Thursday scent of the day 8/21

Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum label

If you have a free moment, do chime in with your scent of the day.

I'm wearing Lubin Idole Eau de Toilette, discontinued, along with its fabulous bottle, in favor of the Eau de Parfum. 

Reminder: tomorrow, wear something beachy, or anything you think of as "a vacation in a bottle". The following Friday, the 29th, wear the last fragrance you bought.

And for those of you who like to plan ahead, see Scent of the day ~ Friday community projects 2014, where I'll try to always have the next six or seven weeks mapped out in advance.

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  1. melissa says:

    I’m starting my bottled vacation a day early in Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess.

  2. Elisa says:

    I’m wearing La Vie en Rose, from the DSH YSL collection. Really beautiful; I like it better than Paris.

    • Robin says:

      It’s softer, isn’t it? I wonder why nobody is ever chasing down vintage bottles of Paris, though…probably an improvement on the current formula.

      • Elisa says:

        It’s softer and less powdery, more transparent. But I admit I’ve never tried the truly vintage (as in original) stuff, just later versions.

      • austenfan says:

        I’ve chased down about 6 of them. I don’t really like the current version and Paris, fortunately, keeps well.
        But then I am nuts about Paris.

    • nozknoz says:

      Is it like a more natural version of the rose-violet theme of Paris?

      • Elisa says:

        It’s not all natural, but it feels more contemporary, with more violet than rose. It’s just so pretty.

    • Dilana says:

      I’m on a business trip,and attended a lunch conference with a rather gentlemanly client of the Southern gallant type. Usually I wear sheer fragrances to important business events,but today I wanted to project charm as well as sophistication. The luncheon happened to be next to a mall so I spritzed myself with Paris (and then wiped it down to a softer spillage-I had not tested it on my skin beforehand).
      LOvley, but would favor a more natural version.

  3. rose pepper says:

    SOTD is Cuir de Lancome. It is becoming one of my staples – it is always appropriate. I bought a FB blind based on people’s comments here, and I am glad that I did!

    • Robin says:

      Nice when a blind buy works out.

    • floragal says:

      A staple for me too. Love it! You smell wonderful today ;)

    • Elisa says:

      I also bought it blind, a number of years ago, and it’s an all-time favorite.

    • mals86 says:

      I bought it blind as well – and yes, a favorite. Lucky!

      • perthgirl says:

        Another blind buyer here!

        • ihadanidea says:

          Ooooh dear….now I’m going to feel compelled to do it too.

          • Nightingale says:

            I feel the same! How can we resist now?

          • ihadanidea says:

            Except….I’m not quite brave enough to pull the trigger on a $65 bottle just yet. More enabling required!

      • CM says:

        Yet another (highly successful) blind buy as well. It’s great for leather lovers.

    • sayitisntso says:

      Purchased a bottle blind about two weeks ago. Love it. It reads as softer and to me, much more wearable that Cuir de Russie (Chanel). More of a suede than leather, though. There’s a barnyard dirtiness to the Chanel that doesn’t sit well with me – and this is from someone who doesn’t mind a little skank.

  4. perthgirl says:

    Lolita Lempicka. I’m having difficulty choosing the right perfume these days. It’s no longer winter, but still rainy and windy and blah for warm weather scents.

    It IS a shame about the Idole edt discontinuation though. Almost an outrage! :-)

    • Robin says:

      I think most people preferred the EdP. But don’t know if anybody prefers the new bottle. Maybe.

    • nebbe says:

      Agreed, we are slipping into fall and my fall scent wardrobe is proving to be underdeveloped. What’s a girl to do?
      Dabbed on some Guerlain Spiriteuse (sp…) Double Vanille from a sample. Not sure if I could improve on this one.

    • nozknoz says:

      I like chypres and similar perfumes a lot in that kind of transitional weather. Chanel No. 19, FM Le Parfum de Therese, Diorella, Jean Patou Que Sais-je? and Balenciaga Le Dix. Also, fruity leathers like SL Daim Blond and L’AP Traversee du Bosphore.

      • Jillie says:

        You know I think we could be perfume twins!!!!!

        • nozknoz says:

          I need to pay special attention to your recommendations, Jillie! And we’re both cats, too, of course. ;-)

  5. floragal says:

    In keeping with my leather theme this week, and prompted by the review yesterday of a new Atelier, today I’m wearing my favorite from that house, Sous le toit de Paris.

    Not feeling very beachy these days with temps being what they are, but it is August so I’ll figure something out for tomorrow!

    • Jenkr says:

      Oh, I’ve worn Sous le toit de Paris a lot this summer. It’s a nice light scent for hot days :)

    • CM says:

      You’re brave to try a leather week in August! I’m curious as to your selection for tomorrow. Somehow a leather bikini on the beach doesn’t sound quite right….

      Love leather, btw, just not in the hottest part of summer.

      • floragal says:

        The weather in the Northeast has been not as hot and sweltering as it typically is in summer, and I’m in A/C all day anyway. The ones I’m choosing are not super heavy either.

        Tomorrow will be a tough one!

      • thegoddessrena says:

        It can be a vacation in a bottle, not just beachy so if your idea of a vacation involves leather goods then anything can be stretched. Did you carry a leather handbag in Paris? Buy shoes in NY? Etc.

  6. relleric says:

    SOTD is Eau de Pamplemousse Rose (Hermes). That Idole EDP is fabulous, I’ve never tried the EDT.

  7. Jillie says:

    Horrid visit to the hospital today so I needed something to make me feel good (and hopefully to smell nice and not overwhelming for everyone else). I chose Le Parfum de Therese which seems uplifting and tender at the same time. Wish it wasn’t so expensive, but I suppose this means that my decant will last as I use it only for special occasions and emergencies ….. LPdT to the rescue!

    • Robin says:

      So sorry & hope all is well now!

    • ihadanidea says:

      May it make everything better!

  8. Ajda says:

    It’s Hermessence week for me. After a few days (!) with Osmanthe Yunnan, I started today wearing Vanille Galante and after it wore off I spritzed some Ambre Narguile on my forearms and I can’t stop sniffing myself.

  9. pyramus says:

    Jacques Fath Pour L’Homme (1998 vintage). Big ol’ sandalwood-amber thing. Fantastic.

  10. lucasai says:

    I’m wearing Signature Fragrances Deja Vu, it’s a perfume oil and it smells amazing.

  11. farouche says:

    Wearing PdN L’Eau a la Folie today. I panicked at the thought of its being discontinued and bought a 100(!) ml bottle that was on sale. That should last me until the next millennium ;-)

    • perthgirl says:

      Don’t feel bad- I absolutely adore Caron Eau de Reglisse- a 2006 ltd edition- and was worried that when I finish my 100ml (at a rate faster than most as it’s a summer spritzer) I’d never be able to find it again- I’ve been searching for 2yrs!
      Just found some on fragx and ordered 2x100ml. That’ll take me into the afterlife.. :)

      • farouche says:

        Wow, Perthgirl, that is a commitment! Glad you were able to find it! I just checked Parfum1, where I found the L’Eau a la Folie only last week, and it is all gone, so I’m glad I moved on it when I did. Also, 100 ml for $78 was a good price, I think, for something I don’t want to be without.

        • floragal says:

          What do you mean it’s all gone???
          I flew through my 30 ml.
          I’m going to scope out some other sites.

          • CM says:

            Try BeautyHabit – I saw some there not too long ago.

          • farouche says:

            And I think Luckyscent still has it…

        • perthgirl says:

          They were only $40 so it seemed insane to not get another as it’s probably my last chance to do so.

    • CM says:

      L’eau a la Folie is great and especially wonderful in warm weather. I purchased 30ml last summer and went through quite a bit in one season, so, when I heard it was discontinued, I also stocked up on 100ml. I think I may do a PdN week next week – so many great scents!

    • Jillie says:

      I am always going on about how much I loved L’Eau a la Folie and I will miss it tremendously, but searching for that brought me to discovering Le Parfum de Therese. So I suppose when one door closes, another opens …… although (much like my two cats) I would prefer all the doors to remain open forever!

  12. Jenkr says:

    Wearing Chloe today. I’m not a huge beachy scent fan, but I’ll see what I can come up with for tomorrow.

  13. thegoddessrena says:

    Sampling Terralba from Masque Milano today. It’s a bracing green/herbal scent that I’ll need to test against L’Heure Vertreuese from Cartier for the bright herbal green hole in my collection.

    • perthgirl says:

      Ooh let us know how they pan out- I’m always looking for nice herbal greens for summer.

      • thegoddessrena says:

        They are both lovely and both pricey but it isn’t such a big hole in my collection that I will end up with both. I think, going from memory, that they both have thyme in their compositions

        • Kismet says:

          Tried a sample of Terralba on a whim a few months ago and absolutely love it. I keep hoping to find a split since it’s so pricey, but so far no luck!


  14. lupo says:

    In my part of the world Thursday is almost gone – but anyway, good morning one and all!
    Wearing Acqua di Parma Colonia today, few more spritzes and the bottle will be empty. No ADP delears around here, might have to find a replacement. Any suggestions for a commercial cologne? No niche shops where I live!

    • perthgirl says:

      That ‘berry’ net place online ships free worldwide- they have a pretty decent AdP selection if you’re after more.. I’m not affiliated just a customer

      • farouche says:

        Second Strawberry.Net. I’ve had good luck with them, too.

    • Robin says:

      Eau de Rochas is a possibility, Chanel’s Cologne if you want to spend money (in the Exclusifs series), or one of the Guerlain Eaux (I like Eau de Guerlain best but they’re all nice).

  15. foxbins says:

    PdN Vanille Tonka today for a cool, cloudy, damp day. The spices are warming me up.

    • mals86 says:

      Love Vanille Tonka! (but not in the weather we have here today. :) Too humid. )

  16. applebite says:

    It’s somewhat warm today and the mail just brought me some samples, so I’ve just sprayed Premier Figuier Extreme by L’Atisan Parfumeur. Fig is one of those notes that’s caught me by surprise by how much I like it.

    Also in today’s mail: DelRae’s Wit, Donna Karan’s Black Cashmere, and the original Dita Von Teese….aka likely to be sampled when PFE fades ;)

  17. Desirae says:

    Today I am wearing Vintage Rose by Sonoma Scent Studio. Non SOTD related question: my sister is starting to get pretty heavily into perfume, but her tastes are so different than mine that I’m not sure what blogs to rec to her. She likes citrus, herbal, woody scents and also light or semi-gourmands. Not fond of florals or orientals. I told her to check out NST, but I’m not sure who else in the blogosphere has similar tastes to her. Any suggestions?

    • thegoddessrena says:

      It doesn’t matter– eventually you figure out the tastes of the reviewers as to whether they overlap with yours or not. I tend to not trust the ones where every review is overwhelmingly but that’s just me

      • thegoddessrena says:

        Overwhelmingly positive

    • nozknoz says:

      Agree, there is always such a range of views among commenters. In addition to NST, I’d suggest Bois de Jasmin, to start with. There are lots of other great blogs, but it can be overwhelming.

    • MikasMinion says:

      I agree, just give her a nudge and she is bound to find what she likes. Her tastes will probably evolve the more she is exposed anyway. Also, it is worth directing her to the big sites that do a lot if draws. Winning a bottle of something you are curious about is a great way to try things you normally wouldn’t buy.

  18. nozknoz says:

    I’m wearing a small spritz of YSL Paris EdT, because Elisa mentioned it. It’s a great perfume that I always wish was slightly different. I’m noticing that TS recommends waiting an hour to appreciate more of the notes, and I think it does improve. I think perhaps it feels too hard because it lacks the right base notes to link it to the skin.

    I need to try the DSH La Vie en Rose that Elisa prefers.

    • Elisa says:

      Please do try it! I have a dram of the parfum and it lasts well.

  19. happy888cat says:

    SOTD: L’artisan’s Vanille Absolument!

  20. ihadanidea says:

    I’ve had a brutal cold all week, which is the first I’ve had since I really let myself go all out in terms of perfume love. I’ve gotten so used to enjoying it every day that I really feel the lack of it on days like these. I’m beginning to be able to smell again so I’ve applied my trusty Osmanthus lotion for some mood boosting.

    And speaking of Osmanthus, I am very, very seriously considering ordering an Ormonde Jayne discovery set. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this line, and so many of the scents sound beautiful. Anyone want to talk me in/out of this?

    • ihadanidea says:

      Enjoying “it” of course referring to perfume, not the cold.

    • hajusuuri says:

      It is a fabulous set and you should get it. When I bought it 2 years ago, I think it was $80 ish which also included the shipping.

      • ihadanidea says:

        *sigh of relief* I knew I could depend on you!

    • Elisa says:

      One caveat — some people don’t enjoy all the Iso E Super in the bases. You might order one sample (of OJ Woman, say) from someplace like Surrender to Chance, and if you like it, get the whole set. I like her line a lot myself.

      • ihadanidea says:

        Oooh – good to know, especially as I wouldn’t yet be able to pick Iso E Super out of a scent line up as of yet. Thank you! I’ll follow your advice before I go for the full set.

        • ihadanidea says:

          Yet yet yet. Oy. Must edit before hitting submit.

  21. Mary Carol says:

    It is supposed to be hot & humid here today (but isn’t right now at 11:30 AM). Decided to put on L’Essence de Mastenbroek Eau de Polder, as it always smells good on me in hot weather. It’s floral, but not too intense.

  22. Delacey says:

    Trying Cartier Declaration today. I definitely get a very, very strong cumin/cardamom mix at the top, but also a hint of lemon (almost the pith) below that. Maybe a bit smokey already. Curious to see how it develops….

    • Subhuman says:

      Declaration is one of my summer essentials. There is definitely a strong citrus element from the bergamot – it’s like orange zest with the sour sprightliness of lemon. Mixed with the dry spices, it’s incredibly zingy and refreshing. The base is mostly cedar and bone-dry vetiver with a slight leather underpinning, but the whole thing is very sheer and almost translucent – it doesn’t feel heavy or overly “woody” in the slightest, which is why I feel it works best in the summer heat. I’ve tried wearing it in autumn and it just doesn’t work, too dry and flimsy. Hope you end up liking it! I think it’s a modern-day masterpiece, albeit in a quiet way.

  23. mals86 says:

    Finally getting around to testing Piguet’s Douglas Hannant (thing’s 3 years old, isn’t it?), and I think I like. Probably not enough to buy, since I’m already pretty stocked up on white florals, but I’d wear it. Fracas can sometimes get very… thick… and I always find it very heavy on the orange blossom (i.e., soapy) as well. DH is along the same lines, but less of a cold-cream thing.

  24. CM says:

    Day 4 of Amouage week and I’m wearing Ubar (vintage). To me, this is sex in a bottle….Rrrarrrr. I wouldn’t dare wear this to the office – it seems more appropriate for date night. I am, however, going to challenge Ubar to a dog walk around the neighborhood. It’s not quite 100 degrees yet and we’ll see who wins.

  25. austenfan says:

    I am wearing Chanel 18. From a sample. It doesn’t project enough on me to really enable me to say what I feel about it. I like the smell, but don’t know whether I would want to wear it all day.
    On my wrist I’ve got some Une Fleur de Cassie, which is stunning. It will be my next purchase. Which will have to wait.

  26. Deva says:

    Another scorching and humid day here in FL, USA. So hot the dog doesn’t even want to go outside and who can blame her?

    As for me, with that modern invention called Air Conditioning, I pay no mind to the outside temps and wear what I want when I want. Today, SOTD is Un Rose de Kandahar and I cant get enough of it- the molecules must fit my scent receptors perfectly because this particular perfume “completes me”. Although I have many favorites, I have never experienced this “completeness” with any other fragrance.

    Am I crazy? Anyone else ever have that sensation with a fragrance? Please tell me I’m not alone…

    • ihadanidea says:

      I think that’s an experience I’m still chasing, and it sounds wonderful. Hope I get to have it. But no, you are decidedly *not* crazy.

    • thegoddessrena says:

      Not that exact experience but I knew that Milk of Flowers was a must-buy for me as soon as it dried on my skin and it will probably be what I choose for the signature scent challenge weekend

    • Laila says:

      I have always felt this way about the original Organza Indecence; it suits all facets of my personality completely – it is who I am – so I know how you feel (although, unlike you, in my fragrance selection I am extremely sensitive to seasons/weather and consider myself an ‘outside’ person whenever possible, so I’d never wear OI in the heat).

  27. nozknoz says:

    Lubin Idole is a good perfume, but I admit I bought it for the bottle. The box is nice, too. I will avoid trying the EdP. The newer “idol” bottles aren’t bad, either. I’m temped by Korrigan.

  28. nozknoz says:

    I just noticed that Luckyscent (no affiliation) has posted an “Essential 13” sample pack. They say this is in response to questions they’ve gotten over the years about what are the essential fragrances to try for people who are just getting started in niche fragrance shopping. It’s an interesting list:

    10 Corso Como
    A Lab on Fire – What We Do in Paris Is Secret
    By Kilian – Back to Black
    Calypso St. Barth – Lea
    Comme des Garcons – Kyoto
    Diptyque – Philosykos Eau de Toilette
    Ebba – Miss Marisa Perfume Oil
    Escentric Molecules – Molecule 01
    Keiko Mecheri – Peau de Peche
    L’Artisan Parfumeur – La Chasse aux Papillons
    L’Atelier Cologne – Orange Sanguine
    Montale – Black Aoud
    Tauer Perfumes – L’Air du Desert Marocain

    Two of these are among my favs (Back to Black and L’AdDM), but there are four that I haven’t tried yet, either because I wasn’t familiar with them (Ebba) or they didn’t sound like something I’d like (La Chasse aux Papillons). It’s a wide range of brands and types, for sure.

    • Elisa says:

      Interesting — I’ve never heard of the Ebba either. Maybe it’s a big seller in store?

    • Bear says:

      When I saw that yesterday I was surprised they chose Kyoto over Avignon, though I like both.

  29. Misgina says:

    Still on my Blu Mediterraneo kick. Fico di Amalfi for the last 2 days.

  30. Bear says:

    Wearing AdP Iris Nobile EDP as a nod to Robin’s EDT yesterday.
    This is AWFUL on me – it dries down to a metallic sour mess.
    But I will not wash it off, I want to revel in my misery. LOL ;) YMMV

  31. Omega says:

    Violette Fumee from another sample after draining the first one.

  32. I’m wearing Parfums Delrae Panache. Which, I believe, also has a little rum in it. Love the drydown on this one.

  33. Dawn says:

    Wearing L’Heure Bleue today and yesterday was Mitsouko. Both in EDP because an blog post idea is somewhat of a smack down between the two. Tomorrow I think that I am going to wear Worth Courtesan because I haven’t worn it in ages and I know I love it because I have two bottles of it.

  34. hajusuuri says:

    SOTD = Aftelier Cuir de Gardenia

    It’s in oil format and I applied to my hair – lovely. I usually apply perfume via the spray and walk into the mist method but this one can’t be sprayed on.

    Still thinking about which perfume to wear tomorrow!

    • Elisa says:

      That one could be your vacation in a bottle!

  35. Laila says:

    Another tropical day here, this one extremely humid and very stormy with torrential downpours off and on all day – not a day I want to be in the Amazon jungle or a tropical paradise. So I thumbed my nose at the weather, put on my bright summer joyful clothes and my bright summer joyful scent – Bvlgari Omnia Coral – and went to a birthday luncheon for some dear friends, a delightful tropical party indeed!

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