Bunch o’ limited edition collector bottles (& some other stuff) 2014, part 18

More limited edition collector fragrance bottles, with the usual disclaimers: in most of these cases, the juice is unchanged, just the bottle is “special” (or not, as the case may be), and some of these may not be available in the US. Today's post includes special editions from Hermès, Nina Ricci and Dolce & Gabbana, plus new solid perfume compacts from Le Labo.

Hermès 24 Faubourg numéro 24

From Hermès, a collector edition of 24 Faubourg with a "numéro 24" pattern recalling Hermès silk scarves. €125 for 100 ml Eau de Parfum at Sephora in France.


Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps, Maison Desrues

From Nina Ricci, a limited edition of L'Air du Temps decorated with white and gold flowers by Maison Desrues. 17 bottles were made, €2500 for 50 ml, exclusive to Galeries Lafayette and due to launch in October. (via leparisien.fr)



From Dolce & Gabbana, new collector bottles of The One and The One for Men: "Celebrate timeless elegance with a jewel-toned Collector’s Edition: The One in Dolce&Gabbana passionate red, a symbol of ultimate luxury; and The One for Men in a regal, deep rich brown. Emulating the wearers – the enigmatic, fierce yet sparkling woman and the sophisticated man who commands attention – the Collector’s Edition’s imprint of a gold coin, the 2014 fashion collection motif representing a discovery of Ancient Sicily and the Greek culture." The One in 50 ml, The One for Men in 100 ml, available at Copenhagen Airport Duty Free.


Le Labo solid perfume

From Le Labo, new solid perfumes: "The solid perfume is a brand new way to wear your signature scent. Just toss this refillable metal object in your pocket or bag and wear Le Labo on the go. The alcohol-free, phthalate/paraben free formula is a wax (made of sweet almond oil, coconut oil and soybean oil) scented with the fragrant extract of your Le Labo's perfume." In 14 fragrances, due to launch in November, $85 for the solid perfume kit (metallic case and one 4g refill; shown above) and $70 for the refill kit (two 4g refills; shown below). (via press release)

Le Labo solid perfume refills

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  1. eaudemale says:

    Love the solid lelabo… the idea of solid fragrances is nice.

    The other bottles are nice too, too bad The One(s) are so meh.

    • sayitisntso says:

      Agreed. Love the presentation on the little Le Labo solid. Very travel-friendly.

    • Robin says:

      They are awfully cute, agree! And actually don’t mind the little case the refills come in.

  2. Kelly Red says:

    I agree. I love the simple gold “bullet” like case. It looks weighty and rich.

    I dislike the Nina Ricci bottle. All those little added on flowers seems like they’d either snag your clothes or poke your hand as you held it.

    • Robin says:

      The Nina Ricci — can’t decide. It’s sort of lovely, but sort of overdone, & not me in any case. Plus costs so much there’s no need to worry about it either way :-)

  3. CM says:

    I totally agree on the Le Labo Solids – love it! I also really like the Hermes – I’ve had 24 Faubourg on my ‘to buy’ list for a while… it’s unlikely I’ll get the LE bottle though. It IS nice!

    • Robin says:

      You know, on the Sephora site at least, that 24 Faubourg bottle costs the same as the regular bottle, which is surprising.

  4. kindcrow says:

    I like the Le Labo containers. One looks like a cork and the other looks like a mint tin. Cute. And the term “refillable metal object” cracks me up. So vague and industrial. Good name for a band?

  5. That Nina Ricci Bottle is TO DIE GORGEOUS! :-D And Desrues…. I SWOON! SWOON, I SAY!

    Really, REALLY Like those D&G Bottles.

    Don’t get all the Fascination with the Le Labo things… They look Extra Cheap! URGH!

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