully weird–and this is from the woman who enjoys CdG’s Tar, 71 & 53, and L’Artisan’s Dzing! Be well.

  44. hajusuuri says:

    SOTD = Guerlain Cuir Beluga

    I was originally going to wear Prada Infusion D’Iris Absolue but due to an early in-person meeting! I changed my mind and intended to wear VC&A Bois D’Iris; however, I plucked the “wrong” decant and ended up with Cuir Beluga and I wore it for the second time this week. I got complimented on it today! It will be hot and muggy again tomorrow so methinks something light and fluffy like Cuir Beluga will work.

  45. VeraJayne says:

    Be well Robin. Wearing Joan Rivers Private Reserve today in memory of Joan. I got to meet her in April and when I told her how great she smelled she kindly gave me her bottle. We had some perfume chat and she told me how she loved fragrance and always wore it. Rest in peace Joan xo

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